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5 Best Sex Toys For Women

5 Best Sex Toys For Women

Top 5 Best Sex Toys For Women Available For Sale Australia Wide Online.

For the last 50 years, many women have been relying on the power of deep, rumbling vibrations to light the way towards climactic bliss. While vibrators are certainly one of the most popular sex toys for women to own, these days there are so many female sex toys to choose from other just your standard bullet vibrator. Whether you're familiar with battery operated boyfriends or not, it pays to know what the 'buzz' is, when it comes to the latest and best sex toys for women available for sale across Australia online.

If you're new to sex toys for women it can be a daunting task trying to find the one that is perfect for you, so to save you from getting flustered, below is a list of the 5 best sex toys for women that can help improve sexual satisfaction - lighting the way to easier, more powerful and more frequent orgasms.

  1. Rabbit Vibrators

    Perfect for women who find it difficult to orgasm through penetration alone, rabbit vibrators feature a larger shaft for penetration and a smaller vibrating arm that simultaneously stimulates the clitoris. Some rabbit vibrators have a phallic shape, while others are smaller and curved to target the G spot. The name of this toy is derived from the shape of the clitoral stimulator often resembling a set of bunny ears.

    The first rabbit vibrators became available in the 1990's. After appearing in Sex in the City in 1998, rabbit vibrators made their way into many mainstream bedrooms across the world. Over the last 15 years rabbit vibrators have evolved to reach a larger market, with shapes, colours and functions to suit every possible need. Whether you are having trouble reaching orgasm or you simply want to enjoy easier, more intense orgasms, rabbit vibrators are a must have for every woman's toy chest.

  2. Realistic Dildos

    As the name suggests, realistic dildos are life like penis replicas that could often pass for the real thing. With a range of fleshy colours and veiny textures to choose from, these life like dongs feature a firm inner core and are covered with materials that mimic real skin. Often molded from the anatomy of real men, some dildos come with balls or suction cups and can even be used with strap on harnesses.

    Easy to use and perfect for beginners, realistic dildos are the perfect sex toys for women who want to enjoy a sex simulation that is a close to the real thing as possible. Perfect for solo use, dildos and dongs are also great to use with a lover, whether it be to experience a different size or to fulfill a threesome fantasy.

  3. Massage Wands

    Definitely one of the best sex toys for women and men to enjoy, massage wands feature powerful motors and broad massage heads that renders them perfect for unrelenting erogenous pleasure. Great for muscle relaxation all over the body, the deep rumbling vibrations elicit strong responses when placed on the erogenous zones of the body, especially the clitoris.

    For those women who want to experience powerful, explosive climax as well as the opportunity to achieve multiple orgasms, body massage wands are the perfect choice. As a general rule, mains powered and rechargeable massage wands tend to a little more powerful the battery operated versions, however most battery powered wands still pack a decent punch and have the added benefit of being fully waterproof for bath or shower play.

  4. Kegel Balls

    Offering discreet sexual pleasure along with a great pelvic floor workout, Kegel balls are small, insertable balls that bounce and jiggle around inside the vagina to stimulate the muscles of the vaginal wall. This stimulation can feel incredibly arousing, but also encourages pelvic floor contractions. While many women wear Kegel balls throughout the day purely for internal pleasure, these female sex toys are extremely beneficial for women who feel their vaginal muscles need tightening due to age or childbirth.

    Using Kegel balls on regular basis is an enjoyable and easy way to tone the pelvic floor muscles, leading to a tighter, more sensitive vagina for improved continence, enhanced arousal and more intense orgasms during intercourse.

  5. Pussy Pumps

    Pumping was once considered a man's domain, but many more women are lapping up the new element of enjoyment that pussy pumps can bring to their erotic experiences. Creating a vacuum around either the vulva and clitoris together or just the clitoris on it's own, blood is drawn the area to engorge the tissues to create heightened sensitivity and increased arousal. After pumping, the genital area also looks plump and swollen which can make the vaginal opening feel tighter as well as being visually appealing.

    A wonderful tool to help build arousal during foreplay, pussy pumps are ingenious female sex toys that are ideal for women who have trouble reaching orgasm as well as any woman looking to expand their pleasure to new exciting heights.

