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Here you can find a number of sex toy guides to help you select the adult pleasure product that best suits your needs. With so many fantastic vibrators, dildos, cock rings, anal toys and other fabulous products to choose from it may be tricky to know where to start. If you are new to adult toys, take the time to read our beginners guide to sex toys to learn about the benefits and uses of the different sex toys to help you decide which toy is the best fit for you! If you are bored with your current sex life and you are looking for some extra sex toy advice, use the huge range of buyers guides to sex toys for inspiration to help spice things up in the bedroom.

Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are pleased to present a huge range of buyers guides to sex toys Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can learn about and order online in the comfort of their own home, with express or standard delivery options available via Australia Post.

Buyer's Guide To Fetish & Bondage Sex Toys

Buyer’s Guide To Fetish & Bondage Sex Toys

Bondage Sex Toys Explained.

Since the release of the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy, the popularity of fetish gear and bondage toys has skyrocketed. Although visions of leather masks and uncomfortable spikes might immediately spring to mind for some, the world of bondage play is fast becoming better understood as an exciting way for many couples to spice up their sex lives. Although bondage does often play a role in BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism) practices it can also be enjoyed on it’s own without the involvement of dungeons, whips and chains! In fact, introducing a little light bondage into your relationship can be a great way to intensify your pleasure, learn your limits and become closer to your partner. With a range of fetish sex toys and bondage sex toys available, incorporating a little kink into your love life is just one way to add some spice to your romantic trysts as well as bringing yourself and your lover closer than ever before, both emotionally and physically. Offering discreet delivery options Australia Wide, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of cheap fetish gear & bondage toys that Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online from the comfort of their own home.

Types Of Fetish Gear & Bondage Toys.

Ball Gags

While it may not be the very first piece of bondage equipment you choose to experiment with, any fetish toy box is not complete without at least one ball gag. Ball gags are available in a huge range of sizes, shapes and textures to suit a wide variety of tastes to cater for all types of bondage play. In addition to offering a biting piece during intense orgasm, the use of a ball gag requires complete trust between lovers. With no option of using a safe word, it is seen by the dominant as the ultimate display of submission and trust, which can be extremely arousing for both partners. Taking away the option of verbal communication during bondage play can give the dominant partner the opportunity to learn how to read other body signals, creating a deeper emotional experience for both partners. If you are new to ball gags, try introducing it into your bedroom play without the addition of restraints until you feel completely comfortable that your partner can read your non-verbal signals.

Bondage Blindfolds & Masks

Using bondage blindfolds to remove sight from your sensory programming allows you to tap into your other senses at a deeper level. Your sense of smell, sound and touch will be heightened, taking both body and mind to new levels of arousal. The use of blindfolds between partners involves complete trust. The person being blindfolded is automatically more vulnerable and should be treated with respect at all times. Masks can be used to create a new aura of mystery in the bedroom, making wonderful accessories for role play and fantasy play.

Spanking Toys & Feather Ticklers

With or without the inclusion of restraints or blindfolds, it can be fun to tease and please your lover with different types of stimulation. Whether you want to tease your lover into an erotic frenzy with a feather tickler or you want to experience the blood rush that only the sting of a riding crop can bring, the increased sensory feedback will lead to heightened sensations and enhanced arousal. When it comes to the inclusion of spankers and ticklers into your bedroom play it's important that all spanking is consensual and that the person on the receiving end finds the experience pleasurable and arousing. Spanking toys such as floggers, paddles and whips are commonly used on the fleshy part of the buttocks, with every strike bringing extra blood flow to the area. This makes the entire area more sensitive and responsive to physical touch, bringing about an escalated sense of arousal. If you're not too sure about spanking but wish to explore the world of sensory play, feather ticklers and Wattenberg wheels can be used to excite the nerve endings without inflicting any pain.

Bondage Handcuffs & Bondage Restraints

Bondage handcuffs and silk ties are the least intimidating form of bondage toys that most couples experiment with before deciding whether to move onto full BDSM-style bondage restraints. Allowing someone to cuff you can be quite scary at first, but also quite exhilarating and freeing. Allowing your partner to restrain you in any form is a sign of complete trust in them, which can be quite a turn on in itself. It's a good idea to purchase at least 2 pairs of cuffs to give you more options for positions and movement. Once trust has been established and both partners are ready to upgrade from silk ties and handcuffs, there is a huge variety of full restraints systems available. From wrist & ankle cuffs, bondage tape and bondage ropes through to over-the-door restraint systems and spreader bars with cuffs, there are restraints systems to suit just about every fantasy imaginable. When selecting your handcuffs & restraints, choose from a series that can easily be added to later on if you wish to expand your collection.

Nipple & Clitoral Stimulators

Nipple stimulators and clitoral stimulators provide very precise stimulation to these extremely sensitive erogenous zones. Whether it be through suction, vibration or a delicious pinch, the extra stimulation heightens the sensitivity of these areas, resulting in enhanced arousal and intensified sexual responses. Nipple clamps are available in a range of different shapes and sizes. Many can be adjusted to deliver anything from a gentle pinch through to a stronger bite, depending on what you desire. Clitoral clamps apply a gentle pressure either side of the clitoris, increasing the prominence and sensitivity of the clitoris. While sometimes nipple and clitoral stimulators are left on during erotic play, they also leave the areas extremely responsive to touch once removed.

Fetish Clothing

Whether you want indulge in your deepest desires through role playing or you simply want to add a little spice to an otherwise boring romp in the bedroom, fetish clothing can be as extreme or as subtle as you choose! While sometimes it's nice to put on a mask and pretend to be someone else, it can also be just as exciting to put on something sexy and play a raunchier version of yourself! Fetish clothing can be worn discreetly under your daily attire, or you might like to invest in a complete outfit to fulfil your lover's deepest fantasies.

Fetish & Bondage Kits

It doesn't matter whether you're a bondage enthusiast or a beginner, purchasing bondage kits is a great way to enjoy some variety and to make sure you are equipped with everything you need for an awesome bondage adventure. By purchasing your bondage toys and fetish sex toys in kits, you can also be confident that all the different parts are compatible with one another.

Fetish Gear & Bondage Toys In Summary

Bondage & fetish play should always be a sensual, loving and trusting act between two people. While a bondage session requires at least two people to play the role of the dominant and the submissive, these roles do not necessarily have to reflect a person's role in everyday life. In fact these roles can change as often as the couple desires! Complete trust between lovers is paramount. The partner you choose to use bondage sex toys with should be someone you trust and is willing to know your mind as well as your body. Some people chose to have a 'safe' word that the submissive partner can use if at any point they want the activity to stop. This is usually something that is quite absurd and not likely to be said in 'the heat of the moment'. If you're only dabbling in light bondage you may not feel the need for safe word, but it might be a good idea to have one just in case you get carried away! By honouring the simple rule that all sex should be safe and consensual, bondage can provide both partners with amazing erotic experiences, connecting the mind and body on a whole new level. Finally, take the time to enjoy this sensual experience with your lover. Whether you want to re-enact your favourite Fifty Shades Of Grey scene or you want to test your own pleasure-pain barrier, the use of fetish and bondage sex toys such as handcuffs, restraints, blindfolds, spankers & ticklers should be a sensual and pleasurable for everyone involved!
Buyer's Guide To Sex Machines

Buyer’s Guide To Sex Machines

Sex Machines Explained.

Whether you like it soft and sensual or hard and fast, there are a range of sex machines designed to offer the simulated sex experience you desire. With a knack for providing women, men and couples with the opportunity to fulfill their deepest fantasies and experience amazing orgasms, love machines are fast becoming an integral part of many mainstream bedrooms. Fucking machines can be enjoyed by men, women and couples of any sexual orientation, with a variety of functions that include thrusting, vibrating and shaking movements to enhance the sex simulation experience.

Originally designed to replicate the sensation of intercourse without the need for manual input, the technology and power of today's fucking machines offer stimulating and pleasurable sensations above and beyond what you could imagine.

Investing in your first love machine can be a daunting task, so this buyer's guide describes the major types of fucking machines you can purchase discreetly online, including their functions, suggested uses and what things to look out for when you are buying sex machines online.

From portable machines and plug in versions through to sex furniture, men, women and couples are sure to find a love machine that brings their deepest fantasies to fruition! Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of sex machines Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online and have delivered discreetly to their door anywhere in Australia. Note too, orders over $200 receive FREE SHIPPING!

