5 Best Sex Toys For Couples

5 Best Sex Toys For Couples

5 Best Sex Toys For Couples

Top 5 Best Sex Toys For Couples.

Couples sex toys are among the most popular of all sex toys purchased online. Women have enjoyed the pleasure perks of vibrations for a long time, but with many guys also reporting increased sexual desire along with improved erectile and orgasmic function, it’s no wonder that sex toys for couples are the hottest trend in sex toys in 2018. Whether you want some additional stimulation or you want re-enact your favourite Fifty Shades of Grey scenes, sharing sex toys with a trusted lover can be a fun and satisfying experience for both parties.

Luckily with so many fantastic sex toys for couples available for purchase, there is no limit to the size of your sex toy collection – but if you’re new to sex toys and wondering where to start, read below to find out the top 5 best sex toys for couples that could help take your next bedroom tryst to new levels of enjoyment.

  1. Couples Vibrators

    Usually couples vibrators are designed to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse, and more often than not can be worn hands free so that both partners can equally enjoy the intimacy of the moment. While the rumbling vibrations are concentrated on the clitoris of the female partner to help her reach orgasm, they can also be felt by the male partner to help increase arousal and intensify orgasm.

    These small, unintimidating couples sex toys are a great starting point if you wish to introduce sex toys into your relationship, as they simply enhance the love making experience without reducing intimacy.

    Popular Couples Vibrators

  2. Massage Wands

    Great for relaxing tired aching muscles and enhancing relaxation, massage wands can be used as a prelude to other erotic encounters or they can be used for explosive erogenous stimulation. Due to their size, handheld massage wands provide powerful vibrations that penetrate deep into the tissues. Perfect for foreplay, the wand can be used to stimulate the entire body into a frenzy before being placed directly on the clitoris for a powerful climax. Perhaps the best sex toys when it comes to versatility, many massage wands also come with attachments, converting them into G spot stimulators, anal vibrators or even male masturbators.

    One of the best possible features of massage wands is that they don’t look like a sex toy, so they won’t raise too many eyebrows if left out on the bedside table.

  3. Bondage Sex Toys

    With the Fifty Shades of Grey series bringing the excitement of bondage play into many mainstream bedrooms, bondage sex toys have seen a huge rise in popularity over the last five years. Now seen as a fun and enjoyable way to spice things up in the bedroom light bondage play with a trusted lover not only improves the chances of enhanced sensual pleasure but also often leads to stronger emotional connections with your lover. From light restraints through to blindfolds, feather ticklers and spanking toys, purchasing your first bondage sex toys in kits will help to explore new and exciting realms of pleasure.

    If you are new to bondage sex toys, you might wish to start with a simple blindfold and a a feather tickler. As you start to explore the exciting world of sensory exploration, restraints such as handcuffs or bed bondage systems along with spanking toys such as paddles, riding crops and floggers will tantalise the senses into new erotic realms.

  4. Vibrating Cock Rings

    Pleasing both partners simultaneously, these couples sex toys simply slide onto the shaft of the penis to provide all the benefits of a cock ring along with the additional pleasure of vibrations. Usually made from stretchy silicone, most vibrating cock rings are comfortable to wear while still offering some gentle erectile support. The vibrating unit sends extra thrill through the shaft for a stronger, longer lasting erection and more intense climax, as well as providing the partner with thrilling stimulation upon every passionate thrust.

    As a general rule, rechargeable vibrating cock rings tend to be more powerful than the battery operated versions, and are well worth the investment considering they also offer the benefit of never having to worry about replacing batteries between uses.

  5. Penis Extensions & Sleeves

    Be part of the latest buzz and make sure you include a lovely selection of penis extensions in your toy chest! Worn over an erect penis, penis extensions are designed to make an erection thicker and longer. The extra size and length is obviously aimed at increasing the receiving partner’s pleasure, but the Fantasy X-tensions range of sleeves come with textured inners that also offer the wearer a sensational journey to climax. Some feature bulbous, life like heads while others are open ended. With the option of additional vibrations and a variety of colours and textures to choose from, penis extensions and penis sleeves really are a wonderful way to enhance sexual pleasure for both partners at the same time.

    Penis extensions are particularly useful for men who wish to quickly enhance their natural size in order to please their lover, but are also enjoyed by many couples who like to experiment with different sensations and love making experiences.

With so many great sex toys for couples to enjoy together, it is likely that you won’t want to stop at one or two toys! If you want to keep your best sex toys clean and safe from prying eyes, then consider investing in a classy sex toy storage solution such as a lockable storage case.

Couples sex toys are designed with mutual pleasure in mind, but can also help to open the doors to stronger emotional intimacy and sensual connection with a lover.

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