Best Female Sex Toys Summary

Whether you want something for yourself or a gift for your lover, finding the perfect female sex toy can certainly be a tricky task. Hopefully the tips above have helped you to decide which sex toy is best suited to your needs.

Whatever type of sex toy you decide on, give yourself time to enjoy the new sensual pleasures that await. Most sex toys work even better when used with a good quality personal lubricant and will last longer if cared for with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Sex toys for women are a fun way to explore new realms of sexual happiness in a safe and healthy way, so remember you can always add to your collection any time you choose.

5 Best Sex Toys For Men

5 Best Sex Toys For Men

Top 5 Best Sex Toys For Men Available For Sale Australia Wide Online.

Once considered an arena dominated by female pleasure, there are now plenty of sex toys for men to choose from that can help enhance their sex life, whether they are flying solo or with a lover.

Whether you're looking for something to spice up your solo sessions or you're looking for ways to improve your performance in the bedroom, male sex toys offer men new and exciting ways to enjoy new sexual experiences and expand on their sexual fulfilment.

If you've been pondering the best sex toys to get started with, then help is here with these sex toy tips.
Read about the hottest sex toys for men that can be ordered discreetly online and have delivered anywhere Australia wide.

  1. Handheld Masturbators

    Using handheld masturbators to enhance solo play can lead to a more satisfying self-love experience for many men. The sensations offered by the hand during male masturbation can become repetitive and boring, so adding a fresh new sensation can bring immense pleasure. Basic masturbation sleeves are textured tubes that slide over the penis, often featuring ribs or nubs that feel sensational with every stroke.

    Many handheld masturbators are made from flesh-like materials and shaped into realistic replicas of vaginas, mouths or bottoms. With life like openings, a firm yet flexible grip and textured tunnels, these handheld masturbators allow men to enjoy exquisite stimulation and more realistic sex simulation experiences.

    For the best possible experience, it is recommended that water based lubricant is used. Most handheld masturbators are surprisingly easy to clean after use; requiring a simple rinse and spritz with some sex toy cleaner and possibly the use of a renewal powder if the masturbator is made from life like material.

  2. Prostate Massagers

    Any man, no matter his sexuality, can enjoy the benefits of regular prostate stimulation. Not only are there many health benefits associated with regular prostate massage, but the pleasure from prostate stimulation can lead to some of the most explosive orgasms ever experienced.

    Prostate massagers have been developed to allow men easy access to their prostate, so most feature a tapered head for easy insertion and a curved shaft to follow the male anatomy to the prostate gland. Many prostate massagers vibrate for extra stimulation, while some can be manually controlled or will massage the prostate gland through pelvic floor contractions or movement.

    If you are new to prostate massagers, you may be tempted to opt for something small, however a larger insertable tip will actually provide you with more foolproof coverage of this wonderful erogenous zone. Used with plenty of water based lubricant and by taking your time, prostate massage is something that can be enjoyed by all men, whether they are alone or with as lover.

    Popular Prostate Massagers

  3. Penis Pumps

    Penis pumps are a popular sex toy enjoyed by many men, ranging from those who are experiencing erectile issues and stamina problems, through to those who just want to enhanced sexual experiences. In addition to enhancing the firmness and the size of erections, regular use of penis pumps can also help with improving endurance and stamina.

    By creating a vacuum around the penis, extra blood is drawn into the chambers that lie within the head and the shaft of the penis. This engorgement of blood leads to firmer, larger erections that can be enjoyed immediately. With regular use over time, the blood vessels in the erectile tissue may actually dilate, resulting in a larger flaccid penis as well as larger naturally occurring erections.

    Whether you want to achieve stronger, bigger erections or you simply want to enhance your sexual experiences, there are a huge range of penis pumps to choose from. If you want to sit back, relax and enjoy the process, then an automatic penis pump such as the Fare L'Amore LCD penis pump may be the right fit for you. If you are serious about getting long term results, the Bathmate range of hydro penis pumps offer a range of benefits including increased length, increased girth, improved stamina and enhanced health of the penile tissue.

    For best results, penis pumps are best used on a regular basis and are often teamed with cock rings to help hold the blood in the penis longer after pumping.

