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Play Like Fifty Shades Of Grey

10 Ways To Play Like Fifty Shades Of Grey

Spice Up Your Life With These Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Toys.

If you've been inspired by the book, or the movie and want to recreate some of 'those' scenes, this collection of Fifty Shades Of Grey Sex Toys is a must have for couples wanting to explore the world of fetish and bondage toys at home. Whether you'd like to try a little light bondage or you're looking forward to a good spanking, introducing a little Fifty Shades Of Grey sex toys into your relationship can be a great way to intensify your pleasure, learn your limits and become closer to your partner, regardless of whether you're new to fetish/bondage toys, or an experienced user. This great range of sex toys from the official 'The Fifty Shades Of Grey Collection' offers the perfect way to explore your deepest darkest fantasy, or recreate scenes from what you've read from the book or seen in the movie by the same name, in your own home, or hotel room.
  1. Inner Goddess Pleasure Balls

    Any Fifty Shades Of Grey fan will know just how much Anastasia enjoys her jiggle balls. Offering a generous weight to grip around, these silver jiggle balls discretely stimulate your G Spot as well providing a great challenge for your Kegel muscles. Perfect for pleasure and also improving pelvic floor strength, these Kegel Balls can be used during erotic play or worn discreetly throughout the day.
  2. Totally His Soft Handcuffs

    If you're new to bondage toys, these inviting, soft handcuffs are a great place to build trust. If like Anastasia, you find the restraints of bondage to be 'freeing', venture into other forms of bondage such as the You Are Mine Metal Handcuffs or the Still Baby Still Bondage Tape.
  3. We Aim To Please Vibrating Bullet

    This sleek vibrating bullet offers a smooth tip combined with powerful vibrations to stimulate all of your intimate spots for intense pleasure. With pinpoint precision, you can direct your partner or even enjoy a satisfying solo session. Small vibrating bullets are prefect for beginners who are new to using vibrators and are discreet enough to carry around in your handbag.
  4. Holy Cow! Rechargeable Wand Vibrator

    This Fifty Shades inspired rechargeable massage wand has a smooth silicone head and features 8 vibration modes. Massage wands can be used for relaxation, for solo play and also make a great accessory during role play. Start by running the vibrating massage wand over all parts of the body, lingering over the more sensitive areas including the nipples, the clitoris and the penis. The Holy Cow! rechargeable massage wand is also 100% waterproof.
  5. All Mine Blackout Blindfold

    Sensuous and soft, this blindfold is the perfect accessory for bedroom bondage encounters. The blindfold blocks out all light and sight, allowing you or your partner to submit to your other senses and focus solely on the pleasure that you are experiencing. Blindfolds are the prefect way for beginners to explore light bondage and sensory play.
  6. Tease Feather Tickler

    The soft, natural touch of this quality made tease feather tickler, with a generous long handle from the official collection will cause arousal to slowly mount, caressing all of your partner's erogenous zones and skin, until every part of their exposed body is standing to attention and ready for what you have in store next! Feather ticklers are best enjoyed when used with a blindfold and restraints, including handcuffs and spreader bars with cuffs, as part of a home bedroom bondage scene but can be used on their own to entice, arouse and excite your partner as part of a fetish/bondage foreplay prelude to more intimate fetish sex toys and fun. Keep it handy in your bedside cabinet drawer, with your other sex toys, but away from your lubricants or massage lotions, to bring out when you want to get things started intimately in a non threatening way, especially if your partner is new to fetish products and not interested in even pleasurable pain delivered by spanking rulers or other types of ticklers and nipple clamps available from the collection. One of the cheapest sex toys you can buy, but one that will be appreciated by your partner time and time again and perfect for all couple play.
  7. The Pinch Adjustable Nipple Clamps

    These nipple clamps are great for everyone from beginners right through to fetish enthusiasts. Simply place the clamps on both nipples and adjust the pressure to slowly escalate your sensitivity. The soft silicone clamp offers an adjustable pinch that is never too much but always enough. The clamps also feature swaying weights that will cause extra tantalization with every subtle movement. Adjustable nipple clamps are ideal for use as part of progressive sensory play. You can heighten the sensation even further by gently pulling on the weights of the nipple clamps or using a vibrator to send delicious shivers through your already sensitized nipples.
  8. Something Forbidden Butt Plug

    For breathtaking sensual pleasure, this petite silicone butt plug is just what you need. With a tapered tip that slides in easily and has a finger loop for timely removal during climax this sexy butt plug takes anal pleasure to new heights. Ideal for men or women, this butt plug offers couples a way to awaken new pleasure zones and enhance sexual satisfaction. Remember that no butt plugs are complete without lubricant, so try the At Ease Anal Lubricant for a perfect match.
  9. Trust Me Adjustable Spreader Bar & Cuffs

    Spreader bars have been used in erotic play long before Fifty Shades of Grey hit the book shelves. This adjustable spreader bar attaches to the ankles, spreading the legs apart, offering a thrilling vulnerability to the wearer. Best enjoyed along with a blindfold to further heighten the excitement, the adjustable spreader bar can be expanded to spread the legs further and further apart. If you find this spreader bar exciting, you might like to add to your bondage collection with the Fifty Shades of Grey Control Freak Under The Bed Stretcher Set.
  10. Spank Me Please Sir Spanking Ruler

    Designed to chastise and arouse, this spanking ruler is the perfect introduction to the world of spanking. A discreet alterative to paddles and whips, the spanking ruler can be used across the fleshy parts of the buttocks and thighs for a sharp and exciting sensation. If the spanking ruler leaves you begging for more, you may also enjoy the sweet sting of the Please, Sir Flogger.

Before & After Care

Before you explore the enjoyment that can be found with jiggle balls, butt plugs and vibrators make sure you are prepared. Have plenty of Silky Caress Silk Lubricant ready for your new sex toys, along with the At Ease Anal Lubricant if the Something Forbidden Butt Plug is your toy of choice. If you've chosen the nipple clamps or any form of spanking as part of your fun time, be sure to sooth the areas afterwards with some Sooth Me After Spanking Cream. This will help to settle any over-sensitized areas, repairing them quickly in time for your next erotic adventure. Make sure you clean all your sex toys after each use with the Fifty Shades Of Grey Cleansing Sex Toy Cleaner. This will help keep your toys in premium condition ready to be used over and over again. If you're a little overwhelmed by the amazing Fifty Shades Official Pleasure Collection, why not start your journey with the Submit To Me Beginners Bondage Kit and take it from there. Whether you want to treat yourself or surprise your lover, the Fifty Shades Of Grey sex toys are all bound to become regular favorites.