Bathmate Hydromax X40 Penis Pump (Blue)


Bathmate Hydromax X40 Penis Pump (Blue)

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The next generation in hydro penis pumps, the blue Bathmate Hydromax X40 offers men a safe, effective and permanent way to achieve a bigger penis, longer (to 10 inches) and thicker.

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Bathmate Hydromax X40 Penis Pump.

If you’ve been looking for a healthy and safe way to enhance your penis size, this water based penis pump gives both immediate and long term results, taking your current erection length of up to 8 inches to an eye popping 10 inches.
Taking advantage of the warm water inside the tube, the hydro pump in the Bathmate Hydromax X40 creates a vacuum to draw extra blood into the erectile tissue of the penis.
The blue translucent chamber features a metric and imperial guidance scale so you can track your growth.
At first you’ll notice immediate, more temporary changes while your penis is ‘pumped up’.
With regular use the blood vessels will expand, allowing more blood to pool in the erectile chambers to create harder, bigger erections every time.
When it comes to men’s health issues, many men are concerned about their penis size and want to be able to maintain bigger, harder erections.
Brought to you by trusted brand Bathmate, this one handed pump is simple and easy to use.
Traditional penis pumps have been used for years to treat erectile dysfunction by using suction to draw extra blood into the penis, however pumps that use air to create a vacuum pressure are more likely to cause tissue damage to the penis.
Unlike other air based pumps, the uniform pressure provided by the water inside the Bathmate Hydromax X40 allows the penis to enlarge within safe limits at all times.
As well as providing safe and effective erectile enhancement, this pump also stimulates the lymphatic system to improve overall penile health.
For improved penile health and erectile enhancement that benefits both lovers, try this water based penis pump for good measure.

Features of the Bathmate Hydromax X40 include:

  • 35% more suction force than the Hercules
  • Swivel Bellows & Super Flow Latch Valve System
  • Ideal for men with current erection length of up to 20.5cm (8 inches) and desire growth up to a very impressive 10 inches


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