On Ultra For Her 5Ml


On Ultra For Her 5Ml

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On Ultra arousal oil are powerful sexual enhancers made with a unique blend of pure essential oils & extracts to help women become more aroused & orgasm easier.

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On Ultra For Her Arousal Oil Sexual Enhancers.

On Ultra For Her arousal oil is perfect for women who prefer, or require a stronger arousal response.
On Arousal Original was the first of its kind, and known for known for its unique sensation. However some women were searching for something a little more intense so in response Sensuva have developed ULTRA.
One of the most powerful sexual enhancers for sale online, this arousal oil produces several sensations, from an immediate warming effect, followed by a tingling, pulsing vibration designed to aid arousal and moistening, causing a more satisfactory orgasmic experience.

If you’ve tried the original formulae, On ULTRA is 25% more intense, so we suggest starting with just one drop, which for most women will be enough to get you more than just a little horny. After a few minutes, you can always add just one more drop if you really want to an intense arousal experience.
Some women have even described these sexual enhancers as the ultimate third level of orgasm.

Features of On Ultra For Her Arousal Oil Sexual Enhancers include:

  • Shockingly powerful
  • Fast acting – effects noticed in just a few minutes
  • Helps women self-lubricate more
  • Increases blood flow and sensation on the clitoris
  • Feels like it vibrates and pulsates
  • Helps women have orgasms easier and with greater intensity
  • Effects can last up to an hour, could this cause the multiple orgasm you’ve wished for?
  • Enough for 50, 1 drop applications


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