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Sex Toys Sydney

Sex Toys Sydney

Buy Adult Sex Toys Sydney Wide & Across New South Wales.

Address: Sydney New South Wales 2000 Contact Phone: 0424 408 007 Email: sydney@adultsextoywholesalers.com.au Operating Hours: Monday - Sunday, 24 hours a day. Sydney Adult Sex Toy Shop: Buy cheap sex toys online! Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers has one of the largest and cheapest priced range of adult sex toys Sydney has to offer. Our online store makes it simple and private for buyers to purchase cheap sex toys that are high quality from the most well known manufacturers without ever leaving their home. When you view our online sex toy shop you will notice a massive range of the most trusted brands in the adult sex toy industry. The adult toys Sydney consumers can buy online include a massive range of vibrators or vibes catering to all size requirements, dildos and dongs with non realistic and lifelike realistic dildos available, masturbators including realistic hand-held masturbators, cock rings that are adjustable, rechargeable, stretchy and the most sought after vibrating cock rings, plus penis pumps for men and pussy pumps for women.

Best Selling Sex Toys Sydney

The volume of adult toys Sydney customers buy leads the nation. As with other states, the sale of sex toys for couples is in high demand. Vibrators are still the biggest seller, with body wands outselling rabbit vibrators. There are now body wands in a variety of colours and sizes thanks to manufacturers listening to what customers are after. As with other states, sales of quality silicone rabbit vibes that are more artistic in their appearance sell in higher numbers than the plastic traditional rabbit. Read on to learn about the most popular sex toys Sydney adults purchase. If you're new to adult sex products, this summary will help guide you if you're buying sex toys in Sydney for the first time.

Vibrators Sydney

There are many high quality vibrators Sydney consumers can choose throughout Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers website. Vibrators or as they are commonly referred 'vibes', can be found using a variety of different materials, but high grade silicone vibrators are by far the most popular. As mentioned above, vibrators are the most popular sex toys bought in Sydney, with a significant growth in men buying vibes as gifts to women. Vibrators are designed these days to target specific erogenous zones, or as in the case of rabbit vibes and body wands, designed to hit multiple pleasure points at the same time. The 5 types of vibrators sold in Sydney listed below, are the most popular. We have also included what erogenous zone or zones they are designed to target. Remember too that what you ultimately select will be based on what your particular requirements are; there is no right or wrong decision. Many women for example require extra clitoral stimulation to climax, while other women require both simultaneous G Spot and clitoral stimulation.

Massage Wands Sydney

The easiest, quickest and most popular way of relaxing aching muscles at the end of the day, or for providing amazing clitoral orgasms comes from the vibrator category of massage wands. The power options range from 240V mains with a cord, convenient and most popular USB rechargeable or there are some powered by batteries. These days massage wands Sydney consumers can buy come in many sizes; some are over 10 inches (26.25cm) long and some are just 4 inches (10cm) in length. Pick a colour, chances are you'll find the massage wand you're after in that colour too! Best of all, they can all be left out, with no embarrassment, due to their non phallic design; although their optional attachments will give away what you're really using your favourite sex toy for! There are a few massage wands Sydney people buy in very large numbers. When women buy one for themselves, they choose either the pink 20 Speed Magic Wand, the Romant Sonia or the pink Fare L'Amore Jennifer dual ended massage wand. When men buy massage wands, they typically go for wands they can use on women as part of foreplay, so they choose either the Fifty Shades of Grey Holy Cow Rechargeable Wand, the Vive Shiatsu Dual Ended Massage Wand or the Magic Wand personal Massager. When couples are making the decision together however, they tend to be more practical, opting for the luxury RHYTHM by Kama Sutra Bhangra Massage Wand set, the BodyWand Bathtime Gift Set, or the luxury Lady Bonnd massager which are all perfect for massaging the whole body, as well as providing mind-blowing clitoral and G Spot orgasms.

Rabbit Vibrators Sydney

If you are looking for a vibrator that stimulates both the G Spot and clitoris, rabbit vibrators provide the solution. The most popular rabbit vibrators Sydney sex toy users purchase by far is Angelina from Fare L'Amore. Called the ultimate rabbit vibrator, Angelina comes with 7 modes of vibration and 3 speeds, is USB rechargeable, and has a wave funtion. The Romant Diana is also very popular, especially with women in their 40's. If you are looking for the ultimate rabbit vibrator, the Fare L'Amore Angelina Intimate Massager is worth a look. New in 2017, but has already proved popular, the Angelina is part of the prestigious Signature Collection by Australian company Fare L'Amore.

