5 Best Sex Toys For Women

5 Best Sex Toys For Women

5 Best Sex Toys For Women

Top 5 Best Sex Toys For Women Available For Sale Australia Wide Online.

For the last 50 years, many women have been relying on the power of deep, rumbling vibrations to light the way towards climactic bliss. While vibrators are certainly one of the most popular sex toys for women to own, these days there are so many female sex toys to choose from other just your standard bullet vibrator. Whether you’re familiar with battery operated boyfriends or not, it pays to know what the ‘buzz’ is, when it comes to the latest and best sex toys for women available for sale across Australia online.

If you’re new to sex toys for women it can be a daunting task trying to find the one that is perfect for you, so to save you from getting flustered, below is a list of the 5 best sex toys for women that can help improve sexual satisfaction – lighting the way to easier, more powerful and more frequent orgasms.

  1. Rabbit Vibrators

    Perfect for women who find it difficult to orgasm through penetration alone, rabbit vibrators feature a larger shaft for penetration and a smaller vibrating arm that simultaneously stimulates the clitoris. Some rabbit vibrators have a phallic shape, while others are smaller and curved to target the G spot. The name of this toy is derived from the shape of the clitoral stimulator often resembling a set of bunny ears.

    The first rabbit vibrators became available in the 1990’s. After appearing in Sex in the City in 1998, rabbit vibrators made their way into many mainstream bedrooms across the world. Over the last 15 years rabbit vibrators have evolved to reach a larger market, with shapes, colours and functions to suit every possible need. Whether you are having trouble reaching orgasm or you simply want to enjoy easier, more intense orgasms, rabbit vibrators are a must have for every woman’s toy chest.

  2. Realistic Dildos

    As the name suggests, realistic dildos are life like penis replicas that could often pass for the real thing. With a range of fleshy colours and veiny textures to choose from, these life like dongs feature a firm inner core and are covered with materials that mimic real skin. Often molded from the anatomy of real men, some dildos come with balls or suction cups and can even be used with strap on harnesses.

    Easy to use and perfect for beginners, realistic dildos are the perfect sex toys for women who want to enjoy a sex simulation that is a close to the real thing as possible. Perfect for solo use, dildos and dongs are also great to use with a lover, whether it be to experience a different size or to fulfill a threesome fantasy.

  3. Massage Wands

    Definitely one of the best sex toys for women and men to enjoy, massage wands feature powerful motors and broad massage heads that renders them perfect for unrelenting erogenous pleasure. Great for muscle relaxation all over the body, the deep rumbling vibrations elicit strong responses when placed on the erogenous zones of the body, especially the clitoris.

    For those women who want to experience powerful, explosive climax as well as the opportunity to achieve multiple orgasms, body massage wands are the perfect choice. As a general rule, mains powered and rechargeable massage wands tend to a little more powerful the battery operated versions, however most battery powered wands still pack a decent punch and have the added benefit of being fully waterproof for bath or shower play.

  4. Kegel Balls

    Offering discreet sexual pleasure along with a great pelvic floor workout, Kegel balls are small, insertable balls that bounce and jiggle around inside the vagina to stimulate the muscles of the vaginal wall. This stimulation can feel incredibly arousing, but also encourages pelvic floor contractions. While many women wear Kegel balls throughout the day purely for internal pleasure, these female sex toys are extremely beneficial for women who feel their vaginal muscles need tightening due to age or childbirth.

    Using Kegel balls on regular basis is an enjoyable and easy way to tone the pelvic floor muscles, leading to a tighter, more sensitive vagina for improved continence, enhanced arousal and more intense orgasms during intercourse.

  5. Pussy Pumps

    Pumping was once considered a man’s domain, but many more women are lapping up the new element of enjoyment that pussy pumps can bring to their erotic experiences. Creating a vacuum around either the vulva and clitoris together or just the clitoris on it’s own, blood is drawn the area to engorge the tissues to create heightened sensitivity and increased arousal. After pumping, the genital area also looks plump and swollen which can make the vaginal opening feel tighter as well as being visually appealing.

    A wonderful tool to help build arousal during foreplay, pussy pumps are ingenious female sex toys that are ideal for women who have trouble reaching orgasm as well as any woman looking to expand their pleasure to new exciting heights.

Best Female Sex Toys Summary

Whether you want something for yourself or a gift for your lover, finding the perfect female sex toy can certainly be a tricky task. Hopefully the tips above have helped you to decide which sex toy is best suited to your needs.

Whatever type of sex toy you decide on, give yourself time to enjoy the new sensual pleasures that await. Most sex toys work even better when used with a good quality personal lubricant and will last longer if cared for with an antibacterial sex toy cleaner. Sex toys for women are a fun way to explore new realms of sexual happiness in a safe and healthy way, so remember you can always add to your collection any time you choose.

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