Sex Toy Batteries

Sex toy batteries should always be removed from your sex toys between use to reduce the chance of leakage and corrosion. One of the sex toy essentials every sex toy owner should know is that some batteries, including alkaline batteries and some rechargeable batteries ARE NOT SUITABLE for pleasure toys.
These batteries are TOO STRONG and can prematurely burn out the motor of your favourite toy.
To ensure maximum life span of your sex toy, only EXTRA HEAVY DUTY batteries should be used. Make sure your toy never runs out of steam at that crucial moment by making sure you have a spare set of batteries on hand at all times!

Extra heavy duty sex toy batteries will give your sex toys maximum power without causing burn-out, allowing your pleasure toy to love you for longer!

Please note: If a product requires batteries, we will make sure batteries are included; at no extra charge, because we want you to be able to “Play Straight Away”.

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