Sex Toy Storage

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Sex toy storage options include everything from sex toy boxes and vibrator cases that can be discreetly tucked away under the bed through to luxurious velvet bags that can be stowed away in your bedside drawer. Any adult toy enthusiast will happily share is that proper sex toy storage will help to keep your favourite adult toys clean and in top condition between uses. When your sex toys are not in use, they need to be kept in a safe dry place. In addition to protecting your privacy, this range of sex toy cases and bags are designed to help extend the life of your favourite pleasure toys.

If you have more than one sex toy it is advisable that each toy be stored in individual boxes or bags to prevent the toys from coming into contact with each other. In particular, silicone toys may react with other silicone toys, leading to melting or corrosion of the materials.

Helping to keep sex toys clean, safe and discreetly tucked away, sex toy storage boxes, vibrator cases and satin bags make the perfect addition to any sex toy gift purchase.

Stocking a huge range of sex toy storage solutions, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer quality sex toy cases, sex toy boxes and vibrator cases Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth shoppers can order online and have delivered discreetly anywhere across Australia.

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