Kama Sutra Dice Couples Sex Game


Kama Sutra Dice Couples Sex Game

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Just roll the Kama Sutra Dice and follow the pictures, it’s as easy as that with these sex dice games to spice up your evening, making them one of the most fun and cheapest sex toys for couples to get things started.

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Kama Sutra Dice Raunchy Couples Sex Game.

The Kama Sutra Dice feature two dice that when rolled, will instruct you on the next sexual position to try with your lover.
When it comes to Adult sex games, this one is so easy to follow, just roll the dice and let fate decide your next sexual position.
Watch with anticipation as your lover take their turn to roll, giving you and your lover directions to act out different sensual acts and sexual positions.

Sex games such as sex dice games are a fun and easy way to introduce a new twist into your sex life, or simply to get things started.
Sex toys for couples don’t get as simple or easy as a little dice game, but don’t be fooled, it’s still likely to get hot and heavy.
Step up your sex games and enjoy hours of fun with the Kama Sutra Dice and the positions.

Pack includes 2 Kama Sutra sexual position dice.

You may wish to add some bondage sex toys with each position. The person rolling the dice also picks one of the bondage toys you have to choose from that needs to be used as you get into position.


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