Sexual Accelerator Gel Female Sexual Enhancer (15mL)


Sexual Accelerator Gel Female Sexual Enhancer (15mL)

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Sexual enhancers for women like the Sexual Accelerator Gel helps to increase clitoral sensitivity & enhance female arousal for more enjoyable sexual encounters.

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Sexual Accelerator Gel Sexual Enhancers For Women.

If you have trouble reaching an orgasm, suffer from decreased sensitivity, or just want to experience the greatest possible climax, our Sexual Accelerator Gel is definitely one of the sexual enhancers for women to have close by.
This water soluble gel can be applied topically, directly on to the clitoris, sending your arousal levels skyrocketing to intense and exciting new places.

Perfect to use with sex toys for women, such as vibrators and dildos solo, or with a partner. Just apply a few drops directly to your clitoris, to experience the heavenly tingly sensations and increased pleasure from your fingers, favorite sex toys, or get adventurous with a partner and apply the gel before lovemaking, as part of foreplay.

Sexual Accelerator Gel from Calexotics contains the sexual stimulant L-Arginine, which increases clitoral sensitivity as well as frequency of orgasm. So expect achieving orgasms easier and more often, in fact women have reported that for the first time in their lives they’ve been able to have multiple orgasms.

Sexual enhancers for women, whether used alone during masturbation or with a partner will enhance your sexual health and take you to places you’ve only heard about.

Features of Sexual Accelerator Gel include:

  • Volume: 15mL (1/2 Fl. Oz.)
  • Active Ingredient: L-Arginine


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