Fifty Days Of Play


Fifty Days Of Play

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Adult sex games like Fifty Days Of Play are erotic, fun sex games you can play with your partner of date night or whenever the mood for intimacy strikes.

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Fifty Days Of Play Adult Sex Games.

Fifty Days of Play offers 50 invitations to exciting, pleasurable adventures for loving couples who want to play intimate Adult sex games in the privacy of their own home, or maybe hotel room for that special night away.
Fifty Days of Play, one of the most fun sex games you can play with your partner on date night, has five levels of sexy game-play with ten secret envelopes for each level, ranging from Virginal White through Vanilla, Light and Dark Grey to Seductive Black and is packed with intimate and romantic gestures, stimulating scenarios, naughty suggestions and erotic surprises.

Players take turns to roll the die to see what shade of naughtiness they will both be enjoying.
The colour co-ordinated envelopes then decide who will be the dominant player and who will play a more submissive role this time.

Who will be the dominant player and who will play a more submissive role? Only the envelope can decide.

Fifty Days of Play has 50 secret envelopes that progress through 5 levels of play, ranging from intimate moments together, through stimulating scenarios, to erotic surprises.

Not only can you use the envelopes as part of this sex game, you can sneak envelopes into your lover’s purse or wallet as a naughty surprise that is waiting for them at home.
Fun sex games can be played on a weekend away, or you could both randomly choose a few envelopes and use them to get things started whenever the mood takes you.

Contents Of Fifty Days of Play Adult Sex Games:

  • 1 Die
  • 50 Envelopes ranging through 5 shades of naughtiness


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