Portable Sex Machines

Often featuring their own inbuilt storage system and carry handle, portable love machines are great if you desire easy and discreet transportation. Another benefit of these fucking machines is that they are easy to store inconspicuously in the closet or under the bed. While they may not offer as many angles or functions as some of the plug in love machines, portable sex machines definitely give you an amazing 'bang' for your buck! Most portable fucking machines will provide up to 300 thrusts per minute along with a remote control that allows you to change the pace as you please. If you're not quite ready for a large machine, thrusting vibrators such as the MiaMaxx thrusting vibrator mimic the thrusting movement you feel while making love.

Popular Portable Sex Machines

Plug In Sex Machines

Any love machine that plugs into mains power is going to pack a punch. Of all the machines available on the market, the plug in versions are popular among those who desire staying power and wish to experience fulfilling sex simulation on a regular basis. Offering continuous and unrelenting thrusting power, these fucking machines will keep going on your command, until you feel entirely well fucked and fulfilled. Some plug in sex machines feature a sturdy free standing base that allows an array of different angles for penetration. Others have a base that slides under your mattress to allow for a comfortable bedtime romp.

Popular Plug In Sex Machines

Sex Furniture

By incorporating sex machines into furniture, women and men can enjoy the sensual bump and grind that would usually require a partner. Sometimes inspired by sensual sexual positions, sex furniture allows singles and couples to act out their fantasies, whether alone or with another lover. Often inspiring the user to rock their body in a natural love making motion, sex furniture can be a great way to spice up a solo pleasure session or even act out a threesome fantasy with a lover.

Things To Consider When Buying A Sex Machine.

Once you have chosen the type of machine that is right for you, it's important to understand exactly what the specifications of each machine means.


RPM (Rotations Per Minute) refers to how many times per minute the flywheel turns. At the beginning of each turn, the dildo thrusts outwards and on the last half of the turn, the dildo pulls back in. This means that the RPM will be equivalent to the Thrusts Per Minute. Some machines offer one angle, while other machines offer up to 180 degrees of different penetration angles for you to enjoy.

Power Source

Some portable machines will operate using replaceable or rechargeable batteries. Most plug in machines will state that they run on 220-240V, which simply means that they are designed to operate via Australian wall adapters. Some sex machines require no power source - the thrusting action is created in response to natural body movement!

Trusted Brands

Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers only stock quality brands of love machines that suit a range of budgets. Long standing, trusted brands use better quality materials and parts and are made under hygienic conditions. For your peace of mind Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers provide a minimum 12 Month Replacement Warranty for any products purchased on our website that are found to be faulty.


Possibly one of the most luxurious auto-erotic sex toys available on the market, sex machines have previously attracted a premium price tag. While high quality products that are built to last will always command a higher price, the acceptance of fucking machines as a mainstream pleasure toy has resulted in these advanced 'vibrators' becoming more affordable for men, women and couples to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes.

Sex Machines Summary

Choosing the perfect sex machine may seem a little overwhelming at first if you are new to using sex toys. Hopefully all the tips above have helped you to work out which type of love machine might suit you best and what things to look out for when purchasing your sex machine on line.

No matter which fucking machine you choose, you are sure to enjoy discovering the intense pleasure that no other sex toy could possibly provide. Once you have chosen the sex machine that suits your needs, take the time to experiment with all the thrusting speeds, angles and positions offered by your machine to make sure you can get the very best enjoyment from it.

Whether you are a fetish enthusiast or not, the introduction of a sex machine into your life is sure to lead to many new and exciting pleasure experiences! Enjoy the intense pleasure as you explore your sexuality to find a whole new level of sensual satisfaction and wellbeing.

Buyer's Guide To Penis Pumps

Buyer’s Guide To Penis Pumps

With so many different penis pumps out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you, especially if you are new to the world of pumping. This buyer's guide describes the major types of pumping systems you can buy, outlining their functions, suggested uses, what factors to consider and what to look out for when you are purchasing a pump online. From classic hand grip pumps and pistol grip pumps through to electric pumps and hydro pumps, there is a penis pump available to suit every man’s need! Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of cheap penis pumps Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can order online and have delivered anywhere across Australia with standard or express delivery options via Australia Post. Pumping work by creating a vacuum chamber around the penis and drawing extra blood flow into the chambers, causing the penis to become engorged. The extra blood results in a naturally larger and often firmer erection. In addition to the obvious short term benefits of using penis pumps, regular use can lead to the blood vessels in the penis becoming enlarged, meaning that they hold more blood with every erection into the future! A useful tool for any man experiencing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, many men choose to pump simply to enhance their natural size, achieve even firmer erections or to enhance their pleasure experiences.

Types Of Penis Pumps

Choosing between the different types of penis pumps is much easier once you understand the benefits of each different type of pump. Men choose to pump for many different reasons and expect different results from their pumping sessions. The type of pump you finally choose will depend what you want to achieve from your pumping session. Read below to educate yourself on the types of penis pumps available, how they work and what results you can expect from each different type of penis pump. Once you understand how each pumping system works, and how this affects the results you achieve, you will feel more confident that you are making the right selection.

Hand Grip Penis Pumps

Also known as bulb style pumps or squeeze grip pumps, hand grip penis pumps work to create vacuum pressure as you squeeze the bulb or handle. By squeezing the bulb or lever, air is sucked out of the chamber to create a vacuum around the penis. All good quality hand grip pumps should feature a quick release safety valve. The safety valve is very important because if you pump beyond your comfort level you could risk damaging the blood vessels in your penis. This type of pump is usually among the cheapest options and can be a great way to experiment with pumping if you are just starting out.

Popular Hand Grip Penis Pumps

Pistol Grip Penis Pumps

The trigger grip incorporated into pistol grip penis pumps gives the user much more power than the traditional hand grip penis pump. This type of pump will allow you to achieve a stronger vacuum in a shorter amount of time, with less manual effort. The pistol grip itself is also more comfortable to use, meaning that you can pump for longer without your hand cramping up. Pistol grip pumps are generally more comfortable for the penis than the cheaper balloon pumps due to the trigger allowing for more accurate control of the desired pressure level.

Popular Pistol Grip Penis Pumps

Electric Penis Pumps

The main attraction of electric penis pumps is that you can relax and enjoy the pumping process without needing to do the physical work yourself. Simply set your desired level of pressure, push the start button and enjoy! If you are new to electric pumps, make sure you know where the quick release valve is and begin with smaller pressures until you feel confident using your pump. Some electric pumps may also feature a vibrating or tickling option to enhance the pleasure experience even further. If value for money is what you are after, the Fare L'Amore LCD Penis Pump Kit contains everything your need including the LCD electric penis pump, 2 sleeves, 4 cock rings and a handy storage bag.

Hydro Penis Pumps

The Bathmate range of hydro pumps are designed especially for use in the shower, bath or spa. By filling the chamber with warm water, hydro penis pumps create a water vacuum that draws extra blood into the penis. Thanks to the even pressure gradient and the warmth of the water, hydro pumps have proven to provide impressive results when used on a regular basis. Compared to air based pumps, hydro pumps that immerse the penis in water are far less likely to cause tissue damage or burst blood vessels. In addition to keeping the penile tissue safe from damage during pumping, hydro pumps can help to flush the lymphatic system for improved overall penile health. Hydro penis pumps also have the added benefit of not requiring any messy lubricants during use, and being extremely easy to keep clean.

Popular Hydro Penis Pumps

Things To Consider When Buying A Penis Pump

Once you have chosen the type of penis pump that is right for you, it's important to consider a few other factors before making your final purchase.


When looking at the cylinder length and width you require, consider the size you will require to fit comfortably inside the cylinder while fully erect, allowing extra room for growth. The results gained can vary from man to man and from pump to pump, but giving yourself an extra 5-6 cm of length should be ample. Measure yourself while erect by placing the tape measure at the base of the penis and measuring to the tip.


While silicone is possibly one of the safest and most hygienic materials available, it doesn't have much stretch, so not many penis pumps feature a silicone sleeve. Most often, penis pumps will be made from a mixture of different materials. While the cylinder is usually made from ABS plastic, the sleeves will most likely be made from TPR or TPE. Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) is considered to be safer and more hygienic than TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber). What ever materials your pump is made from, try to select a pump that is free from phthalates (a plastic softening chemical that has been linked to many health problems).

