Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel


Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel

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Intensify your intimate oral pleasure with Lipslick Cinnamon Arousal Gel, popular oral sexual enhancers for women to share orally with their partner.

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Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel Oral Sexual Enhancers For Women.

Intensify your intimate oral pleasure with Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel, one of the most sought after oral sexual enhancers for women.
The easy to use, cinnamon flavored gel is perfect for extended oral sensual seduction and prolonged erotic arousal. Smear a small amount of the non-sticky gel onto the lips and enjoy pleasurable tingles you can share with your lover.

The gel is great for spontaneous kissing and suitable for first time or experienced users. The sensual intimate gel contains a blend of aloe vera and vitamins A, E, and C to enhance and create fuller looking lips.

These edible cinnamon flavored oral sexual enhancers produce a warm, tingling sensation when applied directly to the lips. The water soluble and rubber compatible gel is also safe for use with condoms and increases sensual sensitivity of the man for an unforgettable orgasmic blow job experience.

Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel comes supplied in handy 15mL (0.5 Fl. Oz.) travel size tubes, with an easy application tip.
Use the precision application tip to apply the perfect amount of arousal gel to your lips, even nipples. Place the gel tube into your purse or pocket and apply before enjoying a passionate encounter. Enhancing the volume and appearance of your lips also heightens sensitivity and increases your enjoyment of unadulterated sensual fun.

Features of Lipstick Cinnamon Arousal Gel Oral Sexual Enhancers include:

  • Volume: 15mL (0.5 Fl. Oz.)
  • Contains: aloe vera, vitamins A, E, and C
  • Apply to the lips to share with your partner


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