Scandal Bed Restraint Kit


Scandal Bed Restraint Kit

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The Scandal Bed Restraint Kit contains bed restraints plus a blindfold & ball gag, 3 bondage toys in one kit to ensure you’ll be able to tease & please your lover in style.
Sex toys for couples like these bondage sex toys are a great way for lovers to explore each others fantasies while building trust.

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Scandal Bed Restraint Kit Of Bondage Toys & Restraints.

Lay back and prepare yourself for what your partner has instore for you, or be the one in control when you strap your partner down using the Scandal Bed Restraint Kit.
The cross-style bed restraints are adjustable to fit mattresses as large as Super Kings and can be pulled tighter for a fully customized restriction of motion.
Your dominant can spread your legs and arms as wide as they wish, allowing unrestricted access to your most enticing, erogenous spots.
The high quality wrist and ankle cuffs are totally adjustable for comfort and fit, so strap in as tightly as you like, or allow a little wriggle room. The luxurious red and black fabric will have you feeling sexy and irresistible, even in the most exposed and vulnerable of positions.
Slip the stretchy blindfold included in the Scandal Bed Restraint Kit, over your eyes and experience every sensation more intensely as you give up your sense of sight. Every kiss, touch and breath feels even more erotic when sensation is unexpected.
The ball gag, also included in these bondage sex toy kits is fully adjustable to fit your face snugly and features plenty of holes to keep you breathing (and moaning) easily.
Give up your words and experience what it’s like to communicate your pleasure and desires through movement and sound alone. The universal clasps and O-rings with these restraints make changing positions in the heat of the moment a breeze. Your dominant can lay you down and restrain you on your back, on your stomach, or with your behind up in the air, waiting for attention.
Brought to you from the range of Scandal bondage toys, why not make your darkest, deepest, and sexiest roleplaying fantasies a reality tonight with these bed restraints.

Features of Scandal Bed Restraint Kit Bondage Toys include:

  • Kit Contents: bed restraints with ankle and handcuffs, breathable ball gag and blindfold
  • Bed Straps Circumference: 363.25cm (143 inches)
  • Cuffs Circumference: 36.75cm (14.5 inches)
  • Gag Ball Diameter: 4.5cm (1.75 inches)


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