Passion Pump Penis Pump


Passion Pump Penis Pump

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USB rechargeable Penis pumps like the Passion Pump are sex toys for men designed for one handed operation to create a stronger, longer and thicker penis and erection.

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Passion Pump USB Rechargeable Penis Pumps.

If you’ve been looking for penis pumps that help you achieve a stronger, longer and thicker penis, that was easy to use with one hand, had a simple control panel and was USB rechargeable, take a look at the Passion Pump Penis Pump.
Negative pressure or suction helps to relax the smooth muscle cells inside the penis allowing for sponge swell. After the sponge expands, arterial blood flows in to speed up the sponge hyperemia and increases the hardness of the penis. The more the sponge is inflated, the harder the penis becomes and the larger it becomes.
Air pressure created by these USB rechargeable penis pumps increase the cavernous body inside the penis and with low vacuum pressure in the cylinder of the pump, your cavernous body is exercised.

The Passion Pump Penis Pump caters for penis growth up to 20cm (8 inches) long and 6cm (2.75 inches) wide. With regular pumping sessions, your penis will become longer, thicker and stronger.

Once the 3 components are connected, we highly recommend using quality water based lubricants (never use silicone lubes) around the entrance to reduce friction and penis soreness during your pumping session.
Gently insert your penis ensuring the seal is airtight around your penis, the lube will also help with this. Now you’re ready to start.
Press the button once to turn the pump on to the first level. To increase the pressure, press the button again to the second level and once more to take you to full suction. If you feel any discomfort, press the button a fourth time to turn the pump off, then start again at a lower pressure or stop for a while. The ‘valve’ button releases the air pressure, which you can use at the end of your pumping session.

While there are many penis pumps for sale Australia wide, not many are as convenient and easy to use, while able to effectively create the larger penis you’re after, which is why these pumps have become popular sex toys for men.

Features of Passion Pump Penis Pumps include:

  • Measurements (Cylinder): 20cm x 6cm (8 inches x 2.75 inches)
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Clear cylinder with measurements in cm along the side
  • Soft sleeve entrance
  • Easy to use, one handed operation with 1 button operation, plus quick release valve button

Before and especially after using penis pumps you should use one of the antibacterial sex toy cleaners you can also buy from our Adult sex shop online to avoid the breeding of bacteria.
Never use massage oils, hand creams or detergents with these penis pumps and when not in use, store in a clean dry, dustless place.

For men suffering erectile dysfunction, we suggest sliding on a stretchy cock ring immediately after removing your penis from the pump to keep your erection lasting longer.


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