Buyer’s Guide To Anal Toys

Buyer's Guide To Anal Toys

Buyer’s Guide To Anal Toys

Anal Sex Toys Explained.

The range of quality anal toys available to buy online, delivered across Australia is endless, so knowing where to start can be very overwhelming, especially if you are new to these types of toys.
This buyer’s guide to anal sex toys will explain what toys are available and detail their purpose of use, ideal for beginners who are looking at buying anal toys for the first time.
From anal beads, anal bullets, butt plugs, anal probes, anal dildos and anal vibrators through to prostate massagers and anal douches, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of cheap anal toys Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can order online and have delivered anywhere in Australia with standard or express delivery options via Australia Post.

Anal sex and anal penetration can be a fulfilling and enjoyable part of sex whether you are male, female, part of a couple or flying solo. The bottom has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the entire body, so it is no wonder that so many people enjoy some form anal stimulation during erotic play. Once considered a ‘taboo’ form of stimulation that was reserved for homosexuals and BDSM followers, anal pleasure using toys is now recognized as a mainstream activity.

Incorporating anal sex toys such as anal beads and butt plugs into your bedroom play can not only increase your pleasure during climax, but can also act as foreplay for more serious back door action. From prostate massagers through to dildos designed for double penetration, there are some basic pointers that anyone entertaining some potential anal action should be familiar with. If you are contemplating anal play for the first time, take the time to do your research so that you can make sure your first experience with back door toys is enjoyable.

Types Of Anal Toys For Sale

Anal Beads

Anal beads, sometimes called love beads, also make great cheap anal toys for beginners. If it is your first time using beads, be sure to start out small and work your way up in size gradually. The gaps between the beads will give you a totally different sensation to the solid butt plug. As they are much more flexible and bend and move with you while inserted, beginners may find the beads more comfortable than the firmer, less flexible butt plugs.

Anal beads make every other erotic sensation feel extra intense. Pulling them out for maximum erotic effect during orgasm does take some practice but will be well worth the effort! By pulling the beads out just as you come, the orgasm will be heightened to a whole new level.

Popular Anal Beads

Anal Bullets & Eggs

Anal bullets are especially shaped for comfortable insertion and easy removal, so you can avoid the potentially embarrassing trip to the local hospital. The rectum will happily take in almost anything your insert, so if it slips right in there is a chance your rectum will swallow it in deeper, making it impossible to retrieve without medical attention!
Fully insertable anal vibrating eggs that are designed for the back door will always feature a pull cord for easy retrieval. Never use an egg vibrator that is designed for the vagina.

That said, using vibrating anal bullets can be an extremely satisfying sensation. They can be used as an extra arousal tool during intercourse and foreplay, or you can wear them discreetly throughout the day for your own enjoyment.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are used for thrusting, unlike butt plugs and anal beads that are designed to stay in place. Generally recommended for the more experienced anal devotes, there are plenty of quality, cheap anal dildos that are perfect for the beginner who is ready to take the plunge. While almost any dildo can be used for anal play, some have been designed specifically for spectacular anal play; keeping you safe while hitting all those sensitive places! Thrusting actions can be extremely pleasurable but take some experience, so start with slow, control movements until you become comfortable with the sensation and just can’t resist a stronger thrust! There is also a range strap on harnesses available for couples to enjoy the sensation of anal penetration regardless of gender or sexual preference.

Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators designed specifically for the back door can be equally enjoyable for both men and women. Anal vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from penis shaped designs through to slim probes. No matter the shape or size, anal vibes deliver deep, rumbly vibrations to your nether regions to create an orgasmic sensation like no other. When choosing an anal toy, remember that with vibrators for your anus, you can always turn the vibrations off if you don’t want them, but when you are craving that bit of extra stimulation, you can’t suddenly make a non-vibrating toy rock your world.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs for women create pressure on the back wall of the vagina, giving an increased feeling of fullness. Butt plugs for men can provide delicious pressure and stimulation to the prostate, making everything feel just that little more intense. Pulled out at the point of climax, plugs can heighten the intensity of the orgasm. These anal toys can also be used to stretch and relax your muscles before anal sex.

Butt plugs are usually tapered at the tip for easier insertion with a wide middle, a narrow neck and a flared base to stop them getting lost or stuck. Available in a range of sizes, from small to large, you can also purchase sets to help you work your way up from small to large.
Vibrating butt plugs will provide an extra buzz that is sure to drive both women and men crazy with delight.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers are shaped perfectly to stimulate the prostate through either physical pressure or vibrational massage, which can be extremely pleasurable for many men. Regular massage of the prostate improves circulation to the area for improved prostate health, and has been known to help with problems associated with ejaculation, urine flow and erectile dysfunction.
Very important to male sexual health and a hidden gem when it comes to sensual pleasure, the prostate gland is located approximately 2 inches deep, resting on the front wall of the anus.

Popular Prostate Massagers

Anal Wands & Probes

Compared to other anal toys, anal wands and probes are generally slimmer in girth and feature a smooth, tapered tip to allow for easy insertion. While some anal probes are designed to search deep within for those truly sensational sweet spots, others are designed to target the prostate or give a lovely, filling stretch to the nerve endings of the sphincters. If you are new to probes and wands, it is advisable to start with a smaller toy then work your way up to something larger as you feel comfortable.

Popular Anal Probes & Wands

Anal Douches & Enemas

For mess free anal play, anal douches are an essential part of your routine. To make sure you are squeaky clean before any anal action, simply fill the big squeeze bulb with water and then insert the shaft to clean up. It may feel weird at first, but once you’re used to the sensation it will help you feel confident about getting frisky with your new anal sex toys!

Popular Anal Douches & Enemas

Anal Sex Toys – Buyer’s Guide Summary

Start Small, Think Big! If you’re curious about back door play but not sure where to start, choose anal toys on the small size. Even though bigger may seem more enticing, make sure you start small and take your time when you are first introducing anal penetration into your intimate play time.
Take things slow and experiment with a variety of shapes and sizes of anal probes, anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators, prostate stimulators and anal dildos to see what you enjoy the most. As with most sex toys, their only limit is your imagination, so let your creative anal play begin!

In addition to making sure you are adequately aroused prior to any form of anal penetration, it is also recommended that you use quality lubricants to ensure a smooth glide; remember if your anal toy has silicone, use a water based lubricant.
Anal douches can be used prior to using anal toys to help you feel more confident during anal play. Remember to practice good hygiene by washing your toys thoroughly and using a good quality anti bacterial cleaner. If you are sharing your anal sex toys, using condoms on your toys will also help to protect from infections.

No matter which anal toys you choose, make sure you start small and slow; and take your time to indulge in the derriere delights that await!

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