Black Rose Forbidden Flower Mouth Bit


Black Rose Forbidden Flower Mouth Bit

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The high quality Black Rose Forbidden Flower Mouth Bit is one of the most popular mouth gags men and women use when starting out exploring bondage toys with their lover, exploring each others fetish and bondage fantasies.

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Black Rose Forbidden Flower Mouth Bit Gag.

The Black Rose Forbidden Flower Bit Gag is favourite for those starting out using bondage toys while acting out submissive role play.
These Mouth gags can be used by women and men on their partner to stop verbal communication, forcing the wearer to use other forms of communication to relay their wishes.
Unlike ball gags that can sometimes restrict breathing, or not fit the mouth comfortably, you’ll still be able to moan and pant as your lover has their way with you.

Made with a bitable black rubber bit, black material rosettes and purple tie back ribbon, the Black Rose Forbidden Flower Mouth Bit Gag will still allow you to hear the moans of pleasure and delight, turning you on as you watch the submissive strain at their gag wanting to fully verbalise their wants and needs.
On the smaller size, these mouth gags aren’t totally restrictive to the wearer. Soft on the facial features and easy to wear, these mouth gags can be worn for longer periods by the beginner submissive, without becoming uncomfortable. The ties on the Black Rose Forbidden Flower Mouth Bit are simple to knot together and due to the ribbon – it won’t become stuck or hard to loosen if required.
Featuring 100% phthalate free rubber bit, this bit gag will handle lots of drool as the excitement builds and can be easily hand washed.
Used in conjunction with other bondage toys such as handcuffs and restraints, paddles and floggers brought to you by Black Rose, you’ll want to continually add to your collection as you explore each others sexual fantasies.

Features of the Black Rose Forbidden Flower Mouth Bit Gag:

  • soft mouth bit
  • lightweight, durable and not intimidating
  • Easily tied and perfectly comfortable
  • Fits any size head and mouth
  • For men and women to use and wear


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