5 Best Lesbian Sex Toys

5 Best Lesbian Sex Toys

5 Best Lesbian Sex Toys

Top 5 Sex Toys For Lesbians: Best Lesbian Sex Toys.

When talking about sex toys for lesbians, it’s important to recognise that women who love to have sex with other women can still enjoy the sensation of penetration along with the orgasmic pleasure provided by deep, rumbling vibrations.

Almost all lesbian sex toys can be enjoyed by anyone – all you need is an open mind and a little creative thought. That said, below are the five most popular sex toys chosen by women who wish to enhance their woman to woman love making experiences.

  1. Strap Ons

    Strap on harnesses and dildos allow women to pleasure each other through penetration. With a huge range of harnesses and dildos to choose from, there is sure to something that tickles your fancy. By far one of the most popular ranges of strap ons is the Vac U Lock range by Doc Johnson, offering a series of interchangeable harnesses, dildos and strap on sets that are all compatible with one another.

    Some strap ons are double ended or feature a clitoral vibrator to please the wearer while she penetrates her lover.

    Strapless strap ons require a little more coordination and strong pelvic floor muscles, but the seamless pleasure that can be enjoyed by both partners is worth the practice. With a smaller ‘dildo’ inserted and held in place by the wearer’s pelvic floor muscles while she penetrates her lover.

  2. Double Ended Dildos

    For dual female penetration, double ended dildos offer both women the ultimate fulfilment in penetration. Two women can enjoy skin to skin contact while experiencing full penetration at the same time. Some double dongs can be bent around so that a woman can enjoy vaginal and anal penetration on her own.

    Some double ended dildos are phallic in appearance, where others are simply a series of sensual curves designed to follow the female form. Some are made of life like materials, while others are made from steel or glass, making them great for temperature play.

  3. Non Realistic Dildos

    Often shaped for sensual G spot pleasure, non realistic dildos come in a variety of textures and colours to suit any woman to woman occasion. As women who enjoy making love to other women, it makes sense that lesbians might like to enjoy some mind blowing penetration without any toys that resemble the male member of the species.

    Whether you choose non realistic dildos made from silicone, glass or even metal, women can enjoy the pleasure of sensual penetration without a cock in sight!

    With a range of sexy and fun colours to choose from, the Vac U Lock range of non realistic dildos can be used on their own or with other Vac U Lock accessories such as harnesses, handles and suction cup bases.

  4. Massage Wands

    No matter who you are, massage wands can be a lot of fun – especially if you are the lucky owner of a clitoris! Heterosexual women and lesbians alike can enjoy the powerful vibrations that massage wands can provide, often leading to some of the most intense orgasms imaginable.

    No matter how you like to enjoy your lesbian escapades, massage wands can be used for everything from relaxation through to all over body arousal and pin point clitoral pleasure. Many massage wands can also have attachments added to transform them into internal G spot stimulators. Some massage wands are also dual ended, with handle doubling as an internal vibrator – setting the scene for some great imaginative play between two women.

  5. Bondage Sex Toys

    Sometimes stereotyped as being something for heterosexual couples, bondage sex toys can be equally enjoyed by lesbian lovers. No matter what your sexual preferences are, some light bondage play with a trusted lover can bring new sensory delights and heightened sexual experiences. From blindfolds and restraints through to nipple clamps and spanking toys, sensory play using bondage sex toys with a lover can take you to new erotic heights.

    When quality and elegance are essential, you can’t look past the luxury Scandal range of fetish and bondage products.

    If you are new to bondage play, the Fetish Fantasy Series can be a great way to experiment with new toys and bring some light hearted bondage play into the bedroom.

These 5 best lesbian sex toys are the most popular toys used to help enhance love experiences between two women, but many of them can be enjoyed by heterosexual women just as much. While they do stand out as being of particular benefit when two women are present, anyone with a good imagination and an open mind is likely to enjoy this range of sex toys for lesbians.

Great for foreplay or to enhance pleasure with a partner, these lesbian sex toys can also be used to enhance solo masturbation experiences. As with most toys, a good quality personal lubricant will help to improve comfort and enhance pleasure sensations. Cleaning your toy with an antibacterial toy cleaner before and after use will not only help keep you safe from bacteria and germs, but will also prolong the longevity of your toy.

Above all else, when using this wonderful range of sex toys for lesbians, remember to take your time to enjoy the experience, whether you are with your lover or on your own.

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