Power Source

Electric penis pumps require a power source. Consider whether the pump you have chosen uses batteries, is rechargeable or requires connection to mains power. Hand grip penis pumps, trigger grip penis pumps and hydro pumps require manual effort but do not require a power source.

Trusted Brands

Do your research to find out which brands of are trusted within the industry. Long standing, trusted brands use better quality materials and parts and are made under hygienic conditions. Here at Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers we have done the homework for you, offering a wide range of trusted brands to suit the price point of everyone, from curious beginners through to the more experienced pumping enthusiasts.


When purchasing penis pumps online, look at the warranty terms before you make your final purchase. Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers offer you peace of mind by providing a minimum 12 Month Replacement Warranty for any products that are found to be faulty.


When purchasing penis pumping systems, you will get what you pay for. While you obviously need to find a pump that suits your budget, don't let price be the deciding factor. To get the best value for money, make sure you are selecting from a range of pumps that suit your requirements and are more likely to achieve the results you desire. A more expensive pump will usually provide better results, come with a warranty and be safer to use.

Summary - Which Is The Best Penis Pump?

After reading our guide above, hopefully you have figured out which penis pump might suit you best, along with what things to look out for when purchasing pumps online. If you want the very best results from your penis pump, then we recommend the Bathmate range of hydro penis pumps! Offering the ultimate in safety, hygiene and results, Bathmate hydro pumps combine the delicious sensation of warm water to help you get bigger, harder, longer lasting erections. No matter what penis pump you choose, you are sure to enjoy discovering the pleasure that pumping can bring. Take the time to read the instructions carefully and get to know your pump as you pump your way to new heights of pleasure, sexual health and wellbeing.
Buyer's Guide To Personal Lubricants

Buyer’s Guide To Personal Lubricants

Personal Lubricants For Pleasure & Comfort.

Essentially, lubes reduce the unpleasant sensation of friction and irritation while enhancing and heightening the pleasurable sensations of touch, pressure and vibrations. Personal lubes can be quite useful during intercourse if the woman suffers from reduced natural lubrication and can also be helpful in reducing irritation that may be caused by latex condoms. Personal lubricants provide extra artificial lubrication to enhance sensual experiences when natural lubrication just isn't enough. There are many different types of lubes available that are designed to help ensure more comfortable sensual experiences and maximise enjoyment. By making the sensitive genital tissues moist, lubricants help to decrease friction and make intimate contact even more pleasurable. Personal lubricants are especially beneficial during the use of penetrative or vibrating sex toys such as vibrators, dildos and anal toys. Lubes, when used correctly, can help increase comfort for easier insertion as well as protecting the delicate tissues from excess friction during more vigorous erotic play. Lubes also make a fantastic medium for vibrators, making the vibration sensations more intense and more pleasurable for the user. Some lubes even add extra warming, cooling or tingling sensations to the skin! There are many different types of lubricants available that cater for just about every sexual scenario you can imagine. Read about the benefits and uses of each different type of lubricant so that you can choose which lubes you want to add to your collection first! From water based through to warming lubes, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of personal lubricants Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online and have delivered discreetly to their door anywhere in Australia.

Types Of Personal Lubricant

Water Based Lubricants

Everyone who engages in any sort of sexual play should invest in a big bottle of good quality water based lube. Water based lubricants are possibly the most versatile personal lubes available on the market. They are suitable for vaginal, anal and oral intercourse. Being water based, they're safe to use with all types of condoms and sex toys. Some can be thick like a gel and some can be made quite runny, depending on how much water is used in the manufacturing process. Water based lubes are readily absorbed by the skin, which means that they do 'dry up' quicker than some other types of lubricants and may need to be reapplied more frequently. Water based lubricants are water soluble, resulting in easy clean-up and a very low chance of skin irritation. This does however render water based lubes unsuitable for use in the bath or shower. Some cheap water based lubricants can also get a little 'tacky' on the skin as they dry up.

Silicone Lubricants

Silicone lubes last longer than their water based cousins. As they are not readily absorbed by the skin they don't evaporate, dry up or go tacky. While water based lubricants feel 'wet and slippery', silicone lubricants will generally have more of a 'silky' feel, which makes them ideal for intimate massage. Due to the fact that they last longer than water based varieties, silicone lubes are considered more suitable for extended or vigorous sexual encounters, especially during anal sex. Most silicone lubes are compatible with latex condoms and are safe for use in and around the vagina, however some women find they need to wash away all traces of silicone lubricant after use in order to avoid irritation. Due to their waterproof properties, silicone lubricants are also suitable for sex play in the shower, bath or swimming pool. Silicone lubes should not be used with silicone based sex toys, because the different silicone products may react and cause your favourite toy to 'melt' or go tacky. Silicone lubes also have an unusual taste so they are not ideal for oral sex.

Warming Lubricants

Warming lubricants are usually water based lubricants with the addition of agents that have a warming effect on the skin. These warming lubricants are great for light sensory play to increase arousal and may also enhance sexual responses during intercourse. By blowing or rubbing the lube, the warming effect can be accelerated. Warming lubricants are ideal for enhancing sexual responses during erotic play, whether it be intercourse or the use of sex toys during masturbation.

Flavoured Lubricants

Flavoured lubes are usually water based and are ideal for oral sex. Flavoured lubricants are available in so many wonderful flavour combinations, there is bound to be one that pleases your palate! From fruity flavours through to sweet flavours such as chocolate and mint, flavoured lubricants provide a great base for foreplay and improved oral sex experiences. Introducing flavoured lubricants into oral sex not only spices up the interest level, but can also give both partners more confidence without needing to worry about body odour and the way they taste. Flavoured lubes can get a little tacky when left on the skin for a long period of time so they are best used on areas where they will get kissed or licked off!

Anal Lubricants

Anal lubes have been specifically designed to protect the delicate anal tissues and increase comfort during anal penetration. As the anus doesn't produce any natural lubrication on it's own, the addition of anal lubricants during anal play improves comfort levels and maximises the pleasure sensations felt during anal penetration. Anal lubricants may be water based or silicone based, but they're usually much thicker than a typical personal lubricant to provide a smooth, slick glide with more staying power. Water based anal lubricants offer a clean, slippery feel but as they are readily absorbed by the anal tissues, they may need to be reapplied more frequently. Silicone is not absorbed by the skin, so silicone based anal lubricants maintain their silky smooth glide for longer. While silicone lubricants are ideal for anal intercourse or use with metal or glass anal toys, some silicone lubes are not recommended for use with silicone sex toys. Some silicone products may react with other silicone products, causing your sex toy to 'melt' or become tacky, so always check the instructions included with your sex toy and your lubricant to make sure they are compatible with one another.

Personal Lubricants In Summary

When choosing a personal lubricant, make sure you choose a good quality lubricant made by a reputable company. Avoid cheap blends that contain parabens and Glycerin. Make sure you read the instructions included with your lubricant along with any other accessories including sex toys, condoms and any other sexual health products that the lubricant will come into contact with to make sure the products are completely compatible. There are many types of personal lubricants available to enhance almost every type of intimate encounter. While water based lubricants are the most versatile and should take pride of place in every person's bag of tricks, other lubes can certainly provide some extra 'benefits' when used correctly. Whether you enjoy the extra sensations of warming lubricants or the extra slide of silicone lubes, personal lubes are a simple and affordable way to enhance your sexual pleasure, whether with a partner or on your own.
Buyers Guide To Sex Toys For Couples

Buyer’s Guide To Sex Toys For Couples

Sex Toys For Couples Explained.

In addition to heightening sexual satisfaction, couples can also enjoy the process of building intimacy and keeping their sex life interesting with the introductions of sex toys into their relationship. While many sex toys for couples are designed to provide simultaneous pleasure to both partners, some are also created to encourage the exploration of each other's sensuality and build a stronger emotional bond between lovers.

With a range of heterosexual sex toys, lesbian sex toys and gay sex toys to choose from, there are a huge range of couples sex toys that can help every couple reach a new level of sensual satisfaction and wellbeing. From simple sex games and sensual massage oils through to fetish & bondage toys for couples and adventurous sex toy kits, using some simple tools to bring erotic experiences to new heights can be just one way to help bring yourself and your lover even closer, both emotionally and physically.

Offering discreet delivery options Australia Wide, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of cheap couples sex toys that Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online from the comfort of their own home.

