Pjur Back Door Water Based Anal Glide (100mL)

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Anal lubricants like Pjur Back Door Water Based Anal Glide 100mL are water based lubricants with Hyaluron that produce water cushions for extreme glide-ability.

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Pjur Back Door Water Based Anal Glide Water Based Anal Lubricant (100mL).

After water based lubricants that are safe to use with your silicone anal toys, that feels like Silicone does?
Pjur Water Based Anal Glide (100mL) has a long lubricating effect, and boasts all the advantages of Silicone but is safe to use on Silicone sex toys.
The contents has been enriched with Hyaluron – a remarkable ingredient capable of binding large quantities of water, as a result small cushions are formed creating an extraordinary lubricating effect.

Unlike anal lubricants that contain Silicone, Pjur Back Door Water Based Anal Glide can be used with all your anal sex toys, whether they’re made from glass, metal, rubber or Silicone.
The use of specific anal lubricants is needed for your derriere because unlike other orifices, the anal canal does not produce secretions.
As with the use of all sex toys, we highly recommend using quality sex toy cleaners with antibacterial properties before and after use.

Features Of Pjur Back Door Water Based Anal Glide (100mL):

  • Provides long-lasting lubrication
  • Enriched with Hyaluron for extreme glide ability
  • Water-based, suitable for use with all anal toys
  • Exceptionally long-lasting lubricating effect without getting sticky

Even though this Anal Glide contains extra moisturising Hyaluron, you may like to use desensitisers such as Tush Eze or Anal Eze, especially when experimenting with larger Back Door sex toys!


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