Clitoral Vibrators Sydney

Designed with one objective in mind; to massage the clitoris, clitoral vibrators come in many different shapes and sizes. The Eva by Dame Products are the best selling clitoral vibrators Sydney sex toy consumers buy. Pure medical grade silicone, clever pocket sized ergonomic design, 3 powerful vibration speeds, plus the ability to have penile penetration with your partner make the Eva very successful. It's not one of the cheapest clitoral vibrators you can buy, but it will last longer and provide better results than their cheaper competitors! Other stand outs come from Fare L'Amore, such as the Fare L'Amore Georgina Personal Massager, designed specifically to provide clitoral stimulation without penetration and can be used solo, or by your partner as part of foreplay, or to bring you to a mind-blowing climax; especially if used with some restraints. The Georgina Personal Massager can be used all over the body, releasing strained muscles in your feet, legs, back and shoulders. Another benefit is Georgina can be left out without causing any embarrassment to massage the whole family and friends! The Fare L'Amore Intimate Escape and WowYes Liana Ring Massager are also extremely popular with Sydney women.

G Spot Vibrators Sydney

When women find the right sex toy to stimulate their G Spot, they also discover the most intense orgasm imaginable. The most popular G Spot vibrators Sydney women use come from Luxury brand Fare L'Amore. The Sofia is extremely popular with women aged 30-50 years, while the Rosa range is a big hit with women aged 18-30 years. For the ultimate in Luxury, the Fare L'Amore Sophie warming G spot vibrator warms to a safe and comfortable temperature to help replicate the sensations of a real lover. Another stand out comes from Romant, the Romant Cindy which is voice/noise activated, so it can change it's vibration to the rhythm of a voice or your favourite music. Romant Cindy has to be perhaps the most technologically advanced G Spot Vibe on the market; amazing quality for such a low price.

Realistic Vibrators Sydney

If you like the look and feel of a real penis, with many women liking to watch their partners penis disappear inside of them, realistic vibrators are the answer; especially when alone. With lifelike veins, and coated with skin like material, the most popular brand of realistic vibrators Sydney women buy is Real Feel Duluxe made by Pipedream. There is a huge range to choose from, you can just about customise your penis with choice of length, girth, colour and even whether you would like balls attached or not. For women who would like to experience what 12 inches, really feels like the Real Feel Deluxe #12 flesh really is 12 inches long. Yes, there is a black version too! A fast mover has been the Fabio Intimate Massager (flesh colour). Fabio is unlike typical realistic vibrators because he is squeezable, can bend and rotate to meet your individual needs. Many women have said Fabio is better than a real penis due to the 3 rotation speeds and ability to bend to the perfect position. If you're not sure what vibrator to buy, have a read of the buyers guide to vibrators for more information; especially if this will be your first vibrator. Many first time vibrator users are a little unsure about what size; length and width, vibrator they should buy; especially if they can't measure an actual penis as a guide. Reading the article How To Choose The Correct Sized Vibrator, will help you to make the best choice and answer many questions you may have regarding vibrator size.

Dildos Sydney

Dildos and double ended dongs remained popular sex toys for lesbian couples throughout Sydney during 2016. There are many realistic dildos Sydney women and men buy in large numbers; notably The Realistic Cocks range manufactured by Doc Johnson, which is compatible with their Vac U Lock range. With a range of accessories and harnesses catering to both men and women, heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples; Vac U Lock and the Realistic Cocks ranges have dildos and dongs, including double ended dildos to please everyone. Dildos Sydney shoppers can purchase are great adult toys for beginners who may be looking for cheap, simple, yet highly effective sex toys to enhance sexual pleasure and wellbeing.

Kegel Balls Sydney

Kegel balls contain small weighted balls that jiggle and roll with movement, creating arousing internal sensations, causing your pelvic floor to contract in response and can be left inside for hours at a time. Regular engagement of the pelvic floor muscles can result in a tighter, more sensitive vagina for improved continence, more powerful sensations and better orgasms during sex. Sometimes referred to as Ben Wa Balls or Jiggle Balls, the most popular Kegel balls Sydney women buy most often are shown below, with Adele, the weighted set of 5 Kegel balls and Bianca Ben Wa Balls, both from Fare L'Amore the best value for money. There are also Kegel balls that vibrate. Kegel exercisers only need to be used for 15 minutes a day to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles due to the vibrations creating a more intence workout.

Masturbators Sydney

Sydney Men have embraced the advances in technology used by manufacturers to produce realistic handheld masturbators. In fact the masturbators Sydney men choose predominantly are from the high end range. It also appears that women are buying quality masturbators for their man, in response to quality vibrators given to them as gifts. The most popular handheld masturbator is the Angela White Indulge made by Fleshlight using Superskin and moulded on the Australian stars actual vagina. The most popular vibrating masturbator is the Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine from Fare L'Amore with multi-speed vibrating bullet that mimics muscles squeezing of a real vagina, coupled with the realistic moaning of a women on the brink of a climax!

Popular Masturbators For Sale In Sydney

Mega masturbators have also come a long way in their life-like looks and feel. Pipedreams range of mega masturbators Sydney men buy leads the rest, hence we always stock a large range.

Popular Mega Masturbators For Sale In Sydney

Cock Rings Sydney

As with all sex toys; the range and options of cock rings Sydney people can buy has increased over the years.
Rechargeable vibrating cock rings are the firm favourites, with the Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer for men the biggest seller and the Colt Silicone Rechargeable Cock Ring, in black and red, the standout for gay men. The cheaper battery powered vibrating cock rings are still extremely popular sex toys Sydney residents buy, with the budget priced Silicone Jack Rabbit Ring as the most popular vibrating cock rings Sydney men choose when battery powered.