Types Of Sex Toys For Couples.

Heterosexual Sex Toys

With the sole purpose of enhancing the love experience between a man and a woman, there is a huge range of heterosexual sex toys that allow couples to explore each other's sexuality and bring new levels of pleasure into the bedroom. Whether a couple wishes to enjoy a mutual sense of satisfaction or the regular bedroom tryst simply needs a little extra spice, sex toys for heterosexual couples can breathe new life into erotic play time. Vibrating cock rings can provide the wearer with extra support and stamina while the woman receives the benefit of extra stimulation to the clitoris. Couples vibrators can be worn by the woman to provide hands free clitoral pleasure, giving the woman a much better chance of achieving stronger, more satisfying orgasms during intercourse. Small bullets and finger vibes are also a great way to tease and please your lover during foreplay, bringing arousal to a peak before making love.

Gay Sex Toys

Designed for serious man on man action, this fabulous range of gay sex toys enhance pleasure through stimulation of all the male erogenous zones, perhaps even some that you didn't realize existed! Whether you want to explore the delights of anal play (which many straight men enjoy too, by the way!) or you are looking for some toys to share the experience with your male lover, this range of sex toys for gay couples has you covered. From butt plugs, anal vibrators and anal douches through to cock rings and masturbators, you are sure to find what you need to satisfy your craving.

Lesbian Sex Toys

Take lesbian loving to new heights with this fabulous range of lesbian sex toys! Created to help one woman please one another, some toys are also designed for simultaneous enjoyment. From standard strap on dildos through to double ended dildos and seductive strapless strap ons, this range of sex toys for lesbian couples has been selected with serious woman on woman enjoyment in mind!

Sex Games For Couples

A great way to add a new level of intimacy to your relationship, sex games are a wonderful tool to help lovers enjoy new and spontaneous moments that would otherwise not think of or be game to try. Offering couples a fantastic way to unwind and switch into 'play time', sex games can also offer shy couples that little boost of confidence to explore unchartered territory with their lover. Whether you just want to increase the fun factor or you are looking for some tools to help improve intimacy with your lover, anyone can enjoy a good sex game with their lover!

Popular Sex Games For Couples

Fetish & Bondage Toys For Couples

Light bondage play with a trusted lover can be an exciting sensual adventure that lifts you into new realms of intimacy and pleasure that you could never have imagined. Whether you want to explore the use of restraints and sensory play or you want to role play your deepest fetish fantasy, there are so many wonderful bondage and fetish toys for couples to choose from! In addition to enhancing sexual pleasure, exploring each other's fantasies and bodies through the use of fetish and bondage toys for couples can also lead to other positive changes in your relationship, including a deeper sense of trust and emotional connection with your lover. While some enjoy the excitement and anticipation of being physically restrained, others will revel in the enhanced sensory experience of being teased and pleased while blindfolded. While you might first think of bondage as being 'restrictive', many couples find it quite freeing - you can be free to relax and fully enjoy the attention of your lover, of you can enjoy the power to do exactly as you please to your lover if you are playing the dominating role. Even if you don't wish to engage in submissive/domination role play, there are many bondage toys for couples that are designed to assist with position enhancement, helping you to achieve new and exciting sexual positions that you never thought possible!

Sex Toy Kits For Couples

When it comes to sex toy kits for couples to enjoy together, there are so many to choose from it can be a little confusing at first. Think about what types of stimulation and pleasure you would both like to experience. Most sex toy kits for couples will include something for each lover to enjoy, or something that one partner can use on the other. Whether you are looking for something to spice up a sensual experience or you just want to experiment with a variety of sex toys, there are sex toy kits for couples to purchase as gifts or an affordable introduction into the world of sex toys.

Popular Sex Toy Kits For Couples

Sensual Massage Oils For Couples

If you are keen to introduce more variety into your love life but not sure where to start, massage oils offer couple's an unintimidating way to begin exploring each other's bodies. Using luxurious massage oils to treat your lover to a relaxing massage or a sensual aromatic bath will help them to unwind. The skin is the largest erogenous zone in the body, so a little pampering can go a long way towards helping your lover feel a stronger sense of happiness and wellbeing while encouraging a stronger emotional bond between the two of you.

Popular Sensual Massage Oils For Couples

Sex Toys For Couples Summary

With so many sex toys for couples available to choose from, it may be a little daunting to know where to start, especially if you are new to purchasing sex toys online. Hopefully the tips above have helped you to work out which types of sex toy might suit yourself and your lover best.

When it comes to sex toys for couples, there is no right or wrong choice. Whether you want to surprise your lover with an exciting new toy or you are making your first choice together, you are sure to enjoy discovering the new pleasures that sex toys for couples can bring.

Take the time to enjoy your new toy, exploring each other's sexuality to find a brand new level of sensual enjoyment and emotional connection with your lover.

Buyer's Guide To Male Masturbators

Buyer’s Guide To Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators Explained.

This buyer's guide describes the major types of masturbators you can buy, outlining their functions, suggested uses, what factors to consider and what to look out for when you are purchasing a masturbator online. Lifelike masturbators add a whole new element of satisfaction to the male masturbation experience. While the touch of your own hand or your lover's con sometimes be a thrill, nothing is better than the sweet sensation offered by these love tunnels. From simple masturbation sleeves and handheld lifelike pussy masturbators through to vibrating masturbators and mega masturbators, there is something to suit every man's need. With so many different types of male masturbators available for purchase online, it can be tricky to work out which one is the best fit for you and how to make sure you are getting the best 'bang' for your buck. In addition to enhancing the male masturbation experience, masturbators can also provide men with many health benefits. In addition to the health benefits associated with regular ejaculation, using a male masturbator on can assist men with stamina training. In the comfort of their own home, men can train themselves to last longer in preparation for intercourse with their lover, leading to improved confidence in the bedroom and a more satisfying sex life. If you have a fantasy you want to fulfil but your partner isn't so keen, then a masturbator may be the answer! Whether your libido is simply greater than that of your lovers, or you want to act out a threesome scene with your lover, there are a huge range of masturbators available that allow men a safe and healthy sexual release. From simple handheld masturbators through to vibrating masturbators and even mega masturbators, there is a masturbator out there just waiting to enhance every man's pleasure! Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of quality masturbators Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can order online and have delivered discreetly to their door anywhere in Australia via standard or express post with Australia Post.

Types Of Male Masturbators

Handheld Masturbators

For more gratifying solo sex, masturbation sleeves are an excellent way to spice up the action rather than relying on Mrs Palmer every time. Also known as strokers, simple masturbation sleeves are also an excellent couple's toy, allowing the woman to add a new sensation to the average hand job session. Small and discreet, these handheld masturbators are inexpensive and are so inconspicuous you could leave it sitting on the shower shelf without raising so much as an eyebrow. Perhaps the most popular of the handheld masturbators are the life-like pussy, ass and mouth openings that offer men a more life like sex simulation experience. Made from materials that resemble real flesh, they are designed to caress the penis just like the real thing. With extra ridges, bumps and grooves often hidden inside the canal, these handheld masturbators are great to enhance the solo experience and can be a great stamina training tool. Women are also buying handheld masturbators to use on their male partners in lieu of oral sex and as a substitute when it's 'that time of the month'.

Vibrating Masturbators

For a truly exquisite masturbation experience, vibrating masturbators offer men the opportunity to enjoy a sensation even more invigorating than the mechanical movements of intercourse. Women have been privy to this invigorating phenomenon ever since the very first vibrator was invented centuries ago! Some vibrating masturbators are vagina, ass or mouth replicas that feature the added bonus of vibrations, while others provide extra rotation, massage or sucking movements so that men can enjoy an entirely hands free sex simulation experience. Designed to lift the male masturbation experience to brand new heights, vibrating masturbators offer men a supercharged pleasure experience like no other. In fact the Mr B is an experience that has to be used to be believed. With a simple push of a button, you hear the moans and groans of a woman as she nears an orgasm - who will get there first?

Mega Masturbators

Limited only by your own imagination, mega masturbators bring sexual fantasies to life in the comfort of your own home. Allowing men, women and couples to fulfil their sexual fantasies in a safe controlled environment, a mega masturbator can take the place of a second, third or fourth lover without the complications of inviting another person into the bedroom. Featuring life-like entrances with incredible realistic detail, these wonderful replicas are a far cry from the cheesy inflatable dolls you'll see at a buck's night! Scientifically constructed for pleasure and based on life like anatomy, mega masturbators offer the ultimate in gratification during simulated sex sessions.

