Sex Toys Perth

Sex Toys Perth

Sex Toys Perth

Buy Adult Sex Toys Across Perth, Western Australia.

Address: Perth Western Australia 6000
Contact Phone: 0424 408 007
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 24/7.
Perth Adult Sex Toy Shop: Order cheap sex toys online available direct to the public.

Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers has one of the largest and broadest range of cheap adult sex toys Perth has to offer. Our online sex toy shop makes it simple and private for visitors to buy cheap sex toys that are premium quality, from the most well known manufacturers around the world without ever leaving their home.
When you view our online sex toy shop you will notice a massive range of the most popular brands in the adult sex toy industry.

The adult toys Perth consumers can buy online include a huge range of vibrators, or as they are often called, vibes catering to all erogenous zones, dildos and dongs with non realistic and lifelike realistic dildos available, masturbators including realistic handheld masturbators, cock rings that are adjustable, rechargeable, stretchy and the most sought after vibrating cock rings, plus penis pumps for men and pussy pumps for women.

See What Sex Toys Perth Residents Are Buying.

Sex toys Perth customers buy is on the increase, with the sale of sex toys for couples seeing the largest growth, and heterosexual couples buying more than they ever have. Vibrators dominate sales, with rabbit vibrators leading the way from massage wands and clitoral vibrators.
Continuing the trend across Australia, sales of quality silicone USB rechargeable rabbit vibrator are higher than the sale of cheaper battery powered plastic rabbits. Manufacturers, after listening to customer feedback released better quality vibrators with more silicone than ABS plastic.
Read on to find out the most popular sex toys Perth adults purchase. If you’re new to adult sex toys, this information will help guide you buying sex toys in Perth for the first time.

Vibrators Perth

Luxury, cheap vibrators Perth consumers choose can be easily found online at the Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers website. Vibrators or as they are commonly referred ‘vibes’, can be seen, made from a variety of different materials, but silicone vibrators are by far the most sought after.
As mentioned above, vibrators are the most popular sex toys bought in Perth, with more men than ever before buying vibes for their partner. Vibrators these days have a lot more science behind their design, targeting specific erogenous zones; some can stimulate 2 and even 3 erogenous zones simultaneously.

The following list of the top 5 types of vibrators sold in Perth includes what erogenous zone or zones each have been designed to target. It is worth noting at this point, what suits some women, may not necessarily suit your individual needs the best; there is no right or wrong choice. Many women for example just require extra clitoral stimulation to reach an orgasm, while other women require both simultaneous penetration and clitoral stimulation.

Rabbit Vibrators

If you are looking for a vibrator that stimulates both the G Spot and clitoris, rabbit vibrators are worth a closer look.

Rabbit vibrators Perth sex toy users purchase the most is the Romant Amy in pink. With 10 modes of vibration, USB rechargeable, whisper quiet operation and made from medical grade silicone, the Romant Amy also comes with voice activated technology; vibrating to music, words or moans of bliss. Many women also like the large rounded tip that stimulates the clitoris; as opposed to some that lose contact when squirming.

If you are looking for what is being called the ultimate rabbit vibrator, the Fare L’Amore Angelina Intimate Massager is definitely worth considering. Part of the luxury Signature Collection by Australian company Fare L’Amore, Angelina has 2 independant motors and both tips move, making it easy to massage all areas. Fare L’Amore Daphne available in Plum and Rose colours are luxury, 100% silicone rabbit vibrators for sale very cheap at the moment and are popular rabbit vibrators Perth women buy in the 30-50 age group. One of the most luxurious vibrators on the market, the Fare L’Amore Vanessa Warming Rabbit Vibrator warms to a soothing and comfortable temperature, making the pleasure experience feel even more natural.

Massage Wands

One of the easiest ways to relax aching muscles, or for providing intense, powerful clitoral orgasms comes from vibrators known as massage wands. Massage wands can be powered with 240V mains, USB rechargeable or battery and sizes range from very large to very small. Due to their discreet, non phallic look, massage wands can be left out, causing no embarrassment and used by the whole family everyday. No one will ever know it is your favourite sex toy!

There are 2 massage wands Perth people buy in very large numbers; for women it’s the green Elegance Magic Wand and for men it’s the Magic Wand Personal Massager, which can be used to sooth tired aching muscles or converted into a male masturbator by adding a simple attachment.
The most popular of the luxury massage wands Perth sex toy users buy is the Fare L’Amore Jennifer Dual Ended Massage Wand. Made with medical grade silicone, USB rechargeable and waterproof, this is powerful enough to relieve the sorest muscles and bring about a screaming climax. Extremely popular with couples, this massage wand can be left out to massage your body or taken to bed as part of an intimate foreplay activity with some restraints.

