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Icicles Use & Care Instructions:

One of the benefits of using sex toys made from glass is you can use any personal lubricant you like.
For the bedroom, water based personal lubricants that won’t stain your bed sheets or lingerie are ideal, and for the shower or bath, using a silicone lube will last much longer, especially when the pace picks up!

If you’re playing with Icicles butt plugs, there is a range of specially made anal lubricants worth looking at, that outperform general purpose personal lubricants.
Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t produce any secretions, so a lubricant that is thicker, more gel-like is best to reduce absorption by the skin.

After use, clean with warm soapy water and allow to dry (towel or air-dry is best).
Before placing away, apply one of the antibacterial sex toy cleaners and store away in a dust free place.
For your health and knowing where these glass dildos will be venturing, applying an antibacterial toy cleaner before your lubricant is also a great idea to keep bacteria away!

When using Icicles range of anal toys, before play, it’s worth investing in an anal douche to make sure there are no accidents when using your anal toy.

CAUTION: Handle with care. Glass can be very slippery when wet or lubricated. If dropped onto a stone or tiled floor, the glass may chip or break. Always inspect your Icicle before use and discontinue use immediately if damaged.