Things To Consider When Buying A Male Masturbator

Once you have chosen the type of male masturbator that is right for you, it's worth considering the points below before making your final purchase.


While most male masturbators are 'one size fits all', consider how big the overall package is. Most handheld masturbators are simply an extension of your hand and can discreetly hide in your overnight bag. On the other hand, mega masturbators give you something to really hold onto while you fulfil your deepest desires but will require a much larger storage space.

Visual Appearance

When you look down to check out the action, what do you want to see? Do you want to see your cock inside a lush pussy molded directly from your favourite porn star or do you fantasize about getting your cock into that forbidden tight little ass? The visual appearance of your masturbator is completely up to you - you may even want to forgo the realistic openings and opt for an inconspicuous silicone sleeve that hides lots of deliciously pleasing bumps and grooves inside!


Selecting a high quality material for your masturbator is of the utmost importance. Although jelly rubber is cheap and flexible, the smell can be off-putting and it's porous nature makes it a breeding ground for bacteria. Masturbators made from TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) and TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) will be slightly more expensive but are much more hygienic and offer a great amount of stretch. TPE is hypoallergenic and free from phthalates, but it is porous, which means that bacteria could settle in if it isn't cleaned properly before and after every use. While silicone is probably the most body safe material available, it doesn't offer much stretch, so you are not likely to find a male masturbator made from 100% silicone. Most quality masturbators for men that feature life like body parts are made from TPE, or a composite of TPE, TPR and silicone.

Trusted Brands

As with almost any manufactured product, not all male masturbators are created equal! Long standing, trusted brands use better quality materials and make their products under more hygienic conditions. By selecting a masturbator produced by a trusted company, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing they already have a reputation for producing high quality products. At Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers, we promote a large range of trusted brands that suit the price point of everyone form beginners through to masturbation enthusiasts!


While affordability is certainly a consideration, don't let price be the only deciding factor when you make your purchase. Consider the quality and features you will be receiving for your money. You will notice that the better quality masturbators will attract a higher price tag - this is because manufacturers have invested time and money into making a product that performs better, lasts longer and follows strict hygiene protocols.

Cleaning & Care

Some strokers only require a quick wash with anti-bacterial toy cleaner while others made from life like materials may require a refreshing power to keep them feeling and looking like real flesh. Also consider a safe storage option for your prized possession. Make sure you have read the care instructions for your new toy and that you are prepared with all the cleaning and storage gear you need so that you can start using your new toy straight away!

Male Masturbators Summary

Choosing the perfect male masturbator may seem a little overwhelming at first. Hopefully all the tips above have helped you to work out which type of masturbator might suit you best and what things to look out for when purchasing masturbators on line. No matter what masturbator you choose, you're sure to enjoy discovering the pleasure that awaits. Once you have chosen a masturbator that suits your current needs, remember that you can always upgrade or add to your toy collection any time you like! Above all else, take the time to enjoy your new masturbator. Revel in the pleasure of being able to enjoy your sexuality any time you like in a safe, healthy and happy environment!
Buyer's Guide To Dildos & Dongs

Buyer’s Guide To Dildos & Dongs

Dildos & Dongs Explained.

When it comes to buying dildos online it can be quite overwhelming and confusing. With so much choice in the way of dildo types, shapes and colours it can be difficult to know where to begin!

This buyer's guide describes the major types of dongs you can buy, outlining their suggested uses, what factors to consider and what to look out for when you are purchasing your next dildo or dong.

From realistic dildos and non realistic dildos through to double ended dildos and strap ons, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of quality dildos and dongs Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth customers can order online any time and have delivered anywhere in Australia. With the options of standard or express delivery via Australia Post, you can choose how quickly your parcel arrives!

Dildos and dongs are any sex toys that resemble a penis in shape, size or overall appearance. Dildos and dongs are usually used to provide pleasure through penetration of the vagina or the anus. While both terms are often used interchangeably to describe the same sex toys, there is actually a slight difference between dildos and dongs. A dildo generally has a base of some description, whether it is a set of testicles, a flared base or a suction cup. This makes dildos extremely versatile sex toys that are suitable for both vaginal and anal penetration. Dongs generally have no base, making them handy for vaginal penetration but not ideal for anal use, as they could potentially get lost up inside the rectum.

Types of Dildos & Dongs

Realistic Dildos

Realistic dildos are the best sex toys for men and women who wish to simulate 'real' sexual experiences. Designed with the purpose of providing pleasure during realistic sex simulation, masturbation or erotic play with a lover, realistic dildos and realistic dongs are made to look and feel like a real penis. The best realistic dildos feature realistic details such as veins, ridges, testicles and sometimes even a little pubic hair! Many realistic dildos are manufactured with materials that look and feel just like real skin.

Realistic dildos provide pleasure to the erogenous zones inside the vagina and anus through the simple act of mechanical stimulation. When choosing your ideal dildo or dong, consider whether it will be used for anal or vaginal penetration. This will help you to decide what size and shape is best. Also consider how the dildo or dong will most frequently be used. If you want to use your dildo for solo pleasure, you might consider a dildo that comes with a suction cup so you can enjoy a hands free ride. If your partner will be using it to stimulate you, then you may wish to purchase a toy that has a handle or is compatible with a harness for strap on play.

While much technology and research has gone into the creation of realistic dildos for the ultimate in realistic sex simulation, these sex toys are simple, easy and enjoyable to use. As with most sex toys, it is advisable that your first purchase is on the smaller, more manageable side with the view of upgrading to larger dildos and dongs when you are ready.

Non Realistic Dildos

Offering the same internal pleasures without the outward phallic representation, non realistic dildos offer a new and exciting way to explore erotic sensations. Often made from metal, glass or silicone, non realistic dildos are often great for temperature play, by dipping them in cool or warm water before use. Sometimes slender and smooth, other times rippled and bulbous, the shapes and colours on offer create the potential for an exciting array of new sensations every time you play! Some women and men prefer to use non realistic dildos during intimate moments, so as not to detract from or be compared to 'the real thing' when making love with their partner.

Double Ended Dildos

Double ended dildos are simply dildos that feature two insertable ends. While lesbian couples can enjoy mutual penetration through the use of double ended dildos, there are also double ended dildos to suit singles, heterosexual and gay couples. Some double ended dildos feature insertable ends of differing size or shape to allow for different sensations. Many double ended dildos can also be bent around to allow women the sensation of double penetration during masturbation or partnered play.

In addition to considering size and shape, also think about how your double ended dildo will most often be used. If used for mutual enjoyment through partnered play, you might select insertable ends of generous lengths and girths. If you want to use your double ended dildo for solo play, an important feature will be that it is flexible enough to bend around for comfortable double penetration.

Strap Ons

Strap on dildos are simply dildos that are connected to a harness to allow the wearer to pleasure their partner through penetrative stimulation. Strap ons were once used primarily by women who wished to pleasure their partner through penetration. In addition to assisting lesbian couples in the enjoyment of penetration and heterosexual couples with role play and role reversal, there are also strap ons available to help men expand on the pleasure they can provide to their female partner. Strap ons can be especially helpful for men who experience erectile dysfunction, allowing them to please their lover for an extended period of time without the worry of their own performance issues. Women may enjoy using strapless strap ons, which feature a smaller vaginal dildo that the 'giver' wears to hold the dildo in place, while penetrating their lover with the larger, more fulfilling end.

In addition to providing physical pleasure, strap ons allow lovers to form deeper emotional connections with each other through the act of pleasing one another, fantasy role play and role reversal.

When selecting your strap on kit, consider whether it will be a male or female wearing the harness and whether the dildo will be used for vaginal or anal penetration. If you are unsure or want to experiment a little, there are strap on harnesses available that can be worn by both men and women. Most harnesses are compatible with a wide range of attachments, allowing you to choose several different sized dildos to fit the one harness.

Vibrating Dildos

When a vibrating motor is added to a dildo, it becomes a realistic vibrator. Realistic vibrators are perfect for those who enjoy the realistic sensation of a penis combined with added benefit of vibrations.

More information regarding realistic vibrators can be found in our Buyers Guide to Vibrators.

