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Best Waterproof Sex Toys

Best Waterproof Sex Toys

Have Better Sex In The Shower With Waterproof Sex Toys.

Whether you are alone or with your lover, taking your waterproof sex toys into the shower or bath with you is a sure fire way to have a good time. There is nothing better than getting a little dirty while you get clean - but not all sex toys are waterproof, so to avoid disappointment make sure you only use waterproof sex toys for your wet and wild adventures. If vibrating sex toys aren't waterproof, exposing them to the shower or bath could result in battery exposure, corrosion of the motor or breakdown of materials leading to a toy that is unsanitary, unsafe and unusable. Checking to see whether a toy is waterproof before you take it into the shower or bath is always recommended. Note too, that waterproof sex toys may come with different ratings, ranging from splash proof through to fully submersible. To help you enjoy even better sex in the shower or bath, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers is excited to offer an amazing range of fully waterproof sex toys including waterproof vibrators, waterproof sex toy kits and shower sex toys that are sure to please.
  1. Waterproof Vibrators

    You can buy all types of waterproof vibrators, ranging from rabbit vibrators and G spot vibrators through to clitoral vibrators and bullet vibrators. Waterproof vibrators are specially sealed so that water cannot enter the motor cavity when they get wet. You will note that most silicone rechargeable vibrators feature a 'squeeze tight' charging port that closes over itself when the charging pin isn't in place. Battery powered waterproof vibrators will feature a waterproof battery compartment that stops any water from corroding the batteries. Coated in premium smooth silicone, the Fifty Shades Freed Come To Bed Rechargeable Slimline Rabbit Vibrator is rated as 100% fully submersible, meaning that you can even take your toy into the bath or hot tub. In fact many of the Fifty Shades Of Grey sex toys are rated as 100% waterproof and come with a minimum 12 Month Warranty when purchased through Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers.
  2. Waterproof Massage Wands

    Waterproof massage wands are wonderful to use on your own or to share with a partner. In addition to passionate pleasures, a steamy shower or a relaxing bath is the perfect place to use massage wands to help relax any tight muscles and ease away stress. Most waterproof massage wands feature self-closing silicone charging ports or waterproof battery compartments, but the latest advancements in technology have given birth to a range of quality waterproof sex toys that feature magnetic charging ports, allowing for a fully enclosed system that has literally no potential for water damage. One such massage wand is the Fare L'Amore Jennifer Dual Ended Body Massage Wand. With a simple magnetic charging system, a generously sized massage head and a handle that doubles as a G spot vibrator, shower time has never been more enjoyable! The quality BodyWand AQUA range of massage wands are also designed with water play in mind.

    Popular Waterproof Massage Wands

  3. Waterproof Sex Toy Kits

    Waterproof sex toy kits can give couples an easy way to spice up their alone time. Especially when you are time poor, a quick romp in the shower while you are getting clean can be a great way to reconnect with your lover even when the rest of life is a little hectic. Designed for bath time play, the BodyWand Bathtime Massage Wand Gift Set features a waterproof massage wand, vibrating rubber ducky, vibrating mesh sponge and a silicone dolphin attachment that converts the massage wand into a rabbit vibrator. If anal play is on your mind, there's no better place than the bath or shower to explore your back door fantasies with the Anal Fantasy Collection Anal Adventure Sex Toy Kit.
  4. Sex In The Shower Sex Toys

