About Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers Australia

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The Stats... So far

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Who Are Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers?

In April, 2006, Co-founders Nigel Brookson and Lucy Jane decided to start an online adult sex toy shop to cater to everyone; not just men, who made up more than 80% of customers.

Renowned programmer; Nigel Brookson is in charge of the website and all things IT, while Lucy-Jane looks after the backend of Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers; warehousing and distribution, and yeah, Lucy-Jane looks after testing the range of sex toys too!
The emphasis was to remove the stigma associated with adult sex toys and focus on the sexual health benefits of sex toy use; under the watchful eye of Lucy-Jane.

12 years later, using the latest advances in website coding, we believe Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers online store is easy to use and navigate around, offering products and services unrivalled in the adult sex toy industry.
Note too; women now exceed men, with over 75% of sales attributed to females.

Celebrating 12 Years

12 Year Anniversary

Our History

2018 Sex Toys
Mr B Range
Tryst - Sex Toy Of The Year
Fifty Shades Of Grey
Envy by Jopen
Key Comet
Vanity by Jopen
Sex and Mischief
Lucid Dreams Strap Ons
Sex In The Shower
Love Vibes
Rechargeable Jack Rabbit
Sex and The City Rabbit