MOJO G Force Digital Penis Pump


MOJO G Force Digital Penis Pump

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Penis Pumps like the MOJO G Force Digital Penis Pump make your penis enlargement experience easy & precise with the digital display showing PSI.
One of the Mojo ION Strength stretchy cock rings is also included FREE!

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MOJO G Force Digital Penis Pump Penis Enlarger (Clear).

Having trouble finding penis pumps that are easy to use and can handle erections up to 9.8 inches (25cm)?
Well look no further than the MOJO G Force Digital Penis Pump.
Your penis enlargement experience is easy and precise with the digital display showing the pressure PSI in real time as you increase the suction.
With the press of a button to start, once you’ve found your ideal pressure you can hold it and watch your penis grow. The silicone doughnut at the base will provide comfort and cleaning up after is a breeze.

While there are many penis pumps for sale online, most aren’t as quick and easy to use, or automatic with an LCD screen, so there’s no bulbs or handles to squeeze.
Just keep your MOJO G Force Digital Penis Pump in place for at least 15 minutes to experience best results and then release the pressure with the attached controller.

We suggest starting off slowly, not going to high pressure, trying to get to over 9 inches in your first week.
Longer term gains are made with increments, so each day look at increasing your length by 1.5cm and hold for 15-20 minutes. Your penis size will not only become longer, you’ll notice a wider, thicker penis too.

After pumping, use one of the water based lubricants to help slide on a stretchy cock ring before sharing your new found larger erection with your partner.
Think of pumping your penis in the same way you exercise at the gym. Your biceps do become larger and harder, but not after one session, so be patient and exercise everyday. Remember too, growth results and the time it will take to get to your desired length will vary from person to person.

To help you on your way, we’ve included a MOJO ION Strength Stretchy Cock Ring, you can buy online for $9.99 – Absolutely FREE!

Features of MOJO G Force Digital Penis Pump Enlarger:

  • Pneumatic penis pumps designed to enhance the size of your erection
  • Clear chamber with gauge enhances visual thrill of pumping
  • Digital PSI display monitors pressure
  • Easy to press buttons enable simple control and release
  • Silicone base is hygienically non-porous for hypoallergenic comfort


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