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Beginners Guide To Sex Toy Care

Beginners Guide To Sex Toy Care

Guide To Sex Toy Care For Beginners.

If you have just purchased your very first adult pleasure product you are probably keen to just rip open the packaging and get started! Before you do there a few simple things you should know about sex toy care. If you are a seasoned sex toy cleaner, you may already think you have sex toy cleaning down to an art. The following tips will ensure your favourite toys are safe, hygienic and ready for action!

Sex Toy Cleaners

Sex toy cleaners keep your toys clean and fresh ready for use! Before you use newly purchased adult toys it is a good idea to give them a good wipe down or rinse with warm soapy water. Dry your freshly cleaned items gently with a hand towel then give them a once over with a reputable sex toy cleaner designed specifically to make your sex toys safe and hygienic.

Sex toy cleaners should be use before and after every use. Some sex toys require specific sex toy cleaners while others may also require a dusting with a special renewal powder. Be sure to always read the cleaning instructions specific to your toy.

Sex Toy Renewal Powders

If you own sex toys made from life like materials, Sex Toy Renewal Powders will help keep your adult pleasure product in premium condition. Not only does the renewal powder bring your toy back to 'life' after cleaning, it protects these delicate materials between uses, resulting in a sex toy that feels better for longer.

After using your life like sex toy, clean it as per the manufacturer instructions, then dust a little renewal powder on it before storing away ready for next time.

Keep Condoms Handy

Even if you are the only one using your toys, condoms can help prevent the transfer of bacteria onto your sex toy, thus significantly reducing the risk of infection. If you are sharing your sex toys, a condom should always be used on any toy that is designed for penetration. This will also make your cleaning regime much less cumbersome.

Sex Toy Storage

While sex toy storage may not be the first thing you think of when you purchase a new toy, appropriate storage will maximise the longevity of your toy. After you clean your sex toys, make sure they are completely dry before storing them away for next time.

Sex toy storage options include satin bags, satin lined boxes and specially designed storage boxes. Storing items in their original packaging is also another way to protect them from being damaged. It will also ensure you are not storing products alongside materials that might react and cause deterioration of your toy.

Sex Toy Batteries

Always remove sex toy batteries between every use and store them in a safe dry place. To prolong the life of your favourite sex toys, the use of heavy duty batteries is recommended. Alkaline batteries can easily leak and also have the potential to burn out the motor so this type of battery should be avoided unless your toy specifically requires them. Rechargeable batteries are often slightly larger than regular batteries so they might get stuck in your toy. If your adult pleasure product is rechargeable be sure to follow the recharging instructions included with your toy to make sure your batteries have the longest life possible.

Sex Toy Care Summary

Investing time into the caring, cleaning and proper storage of your toys is extremely important for your own safety as well as ensuring the longevity and enjoyment you will get from your product. In addition to these general sex toy care tips above, always be sure to read the specific care instructions that come with your product. By showing your favourite adult pleasure products that you care, they are sure to love you back for a very long time!

Beginners Guide To Using Pussy Pumps

Beginners Guide To Using Pussy Pumps

Vaginal Pumps & Clitoral Pumps | Guide To Using Pussy Pumps.

Once thought to be something just for the guys, these days many women can enjoy 'pumping' just as much as the boys!

With a variety of different shaped and sized pussy pumps available, women can choose from a range of vaginal pumps and clitoral pumps to find something that suits their needs. Wonderful sex toys that can help enhance arousal, heighten sensitivity and improve sexual responses, these pumps can help many women to enjoy more satisfying, more powerful orgasms.

How Pussy Pumps Work

Pussy pumps create a vacuum over the labia and/or the clitoris which causes extra blood to flow to the entire area. The extra blood flow makes the labia and clitoris swell, resulting in an increased sensitivity and in many cases, more intense orgasms.

