Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump (Red)


Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump (Red)

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Using Hydro Penis Pumps like the Bathmate Hercules Red, is the safer way to achieve bigger, harder erections & long term results, Bathmate Hercules Penis Pumps work with just 15 minutes use a day.

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Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump Red Hydro Penis Pumps.

If you’re keen to have a thicker and longer (up to 8.5 inches) penis, then the hydro pump Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump in Fire Engine Red, may be your solution.
The Bathmate range of penis pumps can help you increase your length and girth, and with regular use, helps to keep your penis healthy, leading to even firmer, longer lasting erections and increased sexual satisfaction for you and your partner.
These revolutionary hydro penis pumps are designed for use in water such as the shower or bath in order to keep your delicate regions safe from tissue damage.
The Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump works by creating a vacuum that draws extra blood into the penis to encourage a larger, firmer erection. Think of pumping as an excersie workout for your penis.

Over just a short period of time, with regular use of the Bathmate Hercules, the blood vessels will expand, allowing more blood in every time you get an erection. The chamber of warm water allows you to achieve permanent and safe results without any negative side effects or risks that are more likely with air based penis pumps.
In addition to noticing an increase in size, increased stamina and sexual performance can also be noticed by using the Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump over a period of time, typically 30 days.
By drawing extra blood into the penis on a regular basis, the lymphatic system also gets stimulated, causing the oxidation of blood cells and flushing out toxins for better penile health.
When it comes to penis pumps, these hydro pumps are a must have for every man who wants a bigger, healthier penis.
Whether you experience erectile problems or you just want to be larger, the use of water based hydro pumps can help every man to experience improved confidence, enhanced satisfaction and better overall sexual health and wellbeing.
Part of the top quality Bathmate range of pumps and accessories, these hydro penis pumps are the perfect place to start your journey if you’re new to pumping.

Features of Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump (Red) include:

  • 95% Success Rate
  • 250% More Efficient Than Air Pumps
  • Ideal For Men With Current Erect Length Of Up To 7 Inches (18cm) And Erect Width Up To 2 Inches (5cm)
  • Room For Growth In Length Of Up To 1.5 Inches (4cm), giving you a total length of 8.5 inches.


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