    Sex In The Shower sex toys were created by Sportsheets to help couples enjoy sex in the shower just as much as the bedroom - or perhaps even more. From waterproof vibrators and waterproof bondage toys through to tools that make sexual positions in the shower much safer and more enjoyable, the Sex In The Shower range of waterproof sex toys gives couples the opportunity to enjoy enhanced sexual pleasure no matter what wet and wild adventures they wish to embark upon. Safe and discreet, the quality range of suction cup foot rests and handles not only make different sexual positions in the shower possible, but much safer and oh so much more pleasurable. Take your wildest bondage fantasies into the shower or bath with the Sex In The Shower range of water proof bondage toys. Alone or with a lover, the Waterproof 2 Function Vibrator can offer a climactic edge during your next water-soaked tryst.
Waterproof sex toys, especially waterproof vibrators, do require an extra amount of care if you want them to last the distance. Before using any battery powered vibrators be sure that the rubber seal around the battery compartment is in place and that you have tightened the compartment adequately. Silicone rechargeable vibrators are self-sealing, however over time excessive or rough insertion of the charging pin can result in this hole allowing a little water into the charging port. For this reason you should always allow your toys to dry thoroughly before storing them away, and if you notice the hole to the charging port is enlarged it's time to resign that toy for bedroom use only. After using waterproof sex toys that are battery powered, always open up the battery compartment, remove the batteries and let the cavity dry thoroughly. If a small amount of water has leaked through the seal, this will help prevent corrosion and improve the longevity of your toy significantly.

Cascade Vibrators Review

Cascade Vibrators Review

Self Lubricating Vibrators: Cascade Vibrators Review.

There has been a lot of buzz lately surrounding the sensual pleasures offered by this range of self lubricating vibrators. With little information readily available regarding these incredibly innovative vibrators, a thorough Cascade vibrators review has been put together by Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers. After extensive trials and testing, this review describes the ins and outs of Cascade vibrators, including features, pros, cons and an in-depth description of the LubePlay technology that makes these luxury vibrators quite unique compared to any other vibrators on the market.

Though they have been around for a few years now, these high end vibrators are only now receiving the attention they deserve. So much more than just a novelty, the innovative thought and high quality engineering of these luxurious self lubricating vibrators have changed the way women enjoy sensual moments! Whether you like a wet and wild ride to climax or a smooth, sensual glide that lets you drift away in erotic bliss, achieving the perfect amount of lubrication is paramount to a pleasing outcome. Even luxury vibrators used with inadequate lubrication can create friction on the skin that can become more uncomfortable than arousing. If too much lubricant is used, the vibrations just don't feel as good as they should and all you end up with is a disappointing mess.

At some point in their life, most women will experience the discomfort and inconvenience of vaginal dryness. The aging process, pregnancy and menopause are likely to have an effect on the amount of natural lubrication produced. While personal lubricants are designed to help make sexual contact more comfortable and more pleasurable for everyone, women experiencing vaginal dryness will tell you that additional lubrication is not just a luxury - it's an absolute necessity. Now thanks to Cascade, women can experience a natural flow of events and enjoy adequate lubrication without having to fumble awkwardly through the bedside drawer.

Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers offer the complete range of Cascade luxury vibrators and accessories, including great value Cascade Vibrator Packs, where you can purchase a Cascade self lubricating vibrator along with 3 different textured sheaths at one great low price.

What is Cascade?

Cascade have developed the world's first self lubricating vibrators using LubePlay self lubricating technology. With the desire to create the very best female pleasure experiences possible, this ingenious silicone dampening system was created. With a simple push of the LubePlay button, a small amount of lubricant is dispensed from the tip of the vibrator, right where and when you need it the most. Combining this revolutionary self lubricating technology with premium silicone vibrator sheaths and powerful vibrations, Cascade vibrators bring together elegance and style for a seamless journey towards climactic bliss.

Cascade Vibrators are available in 4 different colours and 3 different textures, with additional single sheaths that can be purchased individually:

The Cascade Flow is smooth and seamless for sleek entry, with a tapered tip for easy insertion.

The Ripple features a textured tip shaped especially for G spot pleasure, but also provides amazing sensations to other erogenous zones such as the clitoris.

The Wave provides new and exciting waves of pleasure, a true delight that is perfect for anal or vaginal enjoyment.

When you purchase your Cascade self lubricating vibrator you can also buy additional sheaths if you want to add some variety to your collection.

The special edition Cascade Twilight self lubricating vibrators are available in all three textures of Flow, Ripple and Wave. They come with their very own luxury storage bag.

You can also purchase Cascade vibrator packs, offering women the most affordable way to switch between the Flow, Wave and Ripple sheaths as often as they desire.

How Do Cascade Vibrators Work?