Popular Massage Wands For Sale In Perth

Clitoral Vibrators

Designed specifically to massage the clitoris, clitoral vibrators often do not provide for penetration. Most women find natural penetration from their partner, with the addition of clitoral stimulation from vibrations achieves the best orgasm. The Dame Eva II by Dame Products in quartz pink is by far the popular clitoral vibrators Perth sex toy consumers use. Pure medical grade silicone, pocket size ergonomic design, plus 3 powerful vibration speeds make the Eva II very becoming; even though it is not one of the cheapest clitoral vibrators on the market, her quality shines through!
The classy Fare L’Amore Georgina Clitoral Vibrator, provides clitoral stimulation without penetration and can be used solo, or by your partner as part of foreplay or to bring you to a mind blowing climax; especially if used with some restraints. Perhaps the Georgina’s biggest asset is, like massage wands, it can be used all over the body, relieving tired muscles in your feet, legs, back and shoulders, and left out without causing any embarrassment!

G Spot Vibrators

When women find that perfect sex toy to stimulate their G Spot, they also find out what they have been missing out on.
The most popular G Spot vibrators Perth women use by far, come from Fare L’Amore. Women between 30 and 50 years of age prefer the Fare L’Amore Sophie Warming G Spot Vibrator, while younger women seem to prefer the Rosa range of intimate massagers.

Another stand out comes from Cascade, the luxury self lubricating ‘Ripple’ range of interchangeable vibrators.

Realistic Vibrators

If you like the look and feel of the real thing, realistic vibrators are the answer when the real thing is unavailable. With lifelike veins, and coated with skin like material, the most popular brand of vibrating dildos Perth women buy is Real Feel Deluxe made by Pipedream. There is a huge range of options; length, girth, colour and whether you would like balls as well.
For women who would like to experience what 12 inches actually feels like, the Real Feel Deluxe #12 black really is 12 inches long!

A fast mover has been the Fabio Intimate Massager (flesh colour). Fabio is unlike typical realistic vibrators because he can bend and rotate to meet your exact needs.
Many women have commented Fabio is better than a real penis due to the 3 rotation speeds and ability to bend to position.

If you’re not sure what vibrator is best for you, have a read of the buyers guide to vibrators for more information; especially if you’re new to vibrators.
Many first time users of vibrators are also unsure about what size; length and width, vibrator they should buy.
Reading the article how to choose the correct sized vibrator, will help guide you to make the best choice and answer many questions you may have regarding vibrator sizes.

Dildos Perth

Dildos are the most popular Perth sex toys for lesbian couples. There are many realistic dildos Perth women and men buy in large numbers; notably The Realistic Cocks range manufactured by Doc Johnson, which is compatible with their Vac U Lock range. With a range of accessories and harnesses catering to both men and women, heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples; Vac U Lock and the Realistic Cocks ranges have dildos and dongs, including double ended dildos to please everyone.
Dildos Perth women and men can purchase online are great toys for beginners who may be looking for cheap and simple introduction to the world of sex toys.
If realistic isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other non realistic dildos Perth men and women use to enhance pleasure and overall wellbeing.

Masturbators Perth

Men can also benefit from sex toys with a huge range of male masturbators Perth men can choose from. There are 2 types of masturbators Perth men buy in large numbers; handheld masturbators and mega masturbators.

Handheld Masturbators Perth

Handheld masturbators Perth men can buy have come a long way in recent years with respect to how realistic they look and feel. The very life-like Fleshlight Angela White Indulge molded from the Australian stars actual vagina is the biggest seller, ribbed to recreate the sensation of entering a real vagina. For younger men, or those who suffer from premature ejaculation, the Marcia handheld masturbator is a firm favourite!
Vibrating handheld masturbators have become popular, with the favourite being the Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine, complete with voice simulation button that moans with every thrust and has the most realistic look and feel.
For gay men, the Colt Manbutt Masturbator is a clear winner!

There are many Perth women buying handheld male masturbators too. Feedback is, handheld masturbators with water based lubricant are often used by women on their man as part of foreplay in preference to oral sex, especially at ‘that time of the month’.

