Fare L’Amore Cleansing Douche (Black)

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Is it a vaginal douche or an anal douche? The black silicone Fare L'Amore Cleansing Douche is both!
Keep yourself clean & healthy before using sex toys or intimate moments with your partner.

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Fare L’Amore Cleansing Douche Black.

People have been using anal douches and vaginal douches as a cleansing practice for centuries, so why not give it try?
Made from soft, squishy silicone the 310ml bulb is effortless to squeeze, while the soft nozzle allows for comfortable insertion.
Women may choose to use vaginal douches either before or after intercourse to help leave their vagina feeling fresh and ready for action.
The Fare L’Amore Cleansing Douche is simple and easy to use; simply fill the bulb with warm water or a solution of your choice, attach the nozzle, add a little lube to the tip, insert and squirt!
Men and women alike can benefit from cleaner anal play by using anal douches before the action starts!
Part of the exquisite range by Fare L’Amore, this simple anal douche can help to alleviate feelings of self consciousness, allowing for more confidence during erotic play!

Features of Fare L’Amore Cleansing Douche include:

  • Volume: 310ml
  • Total Length: 25.5cm
  • Nozzle Length: 12cm
  • Nozzle Diameter: 2cm
  • Material: Silicone

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