Choosing Your Pussy Pump

It pays to familiarise yourself with benefits of vaginal pumps compared to clitoral pumps to figure out what parts of your pussy you want encompassed by your pump. Vaginal pumps encompass the vulva as well as the clitoris, while clitoral pumps are much smaller and focus solely on the clitoris.

When choosing your first vaginal pump, take some simple measurements of your own anatomy. Though you are unlikely to find a perfect match, it's important to have a pussy pump that fits well or it might end up causing more pain than pleasure. If the suction cup is too large the pump may not form a good seal, rendering it useless. Even worse, you might find the pump sucks harshly on your anal tissue, causing more pain than pleasure. Suction cups that are too small are likely to leave you feeling disappointed. Measure yourself from the top of your clitoral mound (the fatty bit that sits just above your clitoris) down to your perineum (the skin between your vagina and your anus), then measure the width from one side of your bikini line to the other. Use these measurements to find a pussy pump that most closely resembles your 'size'.

Using Your Pussy Pump

First you must apply a water based lubricant to the outside edge of the pussy pump to help it create a good seal with your skin. Press the chamber against the desired area, making sure you achieve a firm seal. Keeping one hand on the chamber, compress the bulb until you feel suction. Continue to compress and release the bulb until you can see the labia swelling in the chamber. This may feel a little weird at first but it should never hurt. Once your skin is pressing against the chamber, there is no air left to suck out and this is the maximum you will be able to pump to. Press the release valve and gently remove the chamber. After this it's time to enjoy the heightened sensations of your beautifully swollen pussy.

Pussy Pumping Tips

Although waxing or shaving your pubic hair is not compulsory, you are likely to achieve a much better vacuum if there is no hair interfering with the seal. A good water based lubricant is also an essential component to achieving a good seal. After every use, all sex toys, including pumps, should be cleaned with an antibacterial toy cleaner and fully dried before being stored away.

Pussy Pumps Summary

In addition to enjoying better sex and more orgasms with a partner after using Pussy pumps, they can also make a great masturbation toy, especially if they include a clitoral vibrator!

Beginners Guide To Erotic Spanking

Beginners Guide To Erotic Spanking

Erotic Spanking For Beginners.

Erotic spanking can be an exciting addition to bedroom foreplay. A far cry from the spankings some people may have received as naughty children, the experience of spanking during erotic play is supposed to heighten the pleasure of the receiver - not punish them. Erotic spanking can be performed using the palm of the hand or a variety of spanking toys. The most common spanking tools include floggers, spanking paddles and sex whips, also sometimes referred to as riding crops.

While some BDSM practices do use spanking as a part of dominance and punishment, the act of erotic spanking is designed to bring pleasure to the person on the receiving end by igniting their pleasure-pain barrier, bringing increased blood flow to the area and increasing the sensitivity of the area being spanked. This enhanced sexual arousal leads to stronger, more intense sexual responses. For this reason many 'vanilla' couples enjoy using spanking toys as a part of bedroom foreplay without feeling the need to venture into submissive/domination role play.

Spanking Toys & Tools.

Twitchy Palms

The palm of the hand is obviously the classic spanking tool and a great place to start when you are first learning how to control the intensity of your blows. By using your hand, you can use your own sensory feedback to monitor the strength of each blow. By monitoring your own strength and paying attention to your lovers reaction, you will soon be able to gauge the firmness and pace of spanking that elicits the most desirable sexual responses.


If whips and paddles seem a little too intense but you are ready to move on from the humble hand, floggers are a great place to start. Soft and relatively unintimidating, floggers can be used to tease the flesh as it is draped across the skin. It can offer solid thwacks that sound impressive to the giver and arousing to the receiver, with the intensity of sensation completely up to you. When you are ready to push closer to your pleasure and pain barrier, it can also be used to deliver delightful stings that still aren't quite as intense as some of the other spanking toys, such as paddles and whips.

