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Some realistic dildos are so lifelike you won't be able to tell the difference. Manufactured using materials that feel like real skin, many of these lifelike penis replicas even feature a firm inner core with a soft, squishy outer just like a real penis. From the bulging, aroused head through to the raised veins and ridges, no detail is left out. Some dildos feature a lifelike set of testicles and some have a little pubic hair. New advances in technology have allowed squirting dildos and uncircumcised dildos to be available for sale across Australia.

Available in manageable sizes as small as 5 Inches, real feel dildos progress in size up to far more challenging conquests that could be considered by some to be larger than life.
For those women who fantasise about being fulfilled by a big black cock, black 12 Inch realistic dildos are very popular. Sometimes dildos are molded directly from the anatomy of famous adult entertainers, allowing men and women to act out their favourite porn star fantasies.

For women who crave the ultimate in realistic experiences, squirting dildos provide the exquisite sensation of ejaculation for a perfectly timed mutual release. When it comes to super realistic sex play, women can now enjoy the full sensation of intercourse from beginning to end even when they're playing on their own.

In real life, not all men are circumcised, so uncircumcised dildos offer women the chance to own realistic dildos that more closely resemble their man, allowing them to enjoy the sensational feeling of the foreskin moving during penetration. With foreskin firmly in tact, uncircumcised dildos are so lifelike that the foreskin actually retracts just like a real uncircumcised penis does.

Some realistic dildos come with a suction cup base, allowing for versatile solo enjoyment or can be attached to a harness to enjoy strap on play with a lover and some come with a removeable base that can be replaced with handles or hand grips.

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