Feminine Arousal Gel


Feminine Arousal Gel

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Containing the sexual stimulant L’Arginine and cherry flavoured, Feminine Arousal Gel is one of the oral sexual enhancers for women, designed to be licked off the clitoris or nipples.

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Feminine Arousal Gel Oral Sexual Enhancers.

Maximize your intimate pleasure and satisfaction with Feminine Arousal Gel, the tasty cherry flavored sexual enhancers designed to increase blood flow for an enhanced erotic experience.
Simply apply a small amount of the non sticky gel directly onto super sensitive, sweet spots and erogenous zones or all over the body, then enjoy intensified arousal and mind blowing sensuous stimulation as your partner licks it off slowly.

The versatile, easy to use gel makes a great addition when using sex toys alone, but is ideal for imaginative and creative fantasy play with a partner. The sensual Feminine Arousal Gel contains a blend of ingredients that include the sexual stimulant L’Arginine plus vitamin E, to enhance and heighten sensitivity and sensual pleasure.

The edible cherry flavored gel produces a tantalizing tingling effect when applied directly to the nipples, clitoris, penis and other pleasure spots. Share the seductive satisfaction with your lover by applying the gel before sensuous encounters and have your partner devour the tasty cherry gel.

Unlike other more expensive sexual enhancers for sale, the flavorsome intimate gel is supplied in travel size tubes, ready to slip into your purse or pocket, before applying a thin layer using the precision applicator tip for spontaneous fun.
Massage the gel into the area, and feel the immediate tingly arousal kick in if you’re alone with your favourite sex toys, or command your lover to lick it off.

Features of Feminine Arousal Gel Sexual Enhancers for Women and Men include:

  • Volume: 15mL (0.5 Fl.Oz.)
  • Flavour: Cherry
  • Active Ingredient: L’Arginine
  • Suitable for both men and women to use
  • Ideal for oral sex or can be applied to any part of the body you’d liked licked


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