Cascade vibrators provide stimulating vibrations to erogenous zones just like any other good quality vibrator, but they have the added advantage of LubePLay technology! A simple push of the LubePlay button on the handle will dispense a small amount of lubricant that is released from the tip of the silicone sheath. By releasing the amount of lubrication in small, measured doses, women can enjoy comfortable insertion and amazing sensations without the mess. The interchangeable sheath system also allows women to choose between different textures depending on their mood.

Key Features of Cascade Vibrators

  • Features Patented LubePlay Self Lubricating Technology
  • 3 Vibration Settings
  • 3 Vibration Patterns (steady, pulsation or escalation)
  • USB Magnetic Charger (Charge Time: 4 Hours, User Time: Up To 4 Hours)
  • Total Length: 24cm
  • Insertable Length: 13.5cm
  • Made from Body Safe Materials
  • Includes 22ml water based lubricant cartridge
  • Easy Travel Lock Feature
  • Noise Level: Less than 50dB

How To Use The Cascade Self Lubricating Vibrator

  • Ensure vibrator is fully charged via the USB Magnetic charging cable before first use.
  • Remove the interchangeable silicone sheath using a simple click and twist action.
  • Place the lube cartridge into the loading bay, making sure it has clicked into place.
  • Lock the silicone sheath back into position with the same click and twist action.
  • Dispense lubricant by pressing the LubePlay button in the centre of the control panel. Enjoy experimenting with the vibration speeds and patterns controlled by the buttons either side of the LubePlay button.
  • One push of the LubePlay button will give you just enough lube to cover the silicone shaft. If you want more, simply hole the button down for longer.
  • Once you have finished playing, remove the interchangeable silicone sheath, clean it with an antibacterial toy cleaner and leave it to dry before placing it back on your vibrator.

What Results Can You Expect?

As you would expect, this automatic dispensing system has been designed to allow for a more fluent journey to climax. Using this system may feel a little awkward at first until you figure out just how much lube to apply and when, but it certainly does eradicate those awkward moments of fumbling for the lube. By providing lubrication through the tip of the shaft, women can enjoy the benefits of additional internal lubrication without needing to pull the vibrator out and pause their sensual play. Offering so much more than just a clever lubrication system, Cascade vibrators are made from the highest quality materials, with deep, rumbling vibrations and silky smooth silicone that all contribute to seamless journey to climax.

What To Look Out For

To fit inside the sheath, the lubricant cartridge needs to be quite small. Each 22ml cartridge will give you a surprising number of pushes of the LubePlay button, but if you plan on using your vibrator quite regularly, it might pay to order some extra lube cartridges with your initial purchase. It may also be worthwhile keeping a spare lubricant in the bedside drawer for emergencies - that way you can still enjoy the exquisite vibrations even if you have run out of lube cartridges.

Another incredible advancement in technology, the magnetic charging hub avoids the need for annoying pins that can easily snap off, but making sure you have achieved a good connection can be a challenge. Make sure you have placed your vibrator of a flat surface and take care that both plates of the charging hub are making full contact with the two plates on the base of the vibrator.

Cascade Vibrators Review Summary

Cascade self lubricating vibrators allow women the opportunity to experience naturally pleasing sensations without the need to fumble or pause when they desire additional lubrication. Especially important for women experiencing vaginal dryness, even women producing adequate natural lubrication will appreciate the controlled lubrication system along with the incredible textures of the smooth silicone sheaths and the stimulating vibrations.

Made from superior motor parts and premium body safe silicone, the LubePlay function along with the interchangeable sheath system makes this technologically advanced vibrator stand out all on it's own. Without any other vibrators on the market offering the same combination of style, quality and function, it's hard to make a relative comparison, but one thing this Cascade vibrators review does highlight is that Cascade have produced a high quality vibrator that addresses the needs of women with care, thought and style.

To shop for Cascade self lubricating vibrators and accessories online, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers offer a complete range of Cascade vibrators, Cascade single sheath attachments and some great value Cascade vibrator packs - but be quick - there is limited stock and at such great prices they may not be available for long. In addition to great prices, you will also receive fast shipping, discreet packaging and secure online payment options that Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can take advantage of across Australia.

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