Love Magic Elegance Wand Charging Cable (USB)


Love Magic Elegance Wand Charging Cable (USB)

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Keep your Love Magic Elegance Wand powered up with the Elegance Wand charging cable. Save money from having to buy another wand, if you’ve lost or broken the charging cable for your Elegance Wand. Why not get 2 and keep one spare as stock is limited!

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Replacement Elegance Wand Charging Cable.

This USB charging cable is specifically made for the Elegance Wands.
A handy replacement to your Elegance wand, in case your current charger breaks or gets misplaced, this replacement USB cord could be your saviour.
Don’t waste money by having to buy a brand new Wand just because you no longer have a USB charger cord for it – buy a replacement Elegance Wand Charging Cable at a fraction of the price.
Note too: other sex toy accessories, including head attachments are available for your massage wand and other massage wands.


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