These are the most popular products people buy to use with their Jock realistic dildo:

Tips on Using & Cleaning Jock Bareskin Realistic Dildos.

If you’re new to using a realistic dildo or realistic dong as they are sometimes referred to, read on to learn how to get the best, most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible from these lifelike sex toys for women.

When it comes to inserting adult pleasure products for gratification, size does matter. For some women, length is important and for some it’s all about the width. Remember it’s easy to control the depth of penetration, especially if you’re flying solo.
Bareskin By Jock realistic dildos are specifically designed for women that love that fulfilling feeling.
Starting at the Jock 6 Inch Bareskin Dildo With Balls which has an insertable length of 5 inches (12.70cm) and width of 2 inches (5.08cm), the Jock 9 Inch Bareskin Dildo With Balls has an insertable length of 8 inches (20.32cm) and width of 2.125 inches (5.40cm).

Lube Up!

Next, consider lubrication. During arousal, the vagina naturally produces secretions, with the amount varying from woman to woman and age.
To make insertion comfortable, especially at the beginning, always use a quality lubricant.

Made with the highest quality exclusive Bareskin PVC, this collection of dildos can be used with any personal lubricants you’ll find for sale online from Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers.
Look for a personal lube that’s thick, more gel like because it will last longer, reducing the need to reapply during sessions lasting longer than a few minutes, or if you’re going to be in water.

Discomfort and chaffing are the main adverse comments made by newbies to using realistic dildos.
Starting small and using one of the quality, specifically manufactured water-based lubricants will be a great start.
Start slow and if you do find anything uncomfortable, apply more lube to the shaft of your dildo.

Enhance your Natural Juices!

Another way to increase comfort and pleasure is to apply one of the specially formulated sexual enhancers, which will increase your arousal level, opening up your entrance and increase the production of your natural secretions.
There’s ‘Sexual Accelerator Gel’ or you can buy the very powerful ‘On Ultra For Her’ or ‘System JO Volt 12Volt’ aimed at women who like to be super aroused. These products are also ideal during intercourse too, but be warned, a little goes a long way, with many women experiencing ‘squirting’ during orgasm.

For Your Sexual Health!

Before you start applying lubes and knowing where these sex toys go, personal hygiene is important to prevent bacteria.
Apply one of the antibacterial sex toy cleaners that don’t contain alcohol you’ll also find for sale online.
Note: Do not use hand sanitisers that contain alcohol on any dildos as they will damage the skin of your dildo. Now you’re ready to play!

Once you’re finished, cleaning Jock Bareskin Realistic Dildos is as simple as washing them with warm, soapy water before applying your antibacterial sex toy cleaner again. Towel dry (air drying is best) then store away in a dark, dust free, dry place ready for the next time you’d like to play with your new favourite adult sex toy.