    Popular Penis Pumps

  4. Cock Rings

    In their simplest form, cock rings are rings that are placed over penis shaft and secured at the base of the penis. This snug hold around the superficial blood vessels of the penis allows the blood to continue to flow into the penis but restricts the blood flow out of the penis, helping to engorge the penis for a thicker, firmer and longer lasting erection.

    Cock rings can also help to delay male climax, allowing the wearer to pleasure their lover for longer and increasing the chances for mutual climax. Quite useful for men who experience erectile problems, many men choose to wear cock rings to further enhance their size, improve their performance and increase the intensity of climax.

    While cock rings come in all shapes and sizes, the most popular by far are vibrating cock rings, featuring a stretchy enhancer with a small vibrator (or two) attached to add extra thrills for both partners.

  5. Mega Masturbators

    Mega masturbators offer the ultimate in fantasy fulfilment in a safe and controlled environment. Made from life like materials, these masturbators are shaped into life sized body parts, or even entire dolls to cater to the fantasies of men and women of any sexual preference. Featuring realistic body parts including breasts, vaginas, mouths, bottoms and penises, you can choose the sex simulation experience that matches your deepest fantasies.

    A far cry from the unrealistic inflatable dolls you might see at the occasional buck's night, these mega masturbators are carefully crafted to look and feel like the real thing for the ultimate in sexual satisfaction.

    Popular Mega Masturbators

Best Male Sex Toys Summary

Whether it's for yourself or for your lover, choosing the perfect male sex toy can be a little overwhelming at first. Hopefully the tips above have helped you to decide which types of sex toys for men will best suit your situation.

No matter what toy you decide on, enhanced pleasure is sure to follow! Remember that you can always add to your collection as you desire. Equip yourself with a good quality sex toy cleaner, some personal lubricant and you are ready to go. Take your time learning how to enjoy your new purchase and revel in the opportunity to explore new realms of sexual happiness in a safe and healthy way.

Buyer's Guide To Fetish & Bondage Sex Toys

Buyer’s Guide To Fetish & Bondage Sex Toys

Bondage Sex Toys Explained.

Since the release of the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy, the popularity of fetish gear and bondage toys has skyrocketed. Although visions of leather masks and uncomfortable spikes might immediately spring to mind for some, the world of bondage play is fast becoming better understood as an exciting way for many couples to spice up their sex lives. Although bondage does often play a role in BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism) practices it can also be enjoyed on it’s own without the involvement of dungeons, whips and chains! In fact, introducing a little light bondage into your relationship can be a great way to intensify your pleasure, learn your limits and become closer to your partner. With a range of fetish sex toys and bondage sex toys available, incorporating a little kink into your love life is just one way to add some spice to your romantic trysts as well as bringing yourself and your lover closer than ever before, both emotionally and physically. Offering discreet delivery options Australia Wide, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of cheap fetish gear & bondage toys that Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online from the comfort of their own home.

Types Of Fetish Gear & Bondage Toys.

Ball Gags

While it may not be the very first piece of bondage equipment you choose to experiment with, any fetish toy box is not complete without at least one ball gag. Ball gags are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and textures to suit a wide variety of tastes to cater for all types of bondage play. In addition to offering a biting piece during intense orgasm, the use of a ball gag requires complete trust between lovers. With no option of using a safe word, it is seen by the dominant as the ultimate display of submission and trust, which can be extremely arousing for both partners. Taking away the option of verbal communication during bondage play can give the dominant partner the opportunity to learn how to read other body signals, creating a deeper emotional experience for both partners. If you are new to ball gags, try introducing it into your bedroom play without the addition of restraints until you feel completely comfortable that your partner can read your non-verbal signals.

Bondage Blindfolds & Masks

Using bondage blindfolds to remove sight from your sensory programming allows you to tap into your other senses at a deeper level. Your sense of smell, sound and touch will be heightened, taking both body and mind to new levels of arousal. The use of blindfolds between partners involves complete trust. The person being blindfolded is automatically more vulnerable and should be treated with respect at all times. Masks can be used to create a new aura of mystery in the bedroom, making wonderful accessories for role play and fantasy play.