Penis Pumps Sydney

Apart from being used to produce a thicker and longer erection, penis pumps are bought from Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers to assist with male erectile dysfunction problems too; at a fraction of the cost of pumps Doctors offer! The best seller from the large range of penis pumps Sydney men have available to buy from is the Bathmate Hercules penis pump followed by the LCD Penis Pump Kit by Fare L'Amore. Used for pleasure alone, or by a partner as part of foreplay penis pumps are often used before cock rings are slid on (using lubricant) to keep the fun lasting longer! Regular users of penis pumps are buying Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps if increasing size is the main objective.

Anal Sex Toys Sydney

Not surprisingly, the volume of anal sex toys Sydney men and women buy leads the nation. The use of anal toys is not shunned as it used to be. Anal toys are not solely used by gay men either. There is a fast growing number of both men and women purchasing and realising the benefits from anal sex toys. The most popular anal sex toys Sydney women purchase is the purple Vive Zesiro, then very closely followed by the Romant Emma Battery Powered Classic Vibrator. For men, the Alessandro Vibrating Prostate Massager leads the black Vive Aki in popularity. Colt sex toys, is the biggest selling brand of anal sex toys and anal dildos Sydney gay men choose, however as a product, gay couples love the Vac U Lock Leather Ultra Harness Set For Men which includes a butt plug and dildo. For those looking for an introduction into anal sex toys, the Colt Anal Trainer Kit is a favourite amongst Sydney's gay men and for heterosexual men and women, the Crystal Jellies Anal Initiation Kit is popular.

Fetish Sex Toys Sydney

One of the biggest selling categories of adult products is for fetish and bondage sex toys. The range of bondage and fetish sex toys Sydney men and women buy covers bed restraints, handcuffs, masks as well as spanker’s and ticklers. Years ago the cheaper range sold faster, but across 2016, couples bought better quality products that had more padding, indicating that couples were acting out fetish and bondage fantasies more and more often in the bedroom. The most popular fetish sex toys Sydney couples buy is the Scandal Over The Bed Cross Restraints set, with other fetish sex toys from the Scandal range extremely popular.

Popular Fetish Sex Toys From Scandal In Sydney

When Fifty Shades Of Grey is in the media, or on at the cinema, the Fifty Shades of Grey collection sells very quickly!

Sex Machines Sydney

When it comes to sex machines Sydney women and men buy the most, the Caesar 3.0 Love Machine leads the way, as it does across Australia. While the Caesar 3.0 has been heavily discounted, which does make it excellent value for money, but it's also easy to set up and use at the end of a bed, in front of a lounge seat, straddle standing or kneeling 'doggy style' on the floor, so it's no surprise the Caesar 3.0 is the best selling sex machine Sydney people buy. Fetish and bondage lovers prefer the Bondage Love Machine that enables collars, hand cuffs and ankle cuffs to be tied, chained or tethered down to the base. Lastly, many couples buy the Excite Sex Machine that comes with a male masturbator as well as other dildos too!

Popular Sex Machines Sold In Sydney

Heterosexual Sex Toys For Couples Sydney

Heterosexual couples sex toys received an increased focus from manufacturers through 2016, and as with the rest of Australia, Doc Johnson's TRYST Massager and Fare L'Amore Dreamy couples vibrators were the most popular Sex toys for couples Sydney women and men bought.

Popular Couples Sex Toys For Sale In Sydney

Lesbian Sex Toys For Couples Sydney

The pink Vibe Therapy Wishbone Strapless Strap On is one of the most popular lesbian sex toys for couples Sydney women buy. Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers have it as one of the super specials, saving you even more money than usual! There is a trend though towards USB powered sex toys, especially with younger Sydney lesbians, who boosted sales of the Rechargeable Love Rider Strapless Strap On. The Vac U Lock Platinum Edition Pink The Dream No. 14 With Supreme Strap On Harness is still the best seller, as it is compatible with so many other dildos Sydney women enjoy using and is often purchased along with several other Vac U Lock attachments to create an entire play set.

Popular Lesbian Sex Toys For Sale In Sydney

Gay Sex Toys For Couples Sydney

The COLT range of gay sex toys are clear favourites amongst the massive range of gayadult toys Sydney men can buy online. There is of course, a full range of vibrators, butt plugs, beads, wands, probes and dildos gay men can use on each other to enhance their sexual pleasure.

Popular Gay Sex Toys For Sale In Sydney

Sex Toy Summary For Sydney

In summary, the sex toys Sydney people bought most in 2017 were high quality vibrators; in-particular the massage wands. For heterosexual couples, gay couples and lesbian couples; sex toys play an integral role in the sexual pleasure, health and wellbeing of people living in Sydney. Kits designed for new couples were very popular. Sydney also joins the nation wide trend with an estimated third of all households having at least one adult sex toy; typically a vibrator or couples sex toy.

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