Bathmate Hydromax X30 Penis Pump (Blue)


Bathmate Hydromax X30 Penis Pump (Blue)

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For stronger, harder & larger erections, plus improved penile health you can safely & simply pump your way using these Bathmate Hydromax X30 blue penis pumps.

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Medical Grade Bathmate Hydromax X30 Penis Pump (Blue).

These medical grade penis pumps offer men a safe way to increase their penis size with lasting, ongoing results.
Using the warm water to it’s advantage, the Bathmate Hydromax X30 Blue hydro pump creates a firm vacuum that draws extra blood into the penis.
Requiring only 15 minutes per session daily, you’ll see some immediate results as well an increase in overall penis length and penis girth over time.
Helping to flush away toxins, you can enjoy the effects of a healthier penis as well as longer, harder erections for a long time after your pumping sessions.
At first using the Bathmate Hydromax X30 Penis Pump you’ll notice more temporary changes, but after regular sessions using the Bathmate Hydromax X30 Blue Penis Pump, these changes will become more permanent.
Part of the quality range of penis pumps by Bathmate, the Hydromax series is designed for men who have some pumping experience and desire even larger results than what the Hercules can provide.
Unlike some air based penis pumps, this water based system keeps all of the penile tissue safe from damage while you are pumping and also help to flush your lymphatic system for improved penile health, enhanced performance and better sexual health.

Features of the Blue Bathmate Hydromax X30 Penis Pump include:

  • 35% more suction force than the Hercules
  • Swivel Bellows & Super Flow Latch Valve System
  • Ideal for men with current erection length of up to 18cm (7 inches) and desire growth up to 8.5 inches


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