Let’s F*ck! Dice Game


Let’s F*ck! Dice Game

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Adult sex games like Let’s F*ck! Dice Game is one of the sex dice games for sale across Australia allowing couples to play together, taking turns giving & receiving actions with each roll of the dice.

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Let’s F*ck! Sex Dice Games For Adults.

Sex dice games of chance, the Let’s F*ck! Dice Game sets you and your lover up for some hot, playful fun!
Featuring two pink die for her, two blue dice for him and one very special silver die that is saved for the winner!
The first person rolls their dice to display an ‘action’ and a ‘body part’, which their partner is then obliged to perform on them.
Take turns rolling the dice until one partner hits a ‘winning’ combo which would include the ‘clitoris’ for her or the ‘penis’ for him.
The winner takes a chance at rolling the silver dice to decide the final position!
Adult sex games such as the Let’s F*ck! Dice Game are fantastic tools to help couples explore new sensations and discover new pathways to pleasure.
When it comes to sex toys for couples, it doesn’t get easier than taking a roll and letting fate decide your fortune!
Brought to you by Kheper Games, sex dice games like the Let’s F*ck! Game is great way to spice up a relationship and discover new ways to play!

Each Let’s F*ck! Dice Game includes:

  • 2 Pink Die for Her: 1 action and 1 body part
  • 2 Blue Die for Him: 1 action and 1 body part
  • 1 Silver Position Dice


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