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Beginners Guide To Using Pussy Pumps

Beginners Guide To Using Pussy Pumps

Vaginal Pumps & Clitoral Pumps | Guide To Using Pussy Pumps.

Once thought to be something just for the guys, these days many women can enjoy 'pumping' just as much as the boys!

With a variety of different shaped and sized pussy pumps available, women can choose from a range of vaginal pumps and clitoral pumps to find something that suits their needs. Wonderful sex toys that can help enhance arousal, heighten sensitivity and improve sexual responses, these pumps can help many women to enjoy more satisfying, more powerful orgasms.

How Pussy Pumps Work

Pussy pumps create a vacuum over the labia and/or the clitoris which causes extra blood to flow to the entire area. The extra blood flow makes the labia and clitoris swell, resulting in an increased sensitivity and in many cases, more intense orgasms.

Choosing Your Pussy Pump

It pays to familiarise yourself with benefits of vaginal pumps compared to clitoral pumps to figure out what parts of your pussy you want encompassed by your pump. Vaginal pumps encompass the vulva as well as the clitoris, while clitoral pumps are much smaller and focus solely on the clitoris.

When choosing your first vaginal pump, take some simple measurements of your own anatomy. Though you are unlikely to find a perfect match, it's important to have a pussy pump that fits well or it might end up causing more pain than pleasure. If the suction cup is too large the pump may not form a good seal, rendering it useless. Even worse, you might find the pump sucks harshly on your anal tissue, causing more pain than pleasure. Suction cups that are too small are likely to leave you feeling disappointed. Measure yourself from the top of your clitoral mound (the fatty bit that sits just above your clitoris) down to your perineum (the skin between your vagina and your anus), then measure the width from one side of your bikini line to the other. Use these measurements to find a pussy pump that most closely resembles your 'size'.

Using Your Pussy Pump

First you must apply a water based lubricant to the outside edge of the pussy pump to help it create a good seal with your skin. Press the chamber against the desired area, making sure you achieve a firm seal. Keeping one hand on the chamber, compress the bulb until you feel suction. Continue to compress and release the bulb until you can see the labia swelling in the chamber. This may feel a little weird at first but it should never hurt. Once your skin is pressing against the chamber, there is no air left to suck out and this is the maximum you will be able to pump to. Press the release valve and gently remove the chamber. After this it's time to enjoy the heightened sensations of your beautifully swollen pussy.

Pussy Pumping Tips

Although waxing or shaving your pubic hair is not compulsory, you are likely to achieve a much better vacuum if there is no hair interfering with the seal. A good water based lubricant is also an essential component to achieving a good seal. After every use, all sex toys, including pumps, should be cleaned with an antibacterial toy cleaner and fully dried before being stored away.

Pussy Pumps Summary

In addition to enjoying better sex and more orgasms with a partner after using Pussy pumps, they can also make a great masturbation toy, especially if they include a clitoral vibrator!

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