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Beginner's Guide To Sex Toys

Beginner’s Guide To Sex Toys

Best Sex Toys For Beginners: Guide To Sex Toys Online

Sex toys allow men, women and couples to enjoy enhanced sexual experiences. Once relegated to seedy adult shops or cheeky bachelorette parties, adult products have since undergone a makeover! These days, with more people able to discuss sex openly; especially with their partner, sex toys have become a mainstream item in the bedroom of many singles and couples, who simply want to enjoy better sex. Whether you just want to spice things up with your lover or you're looking for something to fulfill your deepest fantasies, there is sure to be a product to suit your needs, so read this sex toy guide to learn more about what might best suit your personal needs. After reading this beginner's guide to sex toys available on line, you will feel more confident to start your collection! When it comes to selecting a sex toy there are many choices, so many it can become a little overwhelming, particularly if this is your first time. This beginner's guide to sex toys describes the major categories of adult products available and sexual health products you can buy online, outlining their functions, suggested uses, what factors to consider and what to look out for when you are purchasing sex toys online.

Types Of Sex Toys


Vibrators are by far one of the most popular adult pleasure products; used by women both for masturbation and during sex with their partners. There are many different kinds of vibrators, designed to stimulate different parts of the body. Realistic vibrators are commonly used for penetration stimulation, and can target the G Spot. Some vibrators are designed to provide direct clitoral stimulation. Rabbit vibrators; the most popular type of vibrator sold, are extremely popular due to their ability to provide penetration, stimulation of the G Spot and clitoral stimulation all at the same time. There are thousands of vibrators available, so take your time choosing what vibrators will suit your needs. Many women own several vibrators to cater for different occasions, needs and desires! Take a look at the article Buyer's Guide To Vibrators for more information about the different types of vibrators available. When it comes to sex toys for beginners, a vibrator is a great place to start.


If you are after something that helps you replicate 'the real thing' then a dildo is for you. Dildos or dongs are designed simply for the pleasure of penetration. Dildos come in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes. Realistic dildos are shaped like a real penis with the added detail of veins for extra stimulation and may feature a set of balls at the base; some dildos also have suction cups for hands free use. While it may be tempting to think bigger is better, let your choice of sex toy guide you towards a more realistic, life like experience if you are just getting started. After all, you can always upgrade to keep things interesting at a later stage. For couples; a favourite especially for lesbian couples, there is a huge range of double ended dildos and strap on dildos available to cater to every desire. Note: No matter what type of dildo you choose, make sure to always use a quality lubricant, suitable to the material the dildo is made with and it's use.

Cock Rings

While cock rings are sometimes used to help men with erection problems and premature ejaculation, many other men and couples use cock rings simply to further enhance their sexual encounters. Cock rings are often one of the first sex toys that men will try with their partner, with the goal of staying harder for longer. While female partners obviously benefit from their man wearing this toy, the extra pressure can also make the man's orgasm more intense. Any beginner's guide to sex toys will tell you that a good place to start would be purchasing stretchy silicone cock rings. Once you are comfortable with using cock rings, there are also vibrating cock rings; both battery operated and USB rechargeable, providing the ultimate in cock rings for couple's pleasure. Vibrating enhancers are designed for erectile support as well as sending tingling sensations down the shaft of the penis and stimulating the clitoris of the partner.

Anal Toys

If you are new to anal toys, the best place to start is with anal beads. Whether you are trying them on your own or with a partner, anal beads are small and will allow you to ease into having items inserted into your anus. Always use plenty of lubricant with anal toys to protect your delicate anal tissue and to increase the pleasurable sensations. After you are comfortable with anal beads, you are ready to try small sized, tapered butt plugs, which are smooth, seamless and will have a flared base to prevent them from being lost inside the anus, or anal wands and probes that are on the thinner size. Once the sole domain of gay men, anal toys can and are enjoyed by many heterosexual men and women alike. In fact there is a large market of anal sex toys for women, who like the feeling of being penetrated in the anus while having their vagina penetrated at the same time.

Male Masturbators

Masturbation toys for men are becoming accepted as mainstream. If it's acceptable for women to have vibrators, why should a man be reduced to using his hand? There is a huge range of handheld masturbators for men, ranging from basic soft skin masturbation sleeves through to vibrating masturbators. Handheld masturbators can ramp up a man's self-pleasure in ways he never thought possible. Using handheld masturbators can also be used as part of couples play, with the woman giving their man a hand job, while receiving oral sex; emulating a threesome scenario!

