Shots Toys Multiple Choice 6 in 1 Handheld Masturbator


Shots Toys Multiple Choice 6 in 1 Handheld Masturbator

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The Shots Toys Multiple Choice Masturbator are handheld masturbators for sale online that give you the choice of replicating all 3 orifices – pussy, mouth and ass.

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Handheld Masturbators With 3 Interchangeable Sections.

For the guy who wants it all, Shots Toys Multiple Choice 6 in 1 Masturbator delivers like no other handheld masturbators for sale online or inside Adult sex shops.
So you’re not sure whether you want to replicate the strong suction of deep throat oral, the tight but smooth pussy or go for the holiest of holes – the ass. Now you have a choice, or change things up mid stroke thanks to the Multiple Choice handheld masturbator from Shots Toys.

3 highly stimulating textures, 3 interchangeable sections can be reordered from top to bottom to maximise your choice of stimulation. Feel like pussy, place that on top, followed by ass then mouth for a truly ‘tight like a tiger’ feel.
Once you have selected your order, add some of the quality water based lubricants you can also buy from our sex shop online and slide your hard man meat in. The buttons on the side can be used to increase the stimulation or vacuum in that section.

After you have finished, and we all know what means, remove all 3 sleeves and turn them inside out. First wash with warm liquid soap and let them air dry on a towel before spraying with one of the quality antibacterial toy cleaners we have for sale from our online Adult shop. Store at room temperature ready for your next adventure.

Unlike many handheld masturbators that have fixed textured inners, the Shots Toys Multiple Choice 6 in 1 Masturbator gives you 6 different ways to play, everyday. How tight and firm you want the sensation to be is literally in your hand.

Features of Shots Toys Multiple Choice 6 in 1 Masturbator include:

  • Open-ended stroker designed for maximum pleasure, catering to any size
  • 3 interchangeable modular sections – Pussy, Mouth and Ass
  • Material: Phthalate-free, body safe TPE and ABS
  • 6 Buttons increase stimulation or vacuum
  • Dimensions: 21cm (8.23 inches) x 12cm (4.65 inches)
  • Accommodates any size penis

Although these sex toys for men are primarily bought by single men going solo with their pleasure, there is a growing number of women buying handheld masturbators like these to use during foreplay, use at ‘that time of the month’ or use instead of performing oral on their man.


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