Spanking Toys & Feather Ticklers

With or without the inclusion of restraints or blindfolds, it can be fun to tease and please your lover with different types of stimulation. Whether you want to tease your lover into an erotic frenzy with a feather tickler or you want to experience the blood rush that only the sting of a riding crop can bring, the increased sensory feedback will lead to heightened sensations and enhanced arousal. When it comes to the inclusion of spankers and ticklers into your bedroom play it's important that all spanking is consensual and that the person on the receiving end finds the experience pleasurable and arousing. Spanking toys such as floggers, paddles and whips are commonly used on the fleshy part of the buttocks, with every strike bringing extra blood flow to the area. This makes the entire area more sensitive and responsive to physical touch, bringing about an escalated sense of arousal. If you're not too sure about spanking but wish to explore the world of sensory play, feather ticklers and Wattenberg wheels can be used to excite the nerve endings without inflicting any pain.

Bondage Handcuffs & Bondage Restraints

Bondage handcuffs and silk ties are the least intimidating form of bondage toys that most couples experiment with before deciding whether to move onto full BDSM-style bondage restraints. Allowing someone to cuff you can be quite scary at first, but also quite exhilarating and freeing. Allowing your partner to restrain you in any form is a sign of complete trust in them, which can be quite a turn on in itself. It's a good idea to purchase at least 2 pairs of cuffs to give you more options for positions and movement. Once trust has been established and both partners are ready to upgrade from silk ties and handcuffs, there is a huge variety of full restraints systems available. From wrist & ankle cuffs, bondage tape and bondage ropes through to over-the-door restraint systems and spreader bars with cuffs, there are restraints systems to suit just about every fantasy imaginable. When selecting your handcuffs & restraints, choose from a series that can easily be added to later on if you wish to expand your collection.

Nipple & Clitoral Stimulators

Nipple stimulators and clitoral stimulators provide very precise stimulation to these extremely sensitive erogenous zones. Whether it be through suction, vibration or a delicious pinch, the extra stimulation heightens the sensitivity of these areas, resulting in enhanced arousal and intensified sexual responses. Nipple clamps are available in a range of different shapes and sizes. Many can be adjusted to deliver anything from a gentle pinch through to a stronger bite, depending on what you desire. Clitoral clamps apply a gentle pressure either side of the clitoris, increasing the prominence and sensitivity of the clitoris. While sometimes nipple and clitoral stimulators are left on during erotic play, they also leave the areas extremely responsive to touch once removed.

Fetish Clothing

Whether you want indulge in your deepest desires through role playing or you simply want to add a little spice to an otherwise boring romp in the bedroom, fetish clothing can be as extreme or as subtle as you choose! While sometimes it's nice to put on a mask and pretend to be someone else, it can also be just as exciting to put on something sexy and play a raunchier version of yourself! Fetish clothing can be worn discreetly under your daily attire, or you might like to invest in a complete outfit to fulfil your lover's deepest fantasies.

Fetish & Bondage Kits

It doesn't matter whether you're a bondage enthusiast or a beginner, purchasing bondage kits is a great way to enjoy some variety and to make sure you are equipped with everything you need for an awesome bondage adventure. By purchasing your bondage toys and fetish sex toys in kits, you can also be confident that all the different parts are compatible with one another.

Fetish Gear & Bondage Toys In Summary

Bondage & fetish play should always be a sensual, loving and trusting act between two people. While a bondage session requires at least two people to play the role of the dominant and the submissive, these roles do not necessarily have to reflect a person's role in everyday life. In fact these roles can change as often as the couple desires! Complete trust between lovers is paramount. The partner you choose to use bondage sex toys with should be someone you trust and is willing to know your mind as well as your body. Some people chose to have a 'safe' word that the submissive partner can use if at any point they want the activity to stop. This is usually something that is quite absurd and not likely to be said in 'the heat of the moment'. If you're only dabbling in light bondage you may not feel the need for safe word, but it might be a good idea to have one just in case you get carried away! By honouring the simple rule that all sex should be safe and consensual, bondage can provide both partners with amazing erotic experiences, connecting the mind and body on a whole new level. Finally, take the time to enjoy this sensual experience with your lover. Whether you want to re-enact your favourite Fifty Shades Of Grey scene or you want to test your own pleasure-pain barrier, the use of fetish and bondage sex toys such as handcuffs, restraints, blindfolds, spankers & ticklers should be a sensual and pleasurable for everyone involved!

