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Simple and satisfying, dildos are classic sex toys that men, women, heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples can use for more fulfilling and exciting sexual experiences. Starting from 5 inches through to far more exciting and challenging lengths, women and men are able to select from a huge range of realistic dildos to fulfil their deepest desires. Whether they want something that resembles their lover or they simply want to try something new for a different sensation, there are lifelike dongs to suit all needs.

Popular among lesbian couples, double ended dildos and non realistic dildos are also making their way into many heterosexual bedrooms, adding extra variety and excitement to couples play. Double the fun, double dongs come in an assortment of shapes and colours, while non realistic dongs are available in a huge variety of materials, shapes and colours.

Realistic dildos are made to look and feel like a real penis, with a bulbous head, raised veins and sometimes even balls. Often made from lifelike material that looks and feels like real skin, other lifelike dongs are shaped like the real thing but come in fabulously fun colours for extra visual stimulation.
Realistic squirting dildos and realistic uncircumcised dildos offer even more lifelike sensations from beginning to end, with many women craving the truly satisfying sensation of ejaculation or the movement during penetration of an uncircumcised penis.

Double ended dildos are one of the most popular sexy toys purchased by lesbian women, but singles and heterosexual couples have also discovered the many joys of these versatile toys. With two ends to use at once, heterosexual couples can take delight in any combination of anal and vaginal pleasures they choose, while singles can use bendy double ended dildos to enjoy the thrill of double penetration.
Also popular with lesbians thanks to their non phallic appearance, non realistic dildos come in a variety of shapes and sizes suited to both anal and vaginal pleasures. Most commonly made from metal, glass or silicone, non realistic dongs are often curved for targeted erogenous stimulation.

Our sex shop online stocks a wide range of dildos suitable for beginners and experienced users alike. Choose from the range of realistic dildos, double ended dildos and non realistic dildos we've sourced from manufacturers around the world. Offering the best price, friendly customer service, discreet billing and prompt shipping, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to support you in achieving the very best in sexual health, happiness and satisfaction.

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