Advanced Firemans Pump


Advanced Firemans Pump

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Create the gains you’ve always craved with the Advanced Firemans pump.
These penis pumps are used to increase penis length, width and endurance your partner will enjoy.

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Advanced Firemans Penis Pumps.

Pump up your manhood with the Advanced Firemans Pump, one of the penis pumps designed to increase performance with harder, longer and thicker erections your partner will love.

Whether you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction or just want to increase your overall size up to 8 inches, these popular sex toys for men are ideal.
Easy to use, these fully automatic penis pumps will get you the results you crave and will definitely impress your partner.

Pumping works using a vacuum that creates an airtight seal around your penis and the soft silicone sleeve. Pumps use pressure to increase blood flow to the penis which increases the size and over time, just like exercising your muscles will permanently increase the length and width of your penis.

All you have to do is press the suction button to activate the pressure, click again to turn it off, or use the pressure release button to create a sucking sensation that will send you into orgasmic ecstasy.
The clear red cylinder and universal measurements allow you to view your progress as you pump your penis. The soft, tapered silicone sleeve creates the ultimate airtight seal while keeping your penis comfortable and wonderfully stimulated, although we recommend using a quality water based lubricant to avoid chaffing.
Once you’ve achieved your larger erection, slide on a stretchy cock ring to keep your penis harder for longer.

One of the many sex toys for men to enhance your sexual experiences

Features of Advanced Firemans Penis Pumps include:

  • Dimensions (Cylinder): 21cm (8.25 Inches) x 7cm (2.75 Inches)
  • Materials (Allergen & Phthalate Free): Styrene Acrylonitrile, Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • Power Source: 2AAA (Included)
  • Operation: Push button – one hand operation

Cleaning these penis pumps and silicone sleeves is as easy as detaching the components, washing with warm soapy water then applying one of the quality antibacterial sex toy cleaners you’ll also find for sale cheap, from our sex shop online.


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