Kama Sutra Tower Game


Kama Sutra Tower Game

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The Kama Sutra Tower Game is the ultimate sex positions game for 2 or more lovers of fun sex games, based on the famous stacking game ‘Jenga’, you’ll act out what’s on the block you remove.

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Kama Sutra Tower Game Fun Sex Game Of Sex Positions.

The Kama Sutra Tower Game is the ultimate sex positions fun sex game for lovers.
You play in a similar fashion to the famous stacking game ‘Jenga’. It’s touted the most risqué and naughtiest game you’ll want to play over and over again.

Each player takes turns removing a block out of the tower and needs to follow the naughty sex positions that are indicated on the removed block.,br />
Enjoy the most outrageous fun you can have with your partner playing the Kama Sutra Tower Game in the bedroom, lounge, kitchen, even outside. Be careful not to make the tower fall so you can experience as many positions as you can.

A minimum of 2 players are needed to play this adult sex game, but if you’re a very naughty boy, or naughty girl, why not invite more players to participate.


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