Spanking Paddles

Spanking paddles are available in a variety of materials ranging from wood and metal through to suede and leather. Paddles offer a much more assertive slap than any hand can offer. Spanking paddles provide the best results when the area is first warmed up with a few hand slaps. If you are new to spankers, you might wish to purchase a padded spanking paddle made from a soft material until both partners are confident with the process.

Spanking paddles can be great for foreplay, arousing all the erogenous tissues to new heights and making them more sexually responsive touch and penetration. Inserting some Ben Wa Balls that jiggle and move with every sensual blow will enhance arousal even more.

Sex Whips & Crops

When selecting sex whips or riding crops for a lover, make sure it is one they have consented to or that you would choose for yourself. All whips and crops can offer a different type of sting depending what they are made from and how they are used. The pleasure-pain barrier is best achieved by slowly working up to firmer slaps and also by dragging the whip of flogger around the area in a teasing motion between strikes.

Some crops feature a split tip, which makes a lovely loud cracking sound for dramatic effect more than else. The firmness or flexibility of the handle can also have an impact on the amount of sting felt with each blow. It's a good idea to practice using whips and crops on a fleshy part of your own body before using it on a lover. Practice your technique, learning what angles and what pressures feel the best.

Spanking Rules

If you are new to using spanking toys, it's best to start with a fleshy part of the body such as the buttocks or thighs. Start softly until you both feel comfortable with the pressures being used. Begin by massaging the areas with some sensual massage oil. Once the area has been warmed up and the anticipation has built, give it a gentle slap. Follow every spank with a gentle caress of the area.

Due to the amount of oxytocin released during sexual arousal, a person's pain tolerance can more than double during erotic play. For this reason, what may seem like a harsh spanking any other time might actually offer the perfect 'sting' when you are 'in the zone'. It can also be incredibly intimate and emotionally connecting for both partners to know that you are at each other's mercy.

As with any erotic play that involves a little BDSM twist, a 'safe word' should be agreed on before any spanking begins. If this word is said by either person all play must stop immediately. After BDSM play, the adrenalin and endorphins that were flowing around the body will start to reduce and tenderness might begin to creep in. After the spanking is over and its time to relax, gently massage aftercare cream to any areas that might become red or sore. This will help to reduce any post-spanking tenderness and will prime those cheeky cheeks ready for their next erotic spanking!

5 Best Lesbian Sex Toys

5 Best Lesbian Sex Toys

Top 5 Sex Toys For Lesbians: Best Lesbian Sex Toys.

When talking about sex toys for lesbians, it's important to recognise that women who love to have sex with other women can still enjoy the sensation of penetration along with the orgasmic pleasure provided by deep, rumbling vibrations.

Almost all lesbian sex toys can be enjoyed by anyone - all you need is an open mind and a little creative thought. That said, below are the five most popular sex toys chosen by women who wish to enhance their woman to woman love making experiences.

  1. Strap Ons

    Strap on harnesses and dildos allow women to pleasure each other through penetration. With a huge range of harnesses and dildos to choose from, there is sure to something that tickles your fancy. By far one of the most popular ranges of strap ons is the Vac U Lock range by Doc Johnson, offering a series of interchangeable harnesses, dildos and strap on sets that are all compatible with one another.

    Some strap ons are double ended or feature a clitoral vibrator to please the wearer while she penetrates her lover.

    Strapless strap ons require a little more coordination and strong pelvic floor muscles, but the seamless pleasure that can be enjoyed by both partners is worth the practice. With a smaller 'dildo' inserted and held in place by the wearer's pelvic floor muscles while she penetrates her lover.

  2. Double Ended Dildos

    For dual female penetration, double ended dildos offer both women the ultimate fulfilment in penetration. Two women can enjoy skin to skin contact while experiencing full penetration at the same time. Some double dongs can be bent around so that a woman can enjoy vaginal and anal penetration on her own.

    Some double ended dildos are phallic in appearance, where others are simply a series of sensual curves designed to follow the female form. Some are made of life like materials, while others are made from steel or glass, making them great for temperature play.