Examples Of Handheld Masturbators For Sale


Pumps are wonderful sex toys that use the action of suction to draw extra blood into the tissues. Engorging the tissues with blood makes them puffier, more sensitive and more responsive to sexual pleasure. Penis pumps can be helpful for men who experience erection problems, as well as men who just want to experience more gratifying sexual pleasure. Pussy pumps and breast pumps can provide women with a wonderful level of heightened sensitivity, increased arousal and improved sexual responses. Pumps can be used for stamina training or masturbation purposes but are often used as a prelude to intercourse.

Examples Of Penis Pumps For Sale

Fetish & Bondage

While some parts of the BDSM scene haven't quite made it to the mainstream vanilla bedroom just yet, bondage definitely has! Since the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey books and movie, more and more people have felt confident to introduce a little bondage into their sex play. If you are new to bondage, start with simple bondage toys such as handcuffs, silk ties, blindfolds and feather ticklers. If you are ready for full submission, ball gags and full restraints systems will be your thing. Remember that any bondage play requires trust and respect between both partners. Note too, there are different levels of quality in the market place and you do get what you pay for, so if you're just starting out a cheaper set may be your first choice, before you and your partner want sets that will be used for years to come.


Lubricants are a simple and effective way to improve comfort and enhance pleasure during any sexual experience, whether it be intercourse, masturbation or any other form of consensual erotic play. In addition to improving comfort and enhancing pleasure during intercourse, lubricants are extremely pleasurable to use when using sex toys such as vibrators, anal toys, dildos, masturbators and pumps. There are so many wonderful lubricants to choose from that provide different benefits, so make sure you do your research to find out which lubricant best suits your needs.

Sexual Enhancers

Sexual enhancers are cream, sprays and gels that are designed to increase arousal and improve sexual performance or response. From male sexual enhancers that improve staying power to arousal gels for the females, sexual enhancers are a great addition to any sex life, whether you wish to introduce sex toys or not.

Examples Of Sexual Enhancers For Sale

Things To Consider When Buying A Sex Toy

Once you have chosen the type of sex toy that is right for you, consider these points for the maximum enjoyment of your new toy.

Sexual Health

Sex toys are all designed with the purpose of helping men, women and couples to enjoy an improved level of sexual satisfaction. Sometimes this can be about exploring one's sensuality while other times it can be about achieving the biggest, strongest orgasm possible. Safe, consensual sex, with a partner is the best sex. Take control of not only your pleasure, but also your sexual health by ensuring you practice safe, consensual sex. While most men and women are up to speed with safe sex practices, remember that if you are sharing your toys use condoms on them and make sure they are cleaned with a good antibacterial toy cleaner after use.

Sex Toy Storage

Consider how you will store your toy in order to keep in clean and safe between uses. Some silicone toys will react and melt if they come into contact with other silicone toys, and some of the 'life-like' materials require special storage conditions to keep them feeling like real skin. Storing your toys in their own individual satin bags, storage boxes or in their original packaging after they are dry, is usually the best method for keeping your toy in premium condition. All sex toy materials have different storage requirements, so make sure you have read and understand the care and storage instructions that are specific to your sex toy.

Examples Of Sex Toy Storage Boxes For Sale


Every sex toy guide should tell you that if you are purchasing a toy that requires batteries, it is always best to remove the batteries between every use. As well as draining power if left inside your toy, leakage and corrosion of the batteries may damage your toy. Extra Heavy Duty batteries are recommended for most sex toys. Some rechargeable or alkaline batteries may cause the motor of your toy to burn out prematurely so are usually not recommended.

Sex Toy Cleaning

If you are making your very first purchase, any good beginner's guide to sex toys will also recommend you use an appropriate toy cleaner. Using antibacterial sex toy cleaners before and after every use will not only protect you from harmful bacteria but will also improve the life span of your toy. Some of the skin like materials also require the application of a special powder that helps to maintain the life like textures of the material. Make sure you have the correct sex toy cleaners that are recommended for your toy.

The Choice Is Yours

If you are new to using sex toys, choosing the perfect sex toy may seem a little overwhelming at first. Hopefully all the tips above in this sex toy guide have helped you to work out which type of sex toy might suit you best and what things to consider when purchasing sex toys. After reading this beginner's guide to sex toys, no matter what type of sex toy you choose, you are sure to enjoy the journey of discovery that will follow. Once you have chosen a sex toy to suit your current needs, remember that you can always upgrade or add to your toy collection any time you like! Above all else, make sure you take the time to enjoy your new sex toy. Let your sex toy guide you towards exploring your sexuality to find a new level of sexual health, wellbeing and happiness.

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