Scandal Collar With Leash


Scandal Collar With Leash

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Buy the Scandal Collar With Leash to use with your other bondage toys & restraints and play out your dominant, submissive fantasy in style tonight.

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Scandal Collar With Leash Bondage Toys.

If dominant, submissive role play excites you, slip this exhilaratingly sexy Scandal Collar With Leash around your neck.
Play with power and pass the leash to your dominant so they can pull you in the direction of their desires. You’ll love the luxurious dual sided collar with supple leatherette pressing gently against your skin. Or, if your dominant dishes out a firm punishment using other bondage toys like spankers or ticklers, you’ll revel in the soft bite of leather against your neck. It’s the perfect combination of restraint and comfort for beginner and advanced fetish play alike.

The gorgeous red and black designer fabric of these restraints is seductive in and of itself; but, when you slip the collar around your neck and feel the cool metal chain brushing against your most intimate areas, you won’t be able to help but feel sexy and ready for everything your dominant desires.
The Scandal Collar With Leash are detachable and can easily be attached to cuffs, ties, or other bondage toys to keep your everyday play fresh.
The adventurous will love the option of detaching the collar and wearing it as a naughty necklace like a sensuous secret hidden in plain sight. Give into your dominant’s demands and desires and kiss, lick, explore and caress them to the point of ecstasy.
Include other restraints and bondage toys, or enjoy their lustful touch on your own body as they hold you firmly by the neck and keep you squirming with need.
Spice up an ordinary evening by including spankers or ticklers, also available from Scandal by recreating your fetish fantasy tonight.

Features of Scandal Collar With Leash Bondage Toys include:

  • Leash length: 81.25cm (32 inches)
  • Collar Circumference: 81.25cm (32 inches)


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