Mega Masturbators Perth

Mega masturbators come as a full size replica of a particular body part. Whatever your favourite opening is, there is a high quality, realistic mouth, vagina or ass to choose from. As with all masturbators Perth men can purchase, price is reflective on the quality of silicone and the detail. If looked after, these mega masturbators will last many years of no-excuse sexual fun.

Popular Mega Masturbators For Sale In Perth

Cock Rings Perth

As with all sex toys; the range and options of cock rings Perth people can buy has increased over the years.
Rechargeable vibrating cock rings are the firm favourites, with the Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer and Fare L’Amore Karl Remote Control Vibrating Cock Ring for heterosexual men the biggest sellers and the Colt Silicone Rechargeable Cock Ring, in black and red, the standout for gay men.
The cheaper battery powered vibrating cock rings are still extremely popular sex toys Perth residents buy, with the Silicone Jack Rabbit Ring the most popular vibrating cock rings Perth men choose when battery powered.

Kegel Balls Perth

Ben Wa balls or jiggle balls; other names used for the traditional Kegel Balls Perth women purchase, are sex toys that offer discreet internal pleasure along with a fantastic pelvic floor workout that all women benefit from.
Kegel balls Perth women purchase can help to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, making for improved sensations during love making as well as better bladder control.
With so many Kegel balls Perth women can select from, there is something to suit the needs of every woman.

The top 3 Kegel Balls Perth Women Buy In Perth

Penis Pumps Perth

Not only to produce a larger; thicker and longer erection, penis pumps are excellent for helping with male erectile dysfunction problems too. The best seller from the large range of penis pumps Perth men have available to buy from is from Bathmate. The Bathmate Hercules is a ‘hydro penis pump’ used in the shower or bath, that produces long lasting and long term results. The LCD Penis Pump Kit by Fare L’Amore is also very popular for instant penis enlargement, held in place with stretchy cock rings that come with the kit. Used for pleasure alone, or by a partner as part of foreplay penis pumps are often used before cock rings are slid on (using lubricant) to keep the fun lasting longer!

Anal Sex Toys Perth

The use of anal toys never used to be a topic of conversation and used solely by gay men, however there is now a growing number of both men and women benefiting from anal sex toys.
The most popular anal sex toys Perth women purchase is the pink Vive Aki. For men, the Fare L’Amore Alessandro Vibrating Prostate Massager is the clear winner.

Popular Anal Sex Toys For Sale In Perth

For those wanting to start exploring anal play, the Colt Anal Trainer Kit is a favourite amongst Perth’s gay men and for heterosexual men and women, the Crystal Jellies Anal Initiation Kit is a fast mover.

Bondage Sex Toys Perth

One of the most enjoyable sexual activities is to act out a fetish or fantasy with your partner.
The popular bondage sex toys Perth couples buy is led by the Scandal Over The Bed Cross Restraints set, with fetish sex toys from the Sex In The Shower range extremely popular.
When Fifty Shades Of Grey is promoted, the Fifty Shades of Grey collection sells quickly!

Sex Toys For Couples Perth

Couples sex toys received an increased focus from manufacturers through 2016, with Doc Johnson TRYST Massager and the We-Vibe Unite Couples Vibrator leading the way. Sex toys for couples Perth women and men buy seems to be a favourite past time of adult product consumers in Perth.

Popular Couples Sex Toys For Sale In Perth

Lesbian Sex Toys For Couples Perth

The pink Vibe Therapy Wishbone Strapless Strap On is one of the most popular lesbian sex toys for couples Perth women bought in 2016. Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers have it as one of the super specials, saving you even more money than usual! There is a trend though towards USB powered sex toys, especially with younger Perth lesbians, who boosted sales of the Rechargeable Love Rider Strapless Strap On.

Gay Sex Toys For Couples Perth

The TitanMen Tools Rough Riderz No 2 Inflatable Ball is a clear favourite amongst the range of gay sex toys for couples Perth men can buy online. There is of course, a full range of vibrators, butt plugs, beads, wands, probes and dildos gay men can use on each other to enhance their sexual pleasure, with the COLT brand of sex toys remaining a staple favourite.

Popular Gay Sex Toys For Sale In Perth

Sex Toy Summary For Perth

In summary, the sex toys Perth people bought most in 2017 were high quality rabbit vibrators and massage wands. Whether heterosexual couples, gay couples or lesbian couples; sex toys play an integral role in the sexual pleasure, health and wellbeing of people living in Perth. Sex toys in Perth are popular with an estimated 1 in 3 households having at least one adult toy; typically a vibrator or couples sex toy.

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