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Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers has one of the most comprehensive and lowest priced range of adult sex toys Brisbane women and men can buy online. Our online sex shop makes it very easy and discreet for buyers to purchase high quality sex toys cheap, from manufacturers all over the world, without ever leaving their home.
Our online sex shop Brisbane shoppers buy from stocks a massive range of the most trusted brands in the adult sex toy industry. The adult toys Brisbane consumers can buy online include a huge range of vibrators designed to stimulate specific or multiple erogenous zones simultaneously, dildos with non realistic and lifelike features, masturbators including realistic vibrating handheld masturbators, cock rings that are adjustable, rechargeable, stretchy and the most sought after vibrating cock rings, penis pumps for men plus popular bondage toys for couples to use together.

Popular Sex Toys Brisbane

The overall volume of luxury sex toys Brisbane customers buy leads the nation. As with the other states, the sale of sex toys for couples shows the most growth. Vibrators are still the biggest seller, with rabbit vibrators and realistic vibrators performing the strongest. Noticeably, the sale of cheap sex toys has dropped significantly, as better quality, designer looking sex toys being the most popular items purchased from our online sex shop Brisbane shoppers visit to buy the latest sex toys for sale.

The Signature Collection from Fare L’Amore is one example of innovative, luxury adult products catching on with Brisbane’s sex toy purchasers. Read on to find out about the most popular sex toys Brisbane adults purchase. If you’re new to buying sex toys online, we hope this product summary will help guide you to what’s available if you’re buying sex toys in Brisbane for the first time.

Vibrators Brisbane

There are many high quality vibrators Brisbane consumers can select from throughout our sex shop online. Vibrators, also commonly referred to as ‘vibes’, can be made from a variety of different materials including ABS plastic, PVC and aluminium, but high grade silicone vibrators are by far the most popular. As mentioned above, vibrators are the most popular sex toys bought in Brisbane, with a significant growth in men buying vibrators not as gifts but as part of a kit, they use to tease and arouse women during foreplay activities.
Vibrators these days have been designed to better target specific erogenous zones such as the G Spot or clitoris, with rabbit vibrators designed to hit multiple pleasure points at the same time the most popular with Brisbane’s women.

Given a sudden place in the spotlight after that famous Sex In The City episode, rabbit vibrators have continued to remain a staple favourite for Brisbane women, with the Summer Vibe range of thrusting and rotating rabbits being highly sought after. Realistic vibrators are also popular among women who want to experience sexual satisfaction that replicates the sensations of intercourse, even if they don’t have a lover. Always in demand is the high quality range of Real Feel Deluxe realistic vibrators, available in a range of sizes and colours and made from life like Fanta Flesh material that looks and feels just like real skin does. Sometimes women just want to keep things simple, and this is where the Fare L’Amore Rocky bullet vibrator comes into the equation – popular for it’s powerful motor, slim line design and seamless silicone finish.
For women that want a vibrator that targets the clitoris, the Lust by Jopen L5 Clitoral Vibrator is a firm favourite with Brisbane women.

Popular Vibrators Brisbane Women Buy Online

If you’re not sure what vibrator to buy, read the buyers guide to vibrators for more information; especially if this will be your first vibrator.
Many first time vibrator users are a little unsure about what size; length and width, vibrator they should buy; especially if they can’t measure an actual penis as a guide.
Reading the article How To Choose The Correct Sized Vibrator, will help you to make the best choice and answer many questions you may have regarding vibrator size.

Dildos Brisbane

Dildos and double ended dongs remained popular sex toys for lesbian couples throughout Brisbane. There are many realistic dildos Brisbane women and men buy in large numbers, notably The Realistic Cock range manufactured by Doc Johnson, which is also compatible with their Vac U Lock range. With a range of accessories and harnesses catering to both men and women, heterosexual, gay and lesbian couples, Vac U Lock and the Realistic Cock ranges have dongs and dildos Brisbane customers can enjoy, including double ended dildos that please both lovers at once!
Dildos are great adult toys for beginners who may be looking for cheap, simple, yet highly effective sex toys to enhance sexual pleasure and wellbeing.
When it comes to ordering online from our sex shop Brisbane consumers most frequently purchase dildos that are compatible with strap on harnesses, handles and suction cups to allow for more versatile enjoyment. With such a huge range of realistic dildos Brisbane women and men can choose from, be sure to take the time to search through the different types of dildos to find the one that is perfect for you.

Popular Dildos Brisbane Women & Men Buy Online

Due to recent advances in manufacturing, uncircumcised dildos and squirting dildos are now available for sale online and have become an instant hit with Brisbane women looking for a dildo with the most realistic look, feel and behaviour as possible.

