Inya Le Pointe Clitoral Vibrators (Purple)


Inya Le Pointe Clitoral Vibrators (Purple)

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Delivering deep and resonating pinpoint vibration to the clitoris and beyond, the Inya Le Pointe packs some serious vibrating action into a firm, ball point pen like shape. These amazing sex toys for women are held just like a pen, the vibes of Le Pointe are concentrated in the silicone tip for amazing pinpoint accuracy and control that no other clitoral vibrators deliver.

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Inya Le Pointe (Purple) Clitoral Vibrators Deliver Earth Shattering Orgasms.

These revolutionary clitoral vibrators have concentrated their vibrations in the tip, so they’re perfect for pinpoint sweet spot targeting. USB rechargeable and conveniently sized to carry with you, the purple Le Pointe will become your go-to vibrator when you’re wanting to relieve all that pent-up frustration!

Delivering deep, controllable and pinpoint vibration directly to the clitoris, the Inya Le Pointe delivers some serious vibrating action. Just like holding a pen, the vibrations of Le Pointe are concentrated in the silicone tip for amazing pinpoint accuracy that you can control. Another added benefit is that the vibrations, being concentrated at the opposite end of the handle, won’t numb your hand during prolonged use as conventional bullet vibrators often do and why they have become one of the most popular sex toys for women Australia wide.

Although a wonderfully designed shape, it wouldn’t be much of a vibrator without a powerful motor inside! Despite its handheld size, the Inya Le Pointe is a seriously strong vibe.
From a single button on the base, just like a ball point pen you operate with your thumb, you can cycle through the 3 levels of steady vibration plus another 6 patterns and modes of pulsation for a mind blowing roller coaster of sensual stimulation.

Made of high quality ABS plastic and medical grade silicone that’s phthalate free, hypoallergenic and completely body-safe for your peace of mind, there’s no need to worry about finding more batteries when you’ve lost power either, simply recharge via the included USB cable.

Many women use clitoral vibrators instead of using their fingers, along with penetration from their partner to achieve the strongest full coverage orgasms possible. For those women flying solo, direct vibrations to the clitoris can produce earth shattering orgasms alone, or as many women have discovered, when used in conjunction with a fulfilling realistic dildo, the level and intensity of their orgasm goes beyond what they ever imagined was possible.

Features Of Inya Le Pointe Clitoral Vibrators Include:

  • Length: 6.89 inches (17.2cm)
  • Width: 1.46 inches (3.6cm)
  • Cleaning: Water based lubricants No alcohol or ammonia-based toy cleansers
  • Material: ABS Plastic, Silicone
  • USB rechargeable

Before and after use, as with all sex toys, apply one of the quality anti-bacterial toy cleaners you can buy, also readily available from Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers Adult store online.
After each use, wash your Inya Le Pointe Clitoral Vibrator with warm soapy water that does not contain alcohol or ammonia based ingredients before applying the toy cleaner. Air dry before storing away in a dry place ready for the next time you’re in need of a stress relief fix.
During use, as with all sex toys for women made with silicone, for a smooth and sensual glide & to make orgasms happen faster use water based lubricants that are thick, more gel like than runny. Never use silicone lubricants as these will damage the silicone on your toy.


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