VerSpanken H2O 5 Piece Kit


VerSpanken H2O 5 Piece Kit

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VerSpanken H2O 5 Piece Kit is a handheld masturbator pleasure pack featuring the famous adjustable housing grip, a pair of smooth inserts and a pair of bumpy inserts for customised pleasure.


VerSpanken H2O 5 Piece Kit Handheld Masturbator Pleasure Pack

This 5 piece set includes an adjustable housing gripper along with smooth and bumpy inserts that can be mixed and matched to suit your pleasure preference.
The smooth and bumpy inserts are liquid filled for a weighted feel and can easily be heated or cooled before inserting into the handheld masturbator for breathtaking temperature play.
Fully waterproof, you can even take the VerSpanken H2O 5 Piece Kit into the shower or hot tub!
The adjustable housing of the outer grip allows you full control of just how tight the squeeze is and the gripper snaps closed to keep a grip so you don’t have to.
Men can benefit from regular use of handheld masturbators by achieving improved satisfaction during solo sessions as well as adding an element of fun to couples play.
Brought to you by Big Tease Toys, this range of interchangeable strokers offer men a new kind of home entertainment!

Features of the VerSpanken H2O 5 Piece Kit include:

  • 1 x Black adjustable housing grip
  • 2 x blue smooth inserts
  • 2 x green bumpy inserts

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