Dame Eva II Couples Vibrator Review

Dame Products Dame Eva II Couples Vibrator Review

Hands Free Couples Vibrator: Dame Eva II Clitoral Vibrator.

New to the range of couples vibrators, Dame Eva II has taken the world; and Australia by storm. Designed by two women in America, setting up the company Dame Products while at University, Eva II is a new and improved version of their first creation, designed to offer a unique pleasure experience to women during penetrative sex. Perhaps best of all, the Dame Eva II couples vibrator is small and discreet, so can be carried around in even the tiniest of handbags. Don't let the size fool you though, this little vibe packs a punch equivalent to much larger clitoral vibrators.

After the successful release of the original Dame Eva, Dame Products have listened to what women want from their hand free clitoral vibrators. In addition to being the only couples vibrator that can truly be worn by the woman without vaginal insertion, Dame Eva II is a new and improved version of the original award winning Eva.

What Is Dame Eva II?

With the appearance of a cute little bug, these clitoral vibrators are uniquely engineering to compliment the female anatomy to perfection! Offering direct pleasure to the clitoris during intercourse, this vibrator allows couples to enjoy the benefit of clitoral stimulation without getting in the way during penetrative sex. A couples vibrator that can be worn hands free by the woman, the two flexible wings are engineered to tuck into the labia majora, holding the oval body directly in line with the clitoris. The simple push button control on the body of the Eva II allows for easy transition between the three speed settings while in situ. Made from smooth medical grade silicone that feels delightfully plush and luxurious on your skin, Eva II is also fully waterproof for water based play.

How Does Dame Eva II Work?

  1. Face the tips of the wings toward the vaginal opening.
  2. Place the body of Dame Eva II directly on top of the clitoris.
  3. Gently push the wings together and tuck each wing under the labia majora.
  4. Eva II will sit in this position hand free, allowing the vibrations to stimulate the clitoris while you focus on the enjoyment of the moment.

Key Features of Dame Eva II include:

  • Colours: Fir Green or Quartz Pink
  • 3 Rumbling Vibration Speeds
  • Material: 100% Medical Grade Silicone Outer
  • Rechargeable With Wireless Recharging Case
  • Battery Life: 3 hours on Low or 1 hour on High
  • Waterproof & Submersible
  • Safety Features: Phthalates Free, Non-Porous, Hypoallergenic

How Does Dame Eva II Compare To The Original Dame Eva?

Still unique to the world of couples vibrators, Eva II has been upgraded to heighten the enjoyment of women even more than before. The improvements include:

  • Control button is now placed front and centre for easier access.
  • Wings are shorter and have a slightly different profile for a snugger fit.
  • 18% smaller and 10% lighter than Eva I, for improved comfort.
  • Now fully waterproof & submersible instead being water resistant.
  • Still 3 vibration speeds, but lower, more rumbly vibrations for increased pleasure.
  • Handy USB wireless recharging & travel case, replacing the pin hole USB charging system.

Tips For Success With Dame Eva II

  • Dame Eva II needs to grip to your skin to stay in place, so go easy on the personal lubricant. A little lube can help the sensations of the vibrations feel even more pleasurable, but add a few drops at a time until you find the right amount.
  • It may take a few attempts to get Eva into the perfect position that suits your body, so practice a few times on your own before sharing Dame Eva II with your partner.
  • Eva II is designed to suit most body types, but we are all unique, so try turning it upside down for a new sensation or a different fit.
  • Even though Eva II is designed to be the ultimate hands free couples vibrator, it can also be used for solo pleasures - if you enjoy extra pressure just place a finger over the body.

Final Verdict

One of the most affordable hands free clitoral vibrators for couples, Eva II also has the added benefit of not having an intrusive insertable arm like many other couples vibrators. If you enjoy an extra boost of stimulation right where it counts but want to leave your hands and other intimate zones completely free during intimate time with your lover, then the Dame Eva II couples vibrator could be just what you have been missing!

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