  3. Non Realistic Dildos

    Often shaped for sensual G spot pleasure, non realistic dildos come in a variety of textures and colours to suit any woman to woman occasion. As women who enjoy making love to other women, it makes sense that lesbians might like to enjoy some mind blowing penetration without any toys that resemble the male member of the species.

    Whether you choose non realistic dildos made from silicone, glass or even metal, women can enjoy the pleasure of sensual penetration without a cock in sight!

    With a range of sexy and fun colours to choose from, the Vac U Lock range of non realistic dildos can be used on their own or with other Vac U Lock accessories such as harnesses, handles and suction cup bases.

  4. Massage Wands

    No matter who you are, massage wands can be a lot of fun - especially if you are the lucky owner of a clitoris! Heterosexual women and lesbians alike can enjoy the powerful vibrations that massage wands can provide, often leading to some of the most intense orgasms imaginable.

    No matter how you like to enjoy your lesbian escapades, massage wands can be used for everything from relaxation through to all over body arousal and pin point clitoral pleasure. Many massage wands can also have attachments added to transform them into internal G spot stimulators. Some massage wands are also dual ended, with handle doubling as an internal vibrator - setting the scene for some great imaginative play between two women.

  5. Bondage Sex Toys

    Sometimes stereotyped as being something for heterosexual couples, bondage sex toys can be equally enjoyed by lesbian lovers. No matter what your sexual preferences are, some light bondage play with a trusted lover can bring new sensory delights and heightened sexual experiences. From blindfolds and restraints through to nipple clamps and spanking toys, sensory play using bondage sex toys with a lover can take you to new erotic heights.

    When quality and elegance are essential, you can't look past the luxury Scandal range of fetish and bondage products.

    If you are new to bondage play, the Fetish Fantasy Series can be a great way to experiment with new toys and bring some light hearted bondage play into the bedroom.

These 5 best lesbian sex toys are the most popular toys used to help enhance love experiences between two women, but many of them can be enjoyed by heterosexual women just as much. While they do stand out as being of particular benefit when two women are present, anyone with a good imagination and an open mind is likely to enjoy this range of sex toys for lesbians.

Great for foreplay or to enhance pleasure with a partner, these lesbian sex toys can also be used to enhance solo masturbation experiences. As with most toys, a good quality personal lubricant will help to improve comfort and enhance pleasure sensations. Cleaning your toy with an antibacterial toy cleaner before and after use will not only help keep you safe from bacteria and germs, but will also prolong the longevity of your toy.

Above all else, when using this wonderful range of sex toys for lesbians, remember to take your time to enjoy the experience, whether you are with your lover or on your own.

5 Best Gay Sex Toys

5 Best Gay Sex Toys

Top 5 Sex Toys For Gay Men: Best Gay Sex Toys.

When it comes to sex toys for gay men, some people might think two men together might not be in need of many toys, but sensual connection and sexual satisfaction can mean different things to each individual person, no matter what their sexuality may be.

Gay sex toys are useful for solo exploration of one’s sexuality as well as enhancing partnered play. If you are new to sex toys for gay men, these top 5 sex toys can be a great way to start new sexual exploration. If you have been in a gay relationship for some time, it might be time to spice things up and add a little variety to your play time with some of these popular options.

  1. Anal Dildos

    Enriched with a mountain of nerve endings that love to be stimulated, the anus is one of the most underestimated erogenous zones in the body. Anal dildos are designed especially for anal play and are often made from materials that are compatible with silicone lubricant for smooth, long lasting comfort and enhanced sensation during penetration. The COLT Icon series of anal dildos are molded from the actual erect cocks of popular gay porn stars.

  2. Prostate Stimulators

    For any man, the prostate is a pleasure palace just waiting to be pampered. Prostate stimulators are shaped specifically to target the prostate gland when inserted into the anus. Often referred to as the P-spot, when this erogenous zone is stimulated, it can intensify orgasms significantly and can even trigger an instant orgasm if you hit the right spot! Some prostate stimulators even vibrate, giving men the chance to enjoy some of the strongest orgasms they are ever likely to experience.

