Jayden Cole Endurance Training Handheld Masturbator Set

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The Pornstar Signature Series Jayden Cole Endurance Training Set is one of the biggest selling handheld masturbators sold across Australia, for pleasure and to learn how to control premature ejaculation.

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Pornstar Signature Series Jayden Cole Endurance Training Set Handheld Masturbator.

Masturbators are the most popular sex toys for men, used to relieve that pent up frustration only a man can truly understand. Often, premature ejaculation is a problem, especially with young men who last only a couple of minutes when having sex with their partner before climax and orgasm. To last longer, which your lover will appreciate too, you need to practice control. This Endurance Training Set has been put together to give you all the tools to recreate the experience of having sex with a real woman so you can learn to pace yourself. Think of it as training during the week for the match on the weekend!

Jayden Cole Endurance Training Set, part of the Pornstar Signature Series of handheld masturbators has everything you need to train your body to last longer with a stronger erection. The set includes 3 silicone training erection-enhancing rings, focus eye mask, handheld stopwatch with a neck lanyard and a compact measurement tape ruler to measure the growth from your intense training session workouts.
The ultra soft sleeve is made of squeezable simulated flesh that grips and clings naturally just as a real woman’s body would. You control the depth and speed while twisting the end cap to control the suction power.

To set yourself up, remove the cap and turn it over. You can place your phone down on it and watch Jayden (Includes 30-day free membership to watch her sexy movies), or have her picture to look at.
We have included a bullet for you to insert in the sleeve, just to make it harder for you to control yourself, as if you’ll really need it!
Add some water based personal lubricant (we’ve also included) to Jayden’s lovely lips and inside her tight pussy too.
Get comfortable and start the timer on the stop watch as you glide yourself inside her. How many minutes can you last? Ok, well, practice makes perfect. Take it slower next time, pace yourself. it’s more fun for everyone if you can last 15-30 minutes before you orgasm.

Features Of Pornstar Signature Series Jayden Cole Endurance Training Set Handheld Masturbator Includes:

  • Ultra Realistic look and feel
  • Moulded directly from Jayden’s pussy to reproduce her exact Labia
  • Special Tight Tulip textured canal for extra stimulation during training
  • Materials: High-tech ThermoPlastic Elastomer, Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • Length: 10 Inches (stroker case), 9 Inches (stroker insert)
  • Insertable Length: 9 Inches (stroker insert)
  • Width: 3.5 Inches (stroker case)
  • Set Contents:
    • Handheld masturbator
    • Ribbed Case with pressure valve regulator at the base
    • Case lid doubles as a unique cell phone holder you can watch Jayden Cole on
    • 3 Silicone Training Erection Enhancing Rings
    • Ruler to measure your length & compare over time
    • Stopwatch to time yourself to orgasm
    • Mesh Storage Bag
    • Eye Mask to allow your other senses to increase sensitivity
    • Vibrating Bullet to add vibrations to the experience
    • Pipedream Moist water based lubricant
    • Renewing Powder

Tip: Always use quality water based lubricants when using handheld masturbators. They will not only avoid chaffing and soreness, they recreate a more lifelike experience just like the secretions a woman produces.
After you have finished using your Jayden Cole masturbator, remove the sleeve and the bullet if inserted and wash with mild soapy warm water.
Soap and water will not kill harmful bacteria caused by bodily fluids, so to keep your sex toys clean and bacteria free it’s important to use professional antibacterial toy cleaners.
To keep the canal and entrance in pristine condition and last for years, used the Renew Powder that comes as part of the Training Set. Renewing powders are cheap to buy online and worth the few minutes it takes to clean Jayden’s lovely pussy!
Once dry, store away in a dark, dry place ready for the next time you’d like to relieve some of that pent-up frustration only a man can truly understand.


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