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Male Pheromone Attractants

Male Pheromone Attractants Do They Work?

Find Out If Male Pheromone Attractants Really Work To Attract Women.

Male pheromone attractants such as Androstenol occur naturally in our bodies and are chemical signals that communicate messages on a subconscious level. That means, although we aren't aware of it, our sweat is sending messages to other people, affecting their mood and behavior.

Can Men Use Male Pheromones To Attract Women?

It's not hard to tell when a man is "interested in a woman". Women are definitely better than men at reading body language. Anything from the twinkle in his eye to his stance, and even a sexy smile are all clear signs he's in the mood.
But how do you turn that twinkle into something more?

When a man is 'turned on' by a woman, he will excrete different male pheromones through his sweat compared to what is secreted during heavy manually labor, or playing an aggressive sport for example.

Unlike fragrances and body odours that are detected by the olfactory glands, pheromones are detected by the vomeronasal organ (VNO) located in the nasal septum. When the VNO detects a pheromone it sends a message to the brain that stimulates the body to create a subconscious increase in sexual desire.

Scientists have isolated Androstenol; a male pheromone that is naturally secreted by the adrenal gland and found in the sweat to be beneficial in triggering feelings of attraction. Not only does it increase a woman's sexual desire, but it will make the male appear sexually superior compared to other men. The man releasing the most of this pheromone will appear more attractive, more confident, healthier, reproductively fit and sexually more attractive to any females surrounding him. Androstenol is also known as the "ice breaker pheromone" as it makes men seems more approachable and allows women to feel more relaxed, talkative and giggly.

Whether you are out socialising on the prowl or you want woo your special girl, why not improve your chances by giving your naturally occuring male pheromone attractants a boost!
The solution is to start with a shower, then spray the pheromone attractant Lure For Him on, before heading out. Because the pheromone Androstenol is odourless, no one will ever know that you have used male pheromone attractants to improve your chances!
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In summary, men can use male pheromone attractants such as Lure For Him Pheromone Attractants assist attracting women! An unfair advantage?
Perhaps, but do you really care?