  3. Male Masturbators

    Whether it's for role play with a lover or a better solo session, every man should experience the joy of handheld masturbators. The non-anatomical VerSpanken range of handheld masturbators focus on the stimulating pleasure of textures and just the right amount of squeeze. One of the favourites with single gay men is the COLT Manbutt Masturbator.

    If you are a gay man who enjoys being the top, then male masturbators are a great way to work on stamina and technique ready to please your lover.

    Popular Male Masturbators

  4. Cock Rings

    Helping to create harder, longer lasting erections, cock rings are useful for any man who suffers from erectile issues, including premature ejaculation. Far from being their only use, cock rings are also used by many men who simply wish to enhance the pleasure experience for themselves or their lover.

    Cock rings allow blood to flow into the penis through the deeper arteries but block the flow of blood out of the penis by restricting the superficial veins, thus creating an engorgement of blood in the penis. Larger, firmer erections that last longer can be lots of fun for the receiving partner, and when orgasmic release is finally achieved by the wearer, it is often more intense and more satisfying.

  5. Butt Plugs

    If you are new to anal sex, butt plugs are a great place to start. You can purchase butt plugs as a set in Anal Trainer Kits, allowing you to slowly expand your horizons as you feel more and more comfortable with anal play.

    Butt plugs are a great way of warming up the anus to prepare it for penetration with a penis or larger toys. Vibrating butt plugs are also a popular choice, with the addition of vibrations helping to heighten arousal and relax the anus ready for penetration.

    Popular Anal Trainer Kits

    Popular Vibrating Butt Plugs

Keep Things Clean.

Taboos around anal play have certainly lifted in the last few years, with it becoming a wonderful source of pleasure for many people regardless of their sexual preferences. Anyone who is willing to share their anal experiences with you will tell you that despite your potential fears, anal sex can actually be quite clean and sensual without any embarrassing mishaps.

If you are feeling a little self-conscious, anal douches can be used before (and after) anal play to flush the rectal cavity of any potential debris. Simply fill the bulb with water or a cleansing solution, insert the tip and squeeze. This cleansing process is easy, painless and can help improve confidence that your back door is squeaky clean and ready for action.

While the list above mentions the 5 most popular sex toys for gay men to enjoy, many of them can also be enjoyed by heterosexual or bisexual men. While they certainly do stand out as the most popular sex toys chosen by men who like to have sex with men, anyone with an open mind who enjoys a good time is likely to appreciate this quality selection.

When discussing the best gay sex toys that help men to achieve optimal sexual health, wellbeing and satisfaction, it's important to remember to practice safe sex using condoms and to use a good quality antibacterial toy cleaner before and after using sex toys, especially if they have had contact with the anus.

High yield personal lubricants will help to protect delicate anal tissues from damage, will improve comfort and help to enhance pleasure sensations during any anal experience.

Gay sex toys make for great foreplay and can certainly help to enhance the man on man love making experience. They can also help to significantly improve solo sexual experiences, especially for men who do not currently have a partner. Above all else, be sure to take your time to enjoy all the pleasure that this wonderful range of gay sex toys can bring.

5 Best Sex Toys For Couples

5 Best Sex Toys For Couples

Top 5 Best Sex Toys For Couples.

Couples sex toys are among the most popular of all sex toys purchased online. Women have enjoyed the pleasure perks of vibrations for a long time, but with many guys also reporting increased sexual desire along with improved erectile and orgasmic function, it's no wonder that sex toys for couples are the hottest trend in sex toys in 2018. Whether you want some additional stimulation or you want re-enact your favourite Fifty Shades of Grey scenes, sharing sex toys with a trusted lover can be a fun and satisfying experience for both parties.