Things To Consider When Buying Dildos & Dongs

Once you have chosen the type of dildo or dong that is right for you, take the time to consider some other important features that will ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your new toy.


Choosing the best size for your dildo is pivotal to your pleasure. A dildo that is too small may leave you feeling unfulfilled and a toy that is too large will be too uncomfortable for you to be able to relax and enjoy it! To help avoid confusion, the width of all dildos sold on the Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers is measured at the dildo's widest point, so that you can ensure a comfortable fit. Also pay attention to the insertable length of your chosen dildo. Sometimes the insertable length may be different to the total length of the toy if there is a suction cup base or a set of testicles attached.


Once you have narrowed down the type of stimulation you want your dildo to provide, selecting the best shape is easy. Anal dildos will feature a smaller tapered head for easier insertion while vaginal dildos will boast a larger, more bulbous head for extra stimulation. Some dildos are curved for additional G spot or P spot stimulation. Depending on how you want to use your dildo, the inclusion of balls can add extra stimulation and act as a natural buffer to stop you from inserting your dildo too far.


Dildos and dongs are designed for internal use, so it makes sense to select body safe materials for the toys that are coming into contact with the most sensitive parts of your body. Medical grade silicone is one of the best sex toy materials as it is free from latex and phthalates and is non-porous. Other non-porous materials include glass and metal. The quality of the materials used can vary between manufacturers, so purchasing good quality dildos from well known brands is always recommended. If you are concerned or have very sensitive skin, using a new condom each time you use your toy is a great way to keep your body safe..


If you want to take your toy into the bath or shower, make sure it is made from a waterproof material that can withstand the soaps or chemicals that it could come into contact with.

Trusted Brands

Do your research to find out which brands of dildos and dongs are trusted within the industry. Long standing, trusted brands use better quality materials and manufacture the best dildos and dongs under the most hygienic conditions. Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers stock a huge range of trusted brands that specialise in the manufacturing of body safe adult products.


When ordering dildos online, consider the warranty terms before you make your final purchase. While there are no motors or working parts to worry about when purchasing dildos, the last thing you want is a cheap toy that snaps after one use. Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers offer you peace of mind by providing a minimum 12 Month Replacement Warranty for any products that are found to be faulty.


While personal budget certainly an important factor in selecting your dildo, be sure not to make your decision based solely on price. To get the best value for money, make sure the dildo or dong you have chosen includes all the important features you desire. As with any other adult products, better quality dildos will command a higher price. This is because the manufacturers have invested time and money into developing the best life like materials that are body safe, will offer better sensations and will last longer. If you are purchasing your first dildo, it is understandable that you might not want to spend too much money. Rather than settling for poor quality, select a basic model that is made by a well known brand or check out the Specials page on our website to pick up a bargain!

Cleaning & Care

Cleaning your dildo or dong properly is important for the health of your body as well as the longevity of your toy. Once you have chosen your preferred dildo or dong, make sure you are prepared with a good sex toy cleaner and sex toy storage solution to best care for your toy. Some dildos made from life like materials require a quick dust with a specially formulated powder in order for them to maintain their life like feel and to keep them in tip top condition.

Dildos & Dongs - Online Buyers Summary

While choosing the perfect dildo may seem a little overwhelming at first, purchasing dildos online can also be quite fun and empowering once you know what things to look out for! If you are new to using sex toys hopefully all the tips above have helped you to work out which dildo types will suit you best and what things to look out for.

No matter what type of dildo you choose, you are sure to enjoy discovering the pleasure that internal stimulation of your erogenous zones can bring. Once you have chosen the best dildo or dong to get started with, remember that you can always upgrade or add to your toy collection any time you like! Enjoy experimenting with different angles, different pressures and different sensations until you find the type of stimulation that pleases you the most.

Above all else, take the time to enjoy your new dildo. Dildos are a simple and effective way for you to explore your sexuality and gain increased sexual satisfaction, whether you are on your own or with a partner.

Buyer's Guide To Cock Rings

Buyer’s Guide To Cock Rings

Cock Rings Explained.

When it comes to buying penis rings online, there are so many to choose from that it can be a little confusing to figure which one is the best fit for you. With a range of non-vibrating and vibrating cock rings to choose from, the choices can be overwhelming. This buyer's guide to enhancement rings describes the major types of enhancers you can buy, outlining their functions, suggested uses, what factors to consider and what to look out for when you are purchasing your next cock ring. From adjustable rings and stretchy rings through to vibrating and rechargeable enhancement rings, there is an enhancer out there to suit every man's need! With everything from cock ring sets for beginners through to metal support rings for the more experienced players, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of cheap cock rings Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can order online and have delivered anywhere in Australia with standard or express delivery options via Australia Post. While penis rings are especially useful for any man experiencing erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, many other men enjoy wearing enhancement rings simply because it pleases them or their partner. Cock rings are one of the most affordable and simplest male sex toys available, making them a great toy for beginners. Cock rings, sometimes called enhancers, are small rings that are placed over the penis during intercourse. Some cock rings are designed to be placed over the both penis and testicles.

Cock Ring Types

Adjustable Cock Rings

Perfect for beginners who are unsure of their size or want to become accustomed slowly to the sensation of wearing an enhancer, adjustable cock rings are usually a lasso style loop with a bead that you can slide up or down to get the perfect amount of squeeze. Lasso enhancers are often chosen by more experienced wearers also, as they allow you to go as tight as you desire while allowing a quick and easy release if needed. Offering a perfect fit without the hassle of measuring, adjustable cock rings are an affordable introduction into the world of male enhancement.

Popular Adjustable Cock Rings

Cock Ring Sets

If you want to experiment with a range of sizes, sensations and textures, there are a range of cock rings sets available that allow you to do just that. If you are new to wearing enhancers, purchasing a set can be a great way to experiment with different sizes to work out what suits you best. Experienced users also enjoy using cock ring sets to vary their bedroom play. For example, larger rings may be used to encase the entire shaft and balls, while a smaller ring can provide extra strong restriction and support to the shaft.

Double Cock Rings

If you are new to enhancers, it is recommended that you try a single stretchy ring or adjustable enhancer before progressing on to double cock rings. Consisting of two stretchy rings, often one ring is designed to stretch over the entire shaft and balls, while the second smaller ring offers extra support to the shaft. Offering a delightful full pressure squeeze and the ultimate in erectile support, many men who wear double enhancers find they enjoy stronger, more intense orgasms as well as being able to please their partner for longer.

Metal Cock Rings

When fitted correctly, metal cock rings will provide the firmest grip and strongest possible erection when compared with other types of enhancers. Often made large enough for the entire shaft and scrotum to be encased by the metal ring, these rings are not recommended for those who are new to cock rings. Perfect for advanced users who know their size and are familiar with how to place and remove cock rings, metal cock rings offer the ultimate in erectile support and male pleasure. Due to their rigid nature, timing is crucial, as they must be placed on prior to erection and are quite difficult to remove while the penis is still erect.

Popular Metal Cock Rings

Rabbit Cock Rings

We all know how much women love their rabbit vibrators - well now the boys can get in on the action! Rabbit cock rings are stretchy cock rings that have a rabbit style clitoral vibrator attached, effectively turning the penis into a very realistic rabbit vibrator! With the cock ring providing enhancement and support to him, the vibrating rabbit ears cheekily pokes at the clitoris with every passionate thrust! Enjoy the intimacy of intercourse while relishing in the pleasant vibrations offered by this clever little bunny!

Rechargeable Cock Rings

Far beyond the standard benefits of battery powered vibrating enhancement rings, rechargeable cock rings are usually known for their powerful, unrelenting vibrations. With the added bonus of never having to worry about batteries, rechargeable enhancers are a worthwhile investment for couples who enjoy some gentle erectile support combined with deep, rumbly vibrations that both partners can enjoy.

Popular Rechargeable Cock Rings

Take a look at the high quality selection of rechargeable cock rings Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney men can buy cheaply from Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers, delivered discreetly across Australia.

Stretchy Cock Rings

Often recommended as a good option for beginners, stretchy cock rings are relatively easy to put on and off due to their stretchy nature. Providing a gentle constriction of superficial blood flow, stretchy enhancers can help to give men larger, longer lasting erections as well as enhancing sexual pleasure.

