Buyer’s Guide To Vibrators

Buyer's Guide To Vibrators

Buyer’s Guide To Vibrators

Find The Best Vibrators Online!

A vibrator is any sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable stimulation through the power of vibrations. When used to stimulate erogenous zones such as the clitoris, G spot, penis, scrotum or anus, the vibrations stimulate the sensitive nerve endings to create pleasurable sensations, often leading to stronger, easier orgasms.

When it comes to choosing from the types of vibrators online stores offer, there are thousands to select from, which at first can make it seem like quite a daunting task. This buyer’s guide describes the 9 major vibrator types you can buy, outlining their functions, suggested uses, what factors to consider and what to look out for when you are purchasing a vibrator.

From couples vibes and massage wands through to bullets and Kegel exercisers, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer some of the best vibrators Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online any time and have delivered anywhere in Australia. With the options of standard or express delivery via Australia Post, you can choose how quickly your parcel arrives!

Vibrator Types

Bullets & Eggs

Bullet vibrators are very small ‘bullet shaped’ vibes that are mostly used for clitoral stimulation. Bullets are most often used by women who enjoy clitoral stimulation during masturbation or for extra stimulation during intercourse. Due to their discreet size they are easily stored and perfect for travel. Some bullets may even come disguised in a cosmetic canister to hide it’s true identity. Due to their small size, bullet vibes are usually powered by quite small batteries, meaning they may not provide such strong vibrations as some larger versions.

Love eggs are insertable ‘egg shaped’ vibes that are designed for insertion into the vagina. Egg vibrators provide gentle massage to the internal walls of the vagina and are usually controlled via a wired or wireless remote to allow for hands free pleasure. Remote control eggs can be worn for discreet pleasure throughout the day or be used during intimate play time.

Classic Vibrators

These classic, simple and sleek vibes usually feature simple controls for no fuss pleasure. Available in a range of styles and colours to suit individual taste and style, classic vibes are a great choice for beginners who are just starting to experiment. With smooth, tapered designs being a common characteristic, classic vibes are most commonly used for clitoral stimulation or vaginal stimulation.
While classic vibrators tend to feature limited or simple vibration patterns, they do provide quite powerful vibrations and plenty of pleasure at an affordable price.

Clitoral Vibrators

Clitoral vibes are designed for precise clitoral stimulation without necessarily involving any penetration. Some are designed to cup or caress the clitoris while others offer pointy tips for those who enjoy pinpoint precision. Orgasms achieved through clitoral stimulation are usually the quickest and easiest orgasm for women to achieve. As such many women enjoy using clitoral vibes for masturbation and partnered play, whether it is combined with penetration or not.
Some clitoral vibrators come with thigh straps or waist straps for hands free enjoyment during intercourse, while others come with finger sleeves that are perfect for partnered play. While smaller clitoral vibes are useful for providing extra clitoral stimulation during sex without getting in the way, larger toys are likely to provide stronger vibrations and feature more vibration patterns.

G Spot Vibrators

This type of vibe is usually shaped specifically to target the female erogenous zone located on the front wall of the vagina.
G spot vibrators feature a curved and rounded tip that when inserted, nestles up against this cluster of sensitive nerve endings. As the G spot is located approximately 5-8cm inside the front vaginal wall, many G spot vibes will feature a shorter insertable length than some other types. Some women find that massaging the G spot with a vibrator can lead to strong sexual arousal and more intense orgasms. While the G spot remains somewhat elusive for some women, most women find that using a G spot vibrator to locate and stimulate their G spot can help lead to improved awareness and increased sensitivity of this erogenous zone which can then transfer into improved sexual satisfaction during intercourse.