Squirting Dildos For Sale Online
Realistic Cock Dildos For Sale Online
Uncircumcised Dildos For Sale

Masturbators Brisbane

Brisbane men have embraced the advances in technology used by manufacturers to produce realistic handheld masturbators. In fact the masturbators Brisbane men choose predominantly are from the high end range. It also appears that women are buying quality masturbators to use on their man as part of foreplay in lieu of performing oral sex and for ‘times of the month’ when they’re not up for intercourse.

The most popular handheld masturbators are the Angela White Indulge made by Fleshlight using Superskin and molded on the Brisbane stars actual vagina, followed by the Mr B Ultimate Pleasure Machine from Fare L’Amore, featuring the most realistic experience, amazing functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation, plus a voice activation button that has a women moaning to a climax!
Women are buying the Fare L’Amore Joy in very large numbers, with four different coloured canisters to choose from and a plush, lifelike vagina replica hiding inside, as well as the Coed Cocksucker Handheld Masturbator used with some water based lubricant to replicate a blowjob!

Popular Masturbators Brisbane Men & Women Buy Online

Penis Pumps Brisbane

Apart from being used for pleasure or to produce larger, thicker erections, penis pumps are bought from our sex shop online to assist with male erectile dysfunction problems too and at a fraction of the cost of other medical treatments!
The best seller from the large range of penis pumps Brisbane men have available to buy from is the Bathmate Hercules Hydro Penis Pump.
If you’re looking to increase penis size, length and thickness, hydro penis pumps from Bathmate are the world’s number 1 biggest seller.

For men wanting a larger rock hard erection, using penis pumps in conjunction with cock rings will make the fun last longer. The LCD Penis Pump Kit from Fare L’Amore is the clear winner for instant results.

Popular Penis Pumps Brisbane Men Buy Online

Sex Machines Brisbane

When it comes to sex machines Brisbane women and men buy the most, the Excite Sex Machine leads the way. Popular with couples who like to explore different angles and who want to use their collection of Vac U Lock accessories with their machine. Including not only dildos, there is a masturbator for men who like to replicate that fast paced thrusting action. Women who are after something a little more discreet, the Tool Box Lover sex machine is a favourite due to it’s portability and the fact that it can be stored away discreetly.

Popular Sex Machines Brisbane Men & Women Buy Online

Cock Rings Brisbane

The primary function of cock rings Brisbane men purchase online is to maintain an erection for longer, however these days vibrating cock rings add an extra dimension to intercourse because they provide stimulation to the clitoris and some even to the testicles as well.
From disposable male enhancers through to rechargeable cock rings Brisbane men have the opportunity to enhance the pleasure for themselves and for their lover.
With so many cock rings Brisbane shoppers can purchase online, there is sure to be something to suit every need!
When it comes to cock rings Brisbane men and couples choose the most powerful, rechargeable enhancers such as the Mr B Vibrating Male Enhancer, the Lux LX4 Male Stimulator or the Omni 20 Mode Unique Cock Ring. The Karl Remote Control Vibrating Cock Ring from Fare L’Amore is very popular when couples are making the decision together.

Anal Toys Brisbane

Following the trend across the rest of Australia, the use of anal toys is not treated as a taboo practice anymore, in fact there is much medical evidence to support the use of anal toys by both men and women.
The most popular anal toys Brisbane women choose is the Vive Zesiro, very closely followed by the Silhouette S5 vibrating butt plug. For men, the Alessandro Vibrating Prostate Massager from Fare L’Amore provides precision prostate massage for enhanced pleasure and improved prostate function.

Popular Anal Toys Brisbane Men & Women Buy Online

Bondage Sex Toys Brisbane

Ever since the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, one of the biggest selling categories of adult products is for bondage sex toys. The range of fetish and bondage sex toys Brisbane men and women buy covers bed restraints, handcuffs, masks as well as spankers and ticklers. Years ago the cheap fetish sex toys sold faster, but in recent years couples are purchasing better quality bondage products with more padding, indicating that couples are acting out their fetish and bondage fantasies more frequently at home.
The most popular range of bondage toys Brisbane couples buy is from Scandal, with the Fifty Shades collections being extremely popular with beginners who are just starting to experiment with bondage play.

Sex Toy Summary For Brisbane

In summary, sex toys Brisbane consumers buy the most are high quality rabbit vibrators and realistic vibrators. For heterosexual couples, gay and lesbian couples, sex toys play an integral role in their sexual pleasure, health and wellbeing.
While younger, first time users often opt for the cheapest sex toys, many couples quickly upgrade to higher quality, luxury sex toys designed to perform better and last longer. Brisbane also maintains the nation wide average with an estimated third of all households having at least one adult sex toy, typically a vibrator or couples sex toy.

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