Popular Stretchy Cock Rings

Vibrating Cock Rings

Designed to help couples discover new realms of pleasure during love making, vibrating cock rings can be positioned on the shaft of the penis to provide arousing vibration sensations to the clitoris, the shaft, the testicles and even the perineum. Vibrating enhancement rings are usually less restrictive and can slide down the base of the erect penis, with the goal of offering gentle erectile support while focusing on the deliverance of pleasant vibrations. A wonderful couples toy, both partners can enjoy the pleasant sensations as they bump and grind against each other during love making. Take a look at the extensive range of quality vibrating cock rings Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney men can buy at the cheapest possible prices, delivered across Australia.

Cock Rings - Buyer's Guide Summary

Choosing the perfect cock ring may seem a little overwhelming at first, especially if you are new to using sex toys. Whether double support rings and rechargeable penis rings entice your desires or a simple stretchy enhancer seems to fit the bill, hopefully all the tips above have helped you to work out which type of enhancer might suit you best. No matter which of the cock rings you choose, you are sure to enjoy discovering the pleasure that male enhancement rings can bring. Once you have chosen a cock ring that suits your needs, remember that you can always upgrade or add to your toy collection any time you like! Enjoy experimenting with your new toy, whether on your own or with your lover. Above all else, take the time to enjoy your new cock ring, over and over again! Take this moment as an opportunity to explore your sexuality to find a new level of sexual health and wellbeing.
Buyer's Guide To Anal Toys

Buyer’s Guide To Anal Toys

Anal Sex Toys Explained.

The range of quality anal toys available to buy online, delivered across Australia is endless, so knowing where to start can be very overwhelming, especially if you are new to these types of toys.
This buyer's guide to anal sex toys will explain what toys are available and detail their purpose of use, ideal for beginners who are looking at buying anal toys for the first time.
From anal beads, anal bullets, butt plugs, anal probes, anal dildos and anal vibrators through to prostate massagers and anal douches, Adult Sex Toy Wholesalers are proud to offer a quality range of cheap anal toys Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth residents can order online and have delivered anywhere in Australia with standard or express delivery options via Australia Post.

Anal sex and anal penetration can be a fulfilling and enjoyable part of sex whether you are male, female, part of a couple or flying solo. The bottom has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the entire body, so it is no wonder that so many people enjoy some form anal stimulation during erotic play. Once considered a 'taboo' form of stimulation that was reserved for homosexuals and BDSM followers, anal pleasure using toys is now recognized as a mainstream activity.

Incorporating anal sex toys such as anal beads and butt plugs into your bedroom play can not only increase your pleasure during climax, but can also act as foreplay for more serious back door action. From prostate massagers through to dildos designed for double penetration, there are some basic pointers that anyone entertaining some potential anal action should be familiar with. If you are contemplating anal play for the first time, take the time to do your research so that you can make sure your first experience with back door toys is enjoyable.

Types Of Anal Toys For Sale

Anal Beads

Anal beads, sometimes called love beads, also make great cheap anal toys for beginners. If it is your first time using beads, be sure to start out small and work your way up in size gradually. The gaps between the beads will give you a totally different sensation to the solid butt plug. As they are much more flexible and bend and move with you while inserted, beginners may find the beads more comfortable than the firmer, less flexible butt plugs.

Anal beads make every other erotic sensation feel extra intense. Pulling them out for maximum erotic effect during orgasm does take some practice but will be well worth the effort! By pulling the beads out just as you come, the orgasm will be heightened to a whole new level.

Popular Anal Beads

Anal Bullets & Eggs

Anal bullets are especially shaped for comfortable insertion and easy removal, so you can avoid the potentially embarrassing trip to the local hospital. The rectum will happily take in almost anything your insert, so if it slips right in there is a chance your rectum will swallow it in deeper, making it impossible to retrieve without medical attention!
Fully insertable anal vibrating eggs that are designed for the back door will always feature a pull cord for easy retrieval. Never use an egg vibrator that is designed for the vagina.

That said, using vibrating anal bullets can be an extremely satisfying sensation. They can be used as an extra arousal tool during intercourse and foreplay, or you can wear them discreetly throughout the day for your own enjoyment.

Anal Dildos

Anal dildos are used for thrusting, unlike butt plugs and anal beads that are designed to stay in place. Generally recommended for the more experienced anal devotes, there are plenty of quality, cheap anal dildos that are perfect for the beginner who is ready to take the plunge. While almost any dildo can be used for anal play, some have been designed specifically for spectacular anal play; keeping you safe while hitting all those sensitive places! Thrusting actions can be extremely pleasurable but take some experience, so start with slow, control movements until you become comfortable with the sensation and just can't resist a stronger thrust! There is also a range strap on harnesses available for couples to enjoy the sensation of anal penetration regardless of gender or sexual preference.

Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators designed specifically for the back door can be equally enjoyable for both men and women. Anal vibrators come in many shapes and sizes, ranging from penis shaped designs through to slim probes. No matter the shape or size, anal vibes deliver deep, rumbly vibrations to your nether regions to create an orgasmic sensation like no other. When choosing an anal toy, remember that with vibrators for your anus, you can always turn the vibrations off if you don't want them, but when you are craving that bit of extra stimulation, you can't suddenly make a non-vibrating toy rock your world.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs for women create pressure on the back wall of the vagina, giving an increased feeling of fullness. Butt plugs for men can provide delicious pressure and stimulation to the prostate, making everything feel just that little more intense. Pulled out at the point of climax, plugs can heighten the intensity of the orgasm. These anal toys can also be used to stretch and relax your muscles before anal sex.

Butt plugs are usually tapered at the tip for easier insertion with a wide middle, a narrow neck and a flared base to stop them getting lost or stuck. Available in a range of sizes, from small to large, you can also purchase sets to help you work your way up from small to large.
Vibrating butt plugs will provide an extra buzz that is sure to drive both women and men crazy with delight.

Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers are shaped perfectly to stimulate the prostate through either physical pressure or vibrational massage, which can be extremely pleasurable for many men. Regular massage of the prostate improves circulation to the area for improved prostate health, and has been known to help with problems associated with ejaculation, urine flow and erectile dysfunction.
Very important to male sexual health and a hidden gem when it comes to sensual pleasure, the prostate gland is located approximately 2 inches deep, resting on the front wall of the anus.

Popular Prostate Massagers

Anal Wands & Probes

Compared to other anal toys, anal wands and probes are generally slimmer in girth and feature a smooth, tapered tip to allow for easy insertion. While some anal probes are designed to search deep within for those truly sensational sweet spots, others are designed to target the prostate or give a lovely, filling stretch to the nerve endings of the sphincters. If you are new to probes and wands, it is advisable to start with a smaller toy then work your way up to something larger as you feel comfortable.

Popular Anal Probes & Wands

Anal Douches & Enemas

For mess free anal play, anal douches are an essential part of your routine. To make sure you are squeaky clean before any anal action, simply fill the big squeeze bulb with water and then insert the shaft to clean up. It may feel weird at first, but once you're used to the sensation it will help you feel confident about getting frisky with your new anal sex toys!

Popular Anal Douches & Enemas

Anal Sex Toys - Buyer's Guide Summary

Start Small, Think Big! If you're curious about back door play but not sure where to start, choose anal toys on the small size. Even though bigger may seem more enticing, make sure you start small and take your time when you are first introducing anal penetration into your intimate play time.
Take things slow and experiment with a variety of shapes and sizes of anal probes, anal beads, butt plugs, anal vibrators, prostate stimulators and anal dildos to see what you enjoy the most. As with most sex toys, their only limit is your imagination, so let your creative anal play begin!

In addition to making sure you are adequately aroused prior to any form of anal penetration, it is also recommended that you use quality lubricants to ensure a smooth glide; remember if your anal toy has silicone, use a water based lubricant.
Anal douches can be used prior to using anal toys to help you feel more confident during anal play. Remember to practice good hygiene by washing your toys thoroughly and using a good quality anti bacterial cleaner. If you are sharing your anal sex toys, using condoms on your toys will also help to protect from infections.

No matter which anal toys you choose, make sure you start small and slow; and take your time to indulge in the derriere delights that await!

