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Beginners Guide To Sex Toy Care

Beginners Guide To Sex Toy Care

Guide To Sex Toy Care For Beginners.

If you have just purchased your very first adult pleasure product you are probably keen to just rip open the packaging and get started! Before you do there a few simple things you should know about sex toy care. If you are a seasoned sex toy cleaner, you may already think you have sex toy cleaning down to an art. The following tips will ensure your favourite toys are safe, hygienic and ready for action!

Sex Toy Cleaners

Sex toy cleaners keep your toys clean and fresh ready for use! Before you use newly purchased adult toys it is a good idea to give them a good wipe down or rinse with warm soapy water. Dry your freshly cleaned items gently with a hand towel then give them a once over with a reputable sex toy cleaner designed specifically to make your sex toys safe and hygienic.

Sex toy cleaners should be use before and after every use. Some sex toys require specific sex toy cleaners while others may also require a dusting with a special renewal powder. Be sure to always read the cleaning instructions specific to your toy.

Sex Toy Renewal Powders

If you own sex toys made from life like materials, Sex Toy Renewal Powders will help keep your adult pleasure product in premium condition. Not only does the renewal powder bring your toy back to 'life' after cleaning, it protects these delicate materials between uses, resulting in a sex toy that feels better for longer.

After using your life like sex toy, clean it as per the manufacturer instructions, then dust a little renewal powder on it before storing away ready for next time.

Keep Condoms Handy

Even if you are the only one using your toys, condoms can help prevent the transfer of bacteria onto your sex toy, thus significantly reducing the risk of infection. If you are sharing your sex toys, a condom should always be used on any toy that is designed for penetration. This will also make your cleaning regime much less cumbersome.

Sex Toy Storage

While sex toy storage may not be the first thing you think of when you purchase a new toy, appropriate storage will maximise the longevity of your toy. After you clean your sex toys, make sure they are completely dry before storing them away for next time.

Sex toy storage options include satin bags, satin lined boxes and specially designed storage boxes. Storing items in their original packaging is also another way to protect them from being damaged. It will also ensure you are not storing products alongside materials that might react and cause deterioration of your toy.

Sex Toy Batteries

Always remove sex toy batteries between every use and store them in a safe dry place. To prolong the life of your favourite sex toys, the use of heavy duty batteries is recommended. Alkaline batteries can easily leak and also have the potential to burn out the motor so this type of battery should be avoided unless your toy specifically requires them. Rechargeable batteries are often slightly larger than regular batteries so they might get stuck in your toy. If your adult pleasure product is rechargeable be sure to follow the recharging instructions included with your toy to make sure your batteries have the longest life possible.

Sex Toy Care Summary

Investing time into the caring, cleaning and proper storage of your toys is extremely important for your own safety as well as ensuring the longevity and enjoyment you will get from your product. In addition to these general sex toy care tips above, always be sure to read the specific care instructions that come with your product. By showing your favourite adult pleasure products that you care, they are sure to love you back for a very long time!

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