Kama Sutra Love Liquid Water Based Lubricant


Kama Sutra Love Liquid Water Based Lubricant

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Improve comfort and heighten pleasure with the Kama Sutra Love Liquid, a luxurious water based lubricant that is perfect for any intimate occasion.


Kama Sutra Love Liquid Premium Water Based Lubricant.

Using water based lubricants during erotic play can help to enhance pleasure sensations and improve comfort levels.
Designed to help enhance intimate experiences of every kind, the Kama Sutra Love Liquid personal lubricants have been created to help supplement the body’s natural lubrication system.
Made using only the best quality ingredients, you can feel safe using this lubricant on any sex toy or any part of your body, inside and out!
The beauty of water based lubricants is that they are easy to clean up as water itself! No mess, no stains and no fuss!
Part of the exquisite Kama Sutra range, these personal lubricants are the perfect staple for any intimate occasion, whether it is alone or with a lover!

Features of the Kama Sutra Love Liquid water based lubricant include:

  • Volume: 100ml
  • Water Based Formula
  • Non-staining
  • Hypoallergenic


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