Luckily with so many fantastic sex toys for couples available for purchase, there is no limit to the size of your sex toy collection - but if you're new to sex toys and wondering where to start, read below to find out the top 5 best sex toys for couples that could help take your next bedroom tryst to new levels of enjoyment.

  1. Couples Vibrators

    Usually couples vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse, and more often than not can be worn hands free so that both partners can equally enjoy the intimacy of the moment. While the rumbling vibrations are concentrated on the clitoris of the female partner to help her reach orgasm, they can also be felt by the male partner to help increase arousal and intensify orgasm.

    These small, unintimidating couples sex toys are a great starting point if you wish to introduce sex toys into your relationship, as they simply enhance the love making experience without reducing intimacy.

    Popular Couples Vibrators

  2. Massage Wands

    Great for relaxing tired aching muscles and enhancing relaxation, massage wands can be used as a prelude to other erotic encounters or they can be used for explosive erogenous stimulation. Due to their size, handheld massage wands provide powerful vibrations that penetrate deep into the tissues. Perfect for foreplay, the wand can be used to stimulate the entire body into a frenzy before being placed directly on the clitoris for a powerful climax. Perhaps the best sex toys when it comes to versatility, many massage wands also come with attachments, converting them into G spot stimulators, anal vibrators or even male masturbators.

    One of the best possible features of massage wands is that they don't look like a sex toy, so they won't raise too many eyebrows if left out on the bedside table.

  3. Bondage Sex Toys

    With the Fifty Shades of Grey series bringing the excitement of bondage play into many mainstream bedrooms, bondage sex toys have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last five years. Now seen as a fun and enjoyable way to spice things up in the bedroom light bondage play with a trusted lover not only improves the chances of enhanced sensual pleasure but also often leads to stronger emotional connections with your lover. From light restraints through to blindfolds, feather ticklers and spanking toys, purchasing your first bondage sex toys in kits will help to explore new and exciting realms of pleasure.

    If you are new to bondage sex toys, you might wish to start with a simple blindfold and a a feather tickler. As you start to explore the exciting world of sensory exploration, restraints such as handcuffs or bed bondage systems along with spanking toys such as paddles, riding crops and floggers will tantalise the senses into new erotic realms.

  4. Vibrating Cock Rings

    Pleasing both partners simultaneously, these couples sex toys simply slide onto the shaft of the penis to provide all the benefits of a cock ring along with the additional pleasure of vibrations. Usually made from stretchy silicone, most vibrating cock rings are comfortable to wear while still offering some gentle erectile support. The vibrating unit sends extra thrill through the shaft for a stronger, longer lasting erection and more intense climax, as well as providing the partner with thrilling stimulation upon every passionate thrust.

    As a general rule, rechargeable vibrating cock rings tend to be more powerful than the battery operated versions, and are well worth the investment considering they also offer the benefit of never having to worry about replacing batteries between uses.

  5. Penis Extensions & Sleeves

    Be part of the latest buzz and make sure you include a lovely selection of penis extensions in your toy chest! Worn over an erect penis, penis extensions are designed to make an erection thicker and longer. The extra size and length is obviously aimed at increasing the receiving partner's pleasure, but the Fantasy X-tensions range of sleeves come with textured inners that also offer the wearer a sensational journey to climax. Some feature bulbous, life like heads while others are open ended. With the option of additional vibrations and a variety of colours and textures to choose from, penis extensions and penis sleeves really are a wonderful way to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners at the same time.

    Penis extensions are particularly useful for men who wish to quickly enhance their natural size in order to please their lover, but are also enjoyed by many couples who like to experiment with different sensations and love making experiences.

With so many great sex toys for couples to enjoy together, it is likely that you won't want to stop at one or two toys! If you want to keep your best sex toys clean and safe from prying eyes, then consider investing in a classy sex toy storage solution such as a lockable storage case.

Couples sex toys are designed with mutual pleasure in mind, but can also help to open the doors to stronger emotional intimacy and sensual connection with a lover.

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