Beginner's Guide To Sex Toys

Beginner’s Guide To Sex Toys

Best Sex Toys For Beginners: Guide To Sex Toys Online

Sex toys allow men, women and couples to enjoy enhanced sexual experiences. Once relegated to seedy adult shops or cheeky bachelorette parties, adult products have since undergone a makeover! These days, with more people able to discuss sex openly; especially with their partner, sex toys have become a mainstream item in the bedroom of many singles and couples, who simply want to enjoy better sex. Whether you just want to spice things up with your lover or you're looking for something to fulfill your deepest fantasies, there is sure to be a product to suit your needs, so read this sex toy guide to learn more about what might best suit your personal needs. After reading this beginner's guide to sex toys available on line, you will feel more confident to start your collection! When it comes to selecting a sex toy there are many choices, so many it can become a little overwhelming, particularly if this is your first time. This beginner's guide to sex toys describes the major categories of adult products available and sexual health products you can buy online, outlining their functions, suggested uses, what factors to consider and what to look out for when you are purchasing sex toys online.

Types Of Sex Toys


Vibrators are by far one of the most popular adult pleasure products; used by women both for masturbation and during sex with their partners. There are many different kinds of vibrators, designed to stimulate different parts of the body. Realistic vibrators are commonly used for penetration stimulation, and can target the G Spot. Some vibrators are designed to provide direct clitoral stimulation. Rabbit vibrators; the most popular type of vibrator sold, are extremely popular due to their ability to provide penetration, stimulation of the G Spot and clitoral stimulation all at the same time. There are thousands of vibrators available, so take your time choosing what vibrators will suit your needs. Many women own several vibrators to cater for different occasions, needs and desires! Take a look at the article Buyer's Guide To Vibrators for more information about the different types of vibrators available. When it comes to sex toys for beginners, a vibrator is a great place to start.


If you are after something that helps you replicate 'the real thing' then a dildo is for you. Dildos or dongs are designed simply for the pleasure of penetration. Dildos come in a huge range of colours, shapes and sizes. Realistic dildos are shaped like a real penis with the added detail of veins for extra stimulation and may feature a set of balls at the base; some dildos also have suction cups for hands free use. While it may be tempting to think bigger is better, let your choice of sex toy guide you towards a more realistic, life like experience if you are just getting started. After all, you can always upgrade to keep things interesting at a later stage. For couples; a favourite especially for lesbian couples, there is a huge range of double ended dildos and strap on dildos available to cater to every desire. Note: No matter what type of dildo you choose, make sure to always use a quality lubricant, suitable to the material the dildo is made with and it's use.

Cock Rings

While cock rings are sometimes used to help men with erection problems and premature ejaculation, many other men and couples use cock rings simply to further enhance their sexual encounters. Cock rings are often one of the first sex toys that men will try with their partner, with the goal of staying harder for longer. While female partners obviously benefit from their man wearing this toy, the extra pressure can also make the man's orgasm more intense. Any beginner's guide to sex toys will tell you that a good place to start would be purchasing stretchy silicone cock rings. Once you are comfortable with using cock rings, there are also vibrating cock rings; both battery operated and USB rechargeable, providing the ultimate in cock rings for couple's pleasure. Vibrating enhancers are designed for erectile support as well as sending tingling sensations down the shaft of the penis and stimulating the clitoris of the partner.

Anal Toys

If you are new to anal toys, the best place to start is with anal beads. Whether you are trying them on your own or with a partner, anal beads are small and will allow you to ease into having items inserted into your anus. Always use plenty of lubricant with anal toys to protect your delicate anal tissue and to increase the pleasurable sensations. After you are comfortable with anal beads, you are ready to try small sized, tapered butt plugs, which are smooth, seamless and will have a flared base to prevent them from being lost inside the anus, or anal wands and probes that are on the thinner size. Once the sole domain of gay men, anal toys can and are enjoyed by many heterosexual men and women alike. In fact there is a large market of anal sex toys for women, who like the feeling of being penetrated in the anus while having their vagina penetrated at the same time.

Male Masturbators

Masturbation toys for men are becoming accepted as mainstream. If it's acceptable for women to have vibrators, why should a man be reduced to using his hand? There is a huge range of handheld masturbators for men, ranging from basic soft skin masturbation sleeves through to vibrating masturbators. Handheld masturbators can ramp up a man's self-pleasure in ways he never thought possible. Using handheld masturbators can also be used as part of couples play, with the woman giving their man a hand job, while receiving oral sex; emulating a threesome scenario!

Examples Of Handheld Masturbators For Sale


Pumps are wonderful sex toys that use the action of suction to draw extra blood into the tissues. Engorging the tissues with blood makes them puffier, more sensitive and more responsive to sexual pleasure. Penis pumps can be helpful for men who experience erection problems, as well as men who just want to experience more gratifying sexual pleasure. Pussy pumps and breast pumps can provide women with a wonderful level of heightened sensitivity, increased arousal and improved sexual responses. Pumps can be used for stamina training or masturbation purposes but are often used as a prelude to intercourse.

Examples Of Penis Pumps For Sale

Fetish & Bondage

While some parts of the BDSM scene haven't quite made it to the mainstream vanilla bedroom just yet, bondage definitely has! Since the success of the Fifty Shades of Grey books and movie, more and more people have felt confident to introduce a little bondage into their sex play. If you are new to bondage, start with simple bondage toys such as handcuffs, silk ties, blindfolds and feather ticklers. If you are ready for full submission, ball gags and full restraints systems will be your thing. Remember that any bondage play requires trust and respect between both partners. Note too, there are different levels of quality in the market place and you do get what you pay for, so if you're just starting out a cheaper set may be your first choice, before you and your partner want sets that will be used for years to come.


Lubricants are a simple and effective way to improve comfort and enhance pleasure during any sexual experience, whether it be intercourse, masturbation or any other form of consensual erotic play. In addition to improving comfort and enhancing pleasure during intercourse, lubricants are extremely pleasurable to use when using sex toys such as vibrators, anal toys, dildos, masturbators and pumps. There are so many wonderful lubricants to choose from that provide different benefits, so make sure you do your research to find out which lubricant best suits your needs.

Sexual Enhancers

Sexual enhancers are cream, sprays and gels that are designed to increase arousal and improve sexual performance or response. From male sexual enhancers that improve staying power to arousal gels for the females, sexual enhancers are a great addition to any sex life, whether you wish to introduce sex toys or not.

Things To Consider When Buying A Sex Toy

Once you have chosen the type of sex toy that is right for you, consider these points for the maximum enjoyment of your new toy.

Sexual Health

Sex toys are all designed with the purpose of helping men, women and couples to enjoy an improved level of sexual satisfaction. Sometimes this can be about exploring one's sensuality while other times it can be about achieving the biggest, strongest orgasm possible. Safe, consensual sex, with a partner is the best sex. Take control of not only your pleasure, but also your sexual health by ensuring you practice safe, consensual sex. While most men and women are up to speed with safe sex practices, remember that if you are sharing your toys use condoms on them and make sure they are cleaned with a good antibacterial toy cleaner after use.

Sex Toy Storage

Consider how you will store your toy in order to keep in clean and safe between uses. Some silicone toys will react and melt if they come into contact with other silicone toys, and some of the 'life-like' materials require special storage conditions to keep them feeling like real skin. Storing your toys in their own individual satin bags, storage boxes or in their original packaging after they are dry, is usually the best method for keeping your toy in premium condition. All sex toy materials have different storage requirements, so make sure you have read and understand the care and storage instructions that are specific to your sex toy.

Examples Of Sex Toy Storage Boxes For Sale


Every sex toy guide should tell you that if you are purchasing a toy that requires batteries, it is always best to remove the batteries between every use. As well as draining power if left inside your toy, leakage and corrosion of the batteries may damage your toy. Extra Heavy Duty batteries are recommended for most sex toys. Some rechargeable or alkaline batteries may cause the motor of your toy to burn out prematurely so are usually not recommended.

Sex Toy Cleaning

If you are making your very first purchase, any good beginner's guide to sex toys will also recommend you use an appropriate toy cleaner. Using antibacterial sex toy cleaners before and after every use will not only protect you from harmful bacteria but will also improve the life span of your toy. Some of the skin like materials also require the application of a special powder that helps to maintain the life like textures of the material. Make sure you have the correct sex toy cleaners that are recommended for your toy.

The Choice Is Yours

If you are new to using sex toys, choosing the perfect sex toy may seem a little overwhelming at first. Hopefully all the tips above in this sex toy guide have helped you to work out which type of sex toy might suit you best and what things to consider when purchasing sex toys. After reading this beginner's guide to sex toys</