Kegel Exercisers

Vibrating Kegel exercisers are ball or bullet shaped internal vibrators that are designed to help improve pelvic floor strength. Most Kegel exercisers feature a pull cord for easy retrieval and a wired or wireless remote control. Unlike standard non-vibrating Kegel balls, vibrating Kegel exercisers use the extra stimulation of vibrations to bring about an even stronger Kegel strengthening response. By exercising the pelvic floor muscles using Kegel exercisers, women can improve the sensitivity and tightness of their pelvic floor muscles. Stronger pelvic floor muscles can lead to improved sexual satisfaction for both partners as well as improved continence.

Massage Wands

Massage wands feature a long handle with a large head that provides strong, concentrated vibrations. Massage wands are the best vibrators for intense relaxation of the muscles or exquisite stimulation of any external erogenous zones.
While massage wands can be used to stimulate all external erogenous zones to bring about intense arousal, they are especially well known for producing explosive clitoral orgasms for women. Massage wands are usually quite large and known for producing quite strong vibrations when compared to other types of vibrators. Due to their discreet non-phallic shape, massage wands are a popular choice for couples and singles who want an inconspicuous sex toy.

Rabbit Vibrators

Basic rabbit vibes feature an insertable shaft for vaginal stimulation and a ‘rabbit’ stimulator that is shaped and positioned for simultaneous clitoral stimulation. The shaft may be long and straight for deep vaginal penetration or small and curved to target the G spot. The smaller ‘rabbit’ stimulator lends itself to the name due to to the fact that many clitoral stimulators feature ‘bunny ears’ that cradle the clitoris to help maintain focused stimulation.
Rabbit vibrators are great for women who find it difficult to orgasm through vaginal stimulation or clitoral stimulation alone. Rabbits are among the most popular of all the different types of vibes due to their unique ability to produce intense ‘blended’ orgasms through dual stimulation of the clitoris and vagina.

Realistic Vibrators

Realistic vibes that are designed to look and feel like a real penis. Also sometimes referred to as vibrating dildos, realistic vibes offer women the opportunity to enjoy real sex simulation with the added bonus of vibrations. With a realistic phallic appearance, some will also include features such as veins and balls.
Some realistic vibrators are covered in life like materials that look and feel like real skin while others are brightly coloured and glittery while maintaining a ‘realistic’ shape. Just like the real thing, realistic vibes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours; some even come with suction cup bases for hands free fun.

Popular Realistic Vibes

Silicone Vibrators

Silicone vibes are known for their luxurious feel, strong vibrations and hygiene properties. They come available in a range of shapes and styles from clitoral and G spot vibes through to couples toys.
In addition to being hypoallergenic and extremely easy to clean, silicone vibrators feel deliciously smooth and velvety against the skin. Silicone also allows great transmission of vibrations from the motor through to the surface of the skin. While some silicone vibes may at first appear a little more expensive than some others, you can be sure that you are purchasing a high quality product that is body safe, hygienic and feels great on your skin.

Things To Consider When Buying Vibrators Online

Once you have chosen the type of pleasure you want to experience and found a vibrator type that is right for you, it’s also important to consider some other important features while shopping for your toy:


Deciding what type of stimulation you want your vibrator to provide will help you to decide the best size for you. While a vibrator that is too large may be uncomfortable and intimidating, a vibrator that is too small could leave you feeling frustrated and unsatisfied. The general rule of thumb if you are unsure what size to select, is to start on the smaller side then work your way up to something bigger as you feel comfortable. For more information on measuring yourself for a perfect fit, read our guide on How To Choose The Correct Sized Vibrator.


The shape of the vibrator will change the angle of stimulation. Rather than choosing a vibrator on ‘first appearances’, consider what erogenous zones you would like it to target an do your research to establish which shapes best hit these spots. For example, many G spot vibrators are curved with a bulbous tip that contours the female anatomy perfectly, allowing for fool proof positioning.


When considering what materials your perfect vibrator is made from, the most important factor is to make sure the materials are body safe, bacteria resistant and free from phthalates. While many of the best sex toys available are made from silicone, it’s important to remember that different silicone can vary in quality. To make toys more affordable while maintaining the superior velvety feel of silicone, some manufacturers will produce vibes containing a plastic frame and lined with a thin coat of silicone.


Some vibrators have a single motor while some have two or three motors that work simultaneously to stimulate the different erogenous zones. Once you have decided which erogenous zones you would like your vibrator to target, select a vibrator that has a motor dedicated to each of these zones. For example if you desire clitoral and vaginal stimulation, choose a rabbit vibrator with at least two motors; one in the shaft and one in the clitoral stimulator.


While some simple vibes only offer one single speed of vibrations, many vibes offer several vibration speeds as well as a selection of vibration patterns. If the thought of too many pattern choices is a little daunting, you might like to opt for a simpler vibrator. If you enjoy variety, then a vibrator with a range of vibration speeds and patterns will suit you best. Some may also feature gyrating, thrusting or wiggling shafts for additional internal pleasure, while some feature rotating beads in the shaft. The very latest advancements in technology have led to some sex toys being voice controlled and touch responsive or even able to be linked to Apps on your phone. No matter what function you choose for your perfect vibrator, remember that choosing a toy with options will provide you with more versatility and will allow you to experiment with different sensations.

Power Source

While some of the larger, more powerful massage wands plug into mains power, most vibes are powered by inbuilt rechargeable batteries or standard replaceable batteries. Battery operated vibes are generally a little cheaper than their rechargeable equivalent. While battery operated versions allow quick easy replacement of batteries to get your toy working this is conditional on you having a spare set ready to go! If you plan on using your toy regularly, buying replacement batteries can become expensive. Rechargeable vibes may seem a little more pricey initially but offer the convenience of never having to buy batteries and never having to worry about running out of charge at that pivotal moment. If you are new to vibrators, you might like to select a cheaper battery operated vibrator to experiment with different sensations, then upgrade to a rechargeable vibrator when you are ready to upgrade.


Some vibes are waterproof, some are splash proof and some are not waterproof at all. If you want to take your vibrator into the spa, bath or shower make you select a vibrator that is 100% waterproof.

Trusted Brands

Do your research to find out which brands are trusted within the industry. Long standing, trusted brands use better quality materials and parts and are made under hygienic conditions. At Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers we promote a huge range of trusted brands to suit the price point of everyone, from beginners through to the more experienced sex toy enthusiasts.


When purchasing your sex toy online, consider what warranty the vibrator has before you make your final purchase. While many reputable manufacturers offer additional warranties on their products, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers offer you peace of mind by providing a 12 Month Replacement Warranty for any products that are found to be faulty.


While individual budgets are certainly an important factor in selecting your perfect vibrator, be sure not to make your decision based solely on price. To get the best value for money, make sure the vibrator you have chosen includes all the important features you desire. As with any other products, better quality toys generally command a higher price. This is because the manufacturers have invested time and money into developing the best vibes that more technologically advanced and use higher quality materials, resulting in vibrator that will perform better and last longer.

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning your toy effectively and storing it safely is important for health and hygiene as well as the longevity of your toy. Once you have chosen your vibrator, make sure you also have the appropriate toy cleaner and sex toy storage solution to look after your toy.

The Choice Is Yours

Choosing the perfect vibrator may seem a little overwhelming at first if you are new to using sex toys. Hopefully all the tips above have helped you to work out which type of vibrator might suit you best and what things to look out for when purchasing intimate toys on line.

No matter what vibrator you choose, you are sure to enjoy discovering the pleasure that vibrators can bring. Once you have chosen a vibe that suits the type of erogenous stimulation that you prefer, remember that you can always upgrade or add to your toy collection any time you like! Enjoy experimenting with massage of all of your erogenous zones through vibration until you find the type of stimulation that you like the most.

Above all else, take the time to enjoy your new vibrator and explore your sexuality to find a new level of sexual health and wellbeing.

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