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Personal Lubricants for Sale Online Australia

Perhaps the most underestimated sex toy accessory one can enjoy, personal lubes are an affordable and effective way to dramatically enhance erotic pleasure and improve sexual experiences, alone or with a partner.
Whether used for intercourse, anal sex, oral sex or masturbation with your favourite vibrator or dildo, personal lubricants can significantly improve pleasure responses if the right amount is used. The addition of lubes will help vibrators to deliver stronger stimulation as well as providing a delicious slipperiness to any sexual adventure!

From warming, cooling and flavoured lubes through to water based and silicone lubes, they will add that extra level of comfort, arousal and enjoyment to any intimate encounter.

Discomfort from size and chaffing or soreness from fast thrusting can all be eliminated with the use of the right type of lubricant.
Note: any sex toy made with silicone must not be used with a silicone lubricant, water based lubes must be used, or you will damage your adult pleasure product.

Stocking a wide range of sex toy cleaners and sexual enhancers suitable for beginners and experienced users, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are pleased to bring you a wonderful range of lubes, creams, oils, gels and sprays from manufacturers around the world that Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney residents can buy online and have delivered anywhere in Australia